NHL Canadian Corner – June 5, 2012.

Canadiens reportedly will announce new head coach today, plus updates on the Maple Leafs, Flames and Oilers.


Therrien reportedly returning behind the Canadiens bench.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Multiple reports claim the Canadiens will announce the hiring of Michel Therrien as their new head coach, perhaps as early as today. Therrien coached the Canadiens from 2000 to 2003.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: To Therrien’s credit, he did coach the Pittsburgh Penguins into a Cup contender from 2006 to 2008, but his tough, emotional style of coaching tends to have a short shelf life, so it remains to be seen if he’ll be an improvement behind the bench.

TORONTO STAR: A suggestion the Maple Leafs should sign former Leaf Scott Clemmensen as a short-term addition to allow James Reimer time to develop into a quality starting goalie.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Speculation persists the Leafs could acquire Roberto Luongo from Vancouver, which would pretty much ensure Reimer won’t have much of a future in Toronto. Yes, I know, some will suggest otherwise, that the Leafs could ship out Luongo in two or three years time, but Luongo won’t have as much value by then as he does now, making his contract even tougher to move. If the Leafs trade for Luongo, they’re in it for the long run, not as a short-term measure, which Clemmensen would be.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited a report from Sportsnet’s Roger Millions suggesting the Calgary Flames payroll for next season could come in at $55 million, adding Jay Bouwmeester could be the odd man out if the club pares down payroll.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shaping up to be potentially an interesting summer in Calgary.

EDMONTON SUN: Prospect forward Nail Yakupov charmed the local media with his wit during a visit to Edmonton, adding to the speculation the Oilers could select him with the first overall pick in this year’s entry draft.


  1. The hiring of Therrien does seem to remove the feeling of a fresh start for the habs. The candidates were limited because of the language thing, which is a shame. I guess he was the best of the 2-3 left…

  2. How would Jay Bouwmeester become the odd man out with the $6.8 million contract he has? I don’t think too many teams would be willing to take on that cap hit unless the Flames are taking back an equally bad cap hit back.

    • While historically they’ve only traded once before, Edmonton could use Bouwmeester. Don’t get me wrong he’s not a physically imposing defenceman and his salary is high, but he plays a ton of minutes and would help their back end. With Ryan Whitney and Nick Schultz as the stay at home guys, I think Bouwmeester would excel(much more than in Calgary) there playing with Hopkins, Eberle, Hall, and potentially Yakupov. He was rumoured to sign with Edmonton before he finalized with Calgary aswell. It’s unlikely to occur, but if I were in Steve Tambellinis shoes I’d draft Yakupov and pick up a top 2 dman like a Bouwmeester, or perhaps a more logical option would be to try and get Mike Green, John Carlson, or Karl Alzner from Washington.

  3. You are right Habs. the RDS guys were seriously hyping Therien and made it very clear that Crawford was going to get a very rough ride if he was chosen. I think that was why it came out he was seriously vetted in both languages to see how he would hold up. I do believe that if he had done better, he would be head coach. they were trying to convince themselves they could hire Crawford but just couldn’t get there. I think there first choice was actually Hartley. No idea whether it was Hartley who did not want to come to Mtl or if Calgary made an offer before (or a better offer) than the Habs. Either way, I am really not sure Therien is the guy and I am with Spector that I do not think he will really last all that long. When is Boucher back on the market???

  4. What English speaking coach in his right mind would want to be the bench boss in Montreal? They would crucify him before he coached even one practise. Sadly the Montreal/Quebec media is part of the reason why the Canadiens will not have the best coach possible but rather one of the available French speaking coaches. They should and actually must take some of the blame if the new coach doesn’t get the best out of the team.
    What a horrible way for a team to be hamstrung.
    I can understand why Hartley decided on Calgary and applaud him for doing so.

  5. Hartley would have been fine in Montreal as he is a French Canadian whose first language is French. I wonder whose “fault” it is he did not take the job…

  6. Almost every report says that the Canadians didn’t even contract Hartley so it would have been hard to give him an offer. Also think that M.T is a mistake to be the bench boss and it might as well be a short one year contract cause unless he leads the Habs to a surprise playoff berth, he will be gone.