NHL Canadian Corner – June 28, 2014

Reaction to the Ryan Kesler trade, the first-round draft picks of the the other Canadian clubs, and an update on Senators winger Milan Michalek.

Some Vancouver pundits aren't please with the return from the Ducks (like center Nick Bonino) for Ryan Kesler.

Some Vancouver pundits aren’t pleased with the return from the Ducks -which included center Nick Bonino (above)-  for Ryan Kesler.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford and Tony Gallagher weren’t impressed with the return the Vancouver Canucks received from the Anaheim Ducks for Ryan Kesler. Gallagher was also dismissive of the Jason Garrison trade. Ben Kuzma, however, believes new Canucks center Nick Bonino brings versatility and hockey smarts.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My reaction to the Kesler trade can be found here. Considering the limited trade options available to Canucks GM Jim Benning, the return isn’t as bad as its short-sighted critics believe. The Canucks also shed nearly $10 million in salary by shipping out Kesler and Garrison. Even after the additions of Bonino, Luca Sbisa and Derek Dorsett ( in a separate deal with the NY Rangers), the Canucks now have over $17 million in cap space, and 18 players under contract for next season. That gives them room for another significant move or two via trade or free agency. 

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks selected local boy Jake Virtanen with the sixth overall pick in the opening round of the 2014 NHL Draft.

EDMONTON SUN/EDMONTON JOURNAL: Terry Jones and John MacKinnon believe the Oilers shouldn’t rush Leon Draisaitl, their 2014 first round pick (third overall) into the lineup next season if he’s not ready.

CALGARY HERALD: Flames GM Brad Treliving was pleased to select Sam Bennett last night with the fourth overall pick.

TORONTO SUN/TORONTO STAR: The Maple Leafs selected William Nylander, son of former NHL star Michael Nylander, with the eighth overall pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And somewhere in southern Ontario, a certain plaid-loving hockey analyst’s head exploded over the Leafs bypassing another good Canadian boy in favor of a European, even though Nylander was born in Calgary. 

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets, with the ninth overall pick, selected Nikolaj Ehlers.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: With the 26th pick, the Canadiens took Nikita Scherbak.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators (who had no pick in the first round of the 2014 NHL Draft) could be in the market for a scoring winger if they’re unable to re-sign Milan Michalek, who is in talks with other clubs.


  1. i was hoping the Canucks could make a deal and get Reinhart, unfortunately that didn’t happen so they added a couple more pieces that will make them a deeper team down the road. some people are going to complain that Vancouver didn’t take Ehlers or Nylander but that kind of player failed here when they took Schroeder over Ryan O’Reilly. ultimately Vancouver is going to have to find a number one center soon as Henrik Sedin is fading and generally those kind of players are a prized commodity that have to be drafted and developed. i suspect Vancouver isn’t finished retooling for next season and Hansen or Higgins may be the next to go but i really like what Benning has done so far and it will be interesting to see if they’re able to add a quality player or two July 1st while locking up Tanev and Kassian.

    • I agree Benning did excellent yesterday, the Ducks may have kinda won the deal for year 1 but going fown the road the Canucks are a much better team, not so much with Bonino but Sbisa is a very good D man top 4 at least and could develop still into a top pairing type guy and 10 mill off that cap too boot? Excellent job indeed.

  2. One big headed guy from Kingston head exploded another (me) had a giant smile, another great pick Nylander is exactly the type of guy the organization needed, creative high ceiling offense can play center or wing, hockey in his DNA, played in a mens league, doesnt have to go back to Canadian Jr. hockey can report to Marlies…great pick. At the under 18s the guy was best player by a mile. Despite some flubs, drafting has been pretty solid Rielly Kadri Nylander Brown Levio Finn Percy….brighter times ahead.
    Now trim some cap Nonis!

    • that was a horrible pick by the leafs nylander is a kadri 2.0 his attitude is not a good one! you will be disappointed in the coming years of the nylander pick

      • Ya sure will be disapointing to have another center like Kadri who needs guys like that, 2 centers that are capable of putting up 50 points in their second full year in the league.

        • kadri disappears when it really comes down to it and those 50 points really came in handy down the stretch when the games really matter! time will tell about nylander but bad attitude and very selfish player

          • He is 23 2 nd full year in the league…lol and where do you get that Nylander has attitude problems? Did you fly to Sweden and do some interviews? Funny when people are good at something and know it, how that equates to “attitude problems” . You know who else peole say have “attitude problems”? Patrick Kane Sidney Crosby Ovechkin PK Subban and a whole bunch of other really talented players.

    • I’m really trying to be optimistic about this pick. I don’t want to judge too harshly or quickly, but I need some reassurance here. Really hope the Buds hit the jackpot with this kid, but I can’t help but be puzzled, all the same. Everyone and their dog is on board with the notion that the West is so much better than the East, and after witnessing the Kings use their size and speed to garner another Cup, one would think some of the lesser clubs would try to emulate that success. Size, it would appear, is trending upwards again. After realizing a miracle was not in the works for the Leafs, and Reinhart or Bennett would not find their way into a Leafs’ jersey, I had my fingers crossed the Ritchie would still be around when Nonis and company took the stage. Really thought this was the direction the team was leaning, particularly when considering last year’s hulking first round pick, Gauthier. I was more shocked than disappointed when they opted for a sub-six footer who tips the scales at 170 pounds of dancin’ dynamite, and reportedly has trouble with the “team” game. I want to believe Schticky, I really do! Show me the light, brother, show me the light!

      • Lots of good scouting material McKeens, Future Considerations have him ranked higher than the Leafs got him Future Considerations had him at 4 I think if I remember correctly, a bit of a knock on hid size but the kid is 18 years old and will grow, again you can teach him how to lift weights and eat properly easier than it is to teach speed, he is probably the fadyest guy inthe draft and most creative, his offensive upside is huge, still needs to work on some defense, the thing with him not being a good “teammate” and not wanting to pass the puck alot is mostly due to the fact untill he joinef the Sweedish elite league is he was always by far the best player on the ice so naturally he likes to keep the puck, does everything at a bery high speed csn make it hard forplayers to keep up or know thst the pass is coming. Just tonnes of offensive upside.

  3. And weird that for once Im 100 % on board with McGuire, Bennet & Monahan vs RNH & Draisaitl and the Oilers the battle of Alberta is on again, 2 very good looking picks there for them.