NHL Canadian Corner – June 6, 2012.

Speculation over the future of Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke, reaction to Canadiens hiring Michel Therrien as head coach, plus the latest on the Flames, Senators, Oilers and Canucks.


No truth to rumors swirling about Leafs GM Burke.

TORONTO SUN: Rumors that Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke would be fired, was stepping down or might take a leave of absence due to personal problems are unfounded. Looks like the lack of Maple Leafs news in Toronto has given rise to wild rumors…as usual.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens announcement they’re bringing back Michel Therrien as head coach has received mixed reviews.

CALGARY SUN: Flames GM Jay Feaster denied a recent report his club would slash payroll, claiming they will spend toward the cap if needed.

OTTAWA SUN: Contract talks between the Senators and RFA defenseman Erik Karlsson are set to begin.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks and former Canuck Todd Bertuzzi have lost an appeal to keep confidential a deal struck last year pertaining to a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against Bertuzzi by former NHL player Steve Moore.

EDMONTON SUN: Oilers assistant coach Ralph Krueger could be among the candidates for their vacant head coaching job.


  1. The Therrien hiring is disappointing for sure, but I am hoping he has learned lessons. Was it me, or did Bergevin seem a little sheepish in that presser?

  2. If Hitchcock can change his ways.. then any coach can.

    Why not give Therrien a chance?

    The Quebec Government gets all out of sort if the coach of the Habs can’t speak French. So that limits the Habs from getting the best coach available… to the best coach that is available that speaks French…

  3. As far as Brian Burke goes, he is far and away from being my favorite hockey general manager but that does not pertain to his personal life. I write my opinions based on how I perceive him to be doing his job and seeing as I do not know the man personally I try to refrain from personal characterizations. That being said, I wish no man what Mr. Burke has been through in his personal life these last few years. Loosing a loved one, especially a child can take an enormous toll and the job he has is a 24/7 position that I am sure also takes a large piece of his allotted “family” time and that can interfere in one’s marriage, which takes time and work to succeed at the best of times.
    I wish Brian Burke nothing but happiness on the home front as I am sure most mature individuals do as well. His body of work with the Toronto Maple Leafs is a different story as far as I am concerned and I will wait for another day to address that.

    The Montreal Canadiens trotted out another old face and tried to put a fresh spin on it. Seeing as the Quebec media has restricted the hiring process I guess that Therrien was the best of the worst and by simple attrition backed into the job.
    How sad is it when a storied franchise is not allowed to hire the best coach for the team but rather than the one that has the best grasp of the official provincial language.

    Insider information coming out on what deal was struck between the Canucks, Bertuzzi and Crawford in their quest to offset the monetary damages that will come when they lose the Moore case. If the truth does see the light of day it will show to what lengths and just how far people will go to keep it from seeing the light of day.

    To keep their fan base the Flames must say that they are not cutting spending and will pay good money to get good players but the truth is that they will not.

  4. I heard an interesting point today on the radio: Who, regardless of language, is out there to fill the Habs job? Who is available (ie not in a current coacjhing position with another team) to coach the Habs? I get the language thing being a drag and disadvantage for sure but who, other than those interviewed could take the job? The picking overall are a little slim at the moment. Seriously, if someone has and suggestion, please posted it.

  5. One coach with a Stanley Cup ring and who was actively involved in learning to speak French was Marc Crawford. I am not saying that he is betters or worse than Therrien but you asked who was out there. Also, if they had wanted him (or better put if he spoke French) was Bob Hartley. Yes, he went to Calgary, but only after being interviewed by Montreal. Those involved in the search for the Canadiens knew his record and his language skills and if he met their criteria they would have hired him on the spot.
    Therrien may or may not have been Montreal’s first choice but that’s who they got or some may say…settled for.

  6. Paul Maurice, Terry Murray, Brent Sutter. No french there though maybe Maurice knows some.