NHL Canadian Corner – March 15, 2012.

The Canadiens nip the Senators in a shootout…The Coyotes defeat the struggling Canucks…Jets score four times in second period to down the Stars…Ryan Nugent-Hopkin’s could be playing his way back into the Calder race…No suspension for Curtis Glencross…The Maple Leafs disastrous season.

LA PRESSE/OTTAWA SUN: David Desharnais scored in a shootout as the Canadiens downed the visiting Ottawa Senators 3-2.

FACEOFF.COM: The Phoenix Coyotes handed the Vancouver Canucks their fourth loss in five games, beating the Canucks 5-4.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets scored four times in the second period to snap the Dallas Stars’ 10-0-1 streak with a 5-2 victory.

RNH back in rookie scoring race.

EDMONTON SUN: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins could be playing his way back into the race for the Calder Trophy, with almost as many points as rookie scoring leader Gabriel Landeskog of the Avalanche, but in fewer games. If not for a couple of injuries, Nugent-Hopkins would be running away with the scoring lead, and likely the nomination for rookie of the year.

CALGARY HERALD: Flames forward Curtis Glencross won’t receive supplemental discipline for hitting San Jose Sharks forward Jason Demers from behind in a recent game.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons calls the Maple Leafs a “monumental disaster”. He’s got a  point, as the club has made no real progress under GM Brian Burke’s tenure than they did under his predecessor.


  1. Monumental Disaster? That’s too, too funny, as most people have stated the same about Steve Simmons!!!!

  2. Next to Eklund, Simmons is the biggest hack in sports writing, the guy has no concept of hockey at all. We are in a rebuild, yes Burke promised it in three years but it didn’t happen. The Oilers have fell too, but the difference is we now have stocked cupboards full of promising youth and potential. We have a new coach … Burke hasn’t done a perfect job, but he has done a good one for the patient Leafs fan.

  3. Geez u leaf fans kill me….Burke has one oar in the water and is going in circles…..what great prospects are the cupboards full of?????….are these prospects as good as Hall, Eberle, RNH, Pitlick, Omark, MPS, Klefbom, whatever bluechipper we get this year….God forbid anyone dares to critisize the Make-me-Laughs….after 40 odd years of mismanagement you would think you would take your leaf colored glasses off and see this crap team for what it is…9 years of no playoffs and you critisize a guy who says it for what it is???? Man i dont get you guys….At least we oil fans know what we have we dont overvalue our players like you guys do….Oh yeah how is that Kessel trade going for you guys….who would you rather have…kessel….or seguin, Hamilton and jared knight….the leafs would have a great core of guys if they didnt have an egomaniacal idiot running the show who wants to be the face and voice of the leafs…he should be the next guy gone….8 million a year for burke omg make me laugh

  4. Mulenuts- I would rather have the Oilers prospects than the “stocked cupboards” of the Leafs.

  5. I think Burke promised playoffs this year too… He should resign after the season. It’s mainly his failings and it would give the Leafs players a feeling of fresh start.

  6. The simple fact is that the Leaf’s have not developed under BB. The team doesn’t need a re-build but it obviously needs a renovation.
    I’m not a Leaf fan but for what it’s worth here’s what I believe needs to be done: HIre or promote a new G.M. Sign or trade for a veteran leader (or two) in the off-season, someone who’s got a track record and is respected by the existing players. Find a dependable, experienced back up goalie. Dump some of the dead wood and bring up some of this high end young talent that we keep hearing about. Don’t trade draft picks. Coach? Maybe Carlyle is the guy but with a young team perhaps someone else would be better.
    Finally, explain to the long suffering Toronto fan’s what you’re doing and why then stick to the program.
    Remember Leaf fan’s it’s really not about the sizzle it’s all about the steak…