NHL Canadian Corner – March 1, 2012.

The Maple Leafs free fall continues…Having dealt away Cody Hodgson, the Canucks still need a second line…Could it be Robin Lehner’s time in Ottawa?…Ondrej Pavelec carrying the Jets playoff hopes…Flames need more intensity…Oilers fall to Blues…Blake Geoffrion continues family tradition in Montreal.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs lost their sixth in a row, their 10th in their last 11 games, falling to the Chicago Blackhawks 5-4.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Incredibly, the Leafs are only four points out of a playoff berth, but if they don’t snap out of this funk soon, the Capitals and Jets will pull away from them.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Having dealt away their fourth-leading scorer in Cody Hodgson on deadline day, the Canucks must find a way to replace him.

OTTAWA SUN: Robin Lehner is making a strong case to stick with the Senators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A few more performances like his last two, and it’ll be Alex Auld, not Lehner, who gets demoted when Craig Anderson returns from his hand injury.

Pavelec among NHL's hardest-working goalies.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec has been a workhorse this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He’s been the sole measure of consistency for the Jets, and his performance could determine if they make the playoffs this season.

CALGARY HERALD: Flames coach Brent Sutter is calling on his team to play with more intensity if they hope to make the playoffs.

EDMONTON SUN: The Oilers fell to the St. Louis Blues by a score of 5-2.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Fourth generation Canadien Blake Geoffrion will make his home debut with the Habs tonight against the Minnesota Wild. Geoffrion was acquired from the Nashville Predators in the Hal Gill trade. His great-grandfather was the Habs first superstar, Howie Morenz, and his grandfather was the legendary Bernie “Boom-Boom” Geoffrion.


  1. I think if Wilson wasn’t so smug when he received his contract extention maybe there would be a little more sympathy. There is nothing worse then a guy walking around like he’s better then everyone else when he’s winning and when he’s loosing turn into a more humble approachable person. He made his own bed with the media.

  2. 4 pts out is not so bad. The Leafs are not out of it by any stretch of the imagination and still have a game against Washington and Florida. But they better turn it around quick.

    Edge to the Jets becasue of their goaltending to win the division, leaving WSH, FLA, TOR, TB, BUF all fighting for one spot.

  3. 4pts out but Washington has a game in hand which could make the difference at this point in the season. Guess we will see…

    It’s funny how Stevie Y did some selling the last few weeks and now TB is on a role. Looks like the players realized they will be moved out in the summer if they don’t give it their best shot. Sound familiar Ducks fans. Maybe Burke should have moved a few guys out to stir it up after all.

    Funny part is Burke didn’t want Wilson sitting as a “lame duck” so he gave him a contract extention but what would you call leaving a guy twisting in the wind having to listen to the chants “FireWilson” from most of the arena the other night? Burke not firing Wilson seems like a lame duck move now more than ever. If they don’t beat the Canadians on Sat he will be gone 100%.

  4. FireWilson, what will your handle become if/when they do…FireWilson?

  5. Cody Hodgson did not play on the second line. That line is Kesler between Raymond and Booth. Hodgson centred the thrid line between Higgins and Hansen. The Canucks still have 2 great lines and Pahlsson between the other guys will still create a lot of scoring chances, while providing an excellent shut-down line.

  6. “FireWilson, what will your handle become if/when they do…FireWilson?” Please say damian cox

  7. FireWilson will be changing his name to NeedSomeBigBodies. But will it be before the end of the season? How many can he lose in a row?
    Honestly incredible to lose 10 of 11 and still be in striking range. Must be some pissed off dudes out that way.

  8. According to sportsclubstats.com TO currently has a 11.1% chance of making the playoffs. More to the point, given their present form they don’t appear capable of stringing together even a few wins in a row. Hopefully Burke comes to his senses and relieves his buddy Wilson of his duties this summer.

  9. I can’t wait till the end of the season,so I can subtract all the loser points by team and re-do the standings to see who should and should not have made the play-offs. Or put it another way, which fans got screwed.

  10. They may not win another game all season the way this is shaping up.
    Montreal stinks, but always play well vs divisional rials, esspcially the Leafs.

    You gotta go one game at a time. If they can be in the final 5 games and within 2-3 ps, they have a shot.

  11. Gentlemen when Burke fire’s Wilson my job here will be done. I may go into a Forsberg type retirement (say I’m retiring but return at least 10 more times). If I do return I will come back as one of my previous names prior to taking the name “FireWilson”. You may remember my name from last year “Stir’n the pot” not that my name ever reflects that type of behaviour. lol

  12. If Lehner plays this well there is going to be some issues in Ottawa. Now they have Ben Bishop as well someone will be riding the bus in the AHL, but whom do you send? I want to say if Lehner keeps performing then they may trade Anderson in the off season as the goalie market this year is going to be HIGH! People will NEED starters … but I don’t want any chance of Lehner/Bishop becoming Reimer/Gustavsson next year!

    Even if they go Lehner/Anderson for one year, that means next year they trade Anderson as they will need to be thinking top 6 forward to replace Alfie!

  13. @JJB I think Ottawa keeps Anderson at least until the trade deadline, if only to mentor the kids with his veteran presence. The youngsters combined only take up around $1.5mil salary cap. Like I said when the trade went down, keep one kid as a back-up, let the other play a lot in the AHL. Occasionally, call the minor leaguer up so the back up can get some work without any drop off. If they both seem capable at the deadline, dump Anderson’s salary, $3.2 mil thru 2014-15.

  14. Spec, In light of the recent “people have been using mutliple names to post” scandal, I hope you extend an exemption for FireWilson when that finally happens.

    I think that’s fair!