NHL Canadian Corner – March 20, 2012.

How’s Roberto Luongo handling the goalie controversy in Vancouver? Will Daniel Alfredsson return for Game Five against the Rangers?  Does Patrick Roy’s future plans involve the Canadiens? The answers, plus the latest on Dustin Byfuglien, and commentary on the Maple Leafs, in today’s “Canadian Corner”.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks forward Daniel Sedin says teammate Roberto Luongo is handling the fact backup Cory Schneider has taken over the starting role against the LA Kings in their playoff series “with class”. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Luongo’s been doing that throughout the season. Even Luongo’s critics have to admire how well he’s handling this situation, supporting Schneider and putting the team first.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators are feeling confident heading to New York for Game Five of their series against the Rangers, saying the pressure is now upon the Blueshirts. It remains to be seen, meanwhile, if Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson (concussion) will be ready to play in that game.

Byfuglien to face jury trial in July.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien will face a jury trial in Minnesota on July 23rd regarding boating charges dating back to last summer.

CANOE.CA: With the elimination of the Quebec Remparts from the QMJHL playoffs, speculation once again turns to team owner/GM/head coach Patrick Roy’s future plans, and if they involve the Montreal Canadiens in a management or coaching position. Roy maintains his future is with the Remparts, but the Quebec media isn’t buying it.

TORONTO SUN: GM Brian Burke is on the Maple Leafs hot seat.


  1. Vancouver
    Loungo handling it with class mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…how about $60 million dollars worth of class …c mon !!!!Its not like he being forced to retire for goddness sake hes just being asked to go play for another team and be there # 1 goalie and thats what he wants anyways !!!


    PREDICTION ….Leafs suck they have no assets …nose to the cap and have very little trade value …the defense is a mirage ( horable) and for all you Hockey fans out there watch HOW BAD PHANEUF & SCHENN really are when they play for team Canada …its not just for the Leafs ..they stink out loud ……both have terrible hands ..skate slow on the pivot and cant hit the net if there life depended on it !!

    BURKE GETS FIRED BEFORE CHRITMAS !!!!! Becuase they will suck then too!He cant do anything !!!
    Poor Burke will miss the outdoor game !!!!

    Sincerely a realistc leaf fan !!!

    • Anyone who calls Burke a blowhard should check out some of THESE posts from so-called Leaf supporters.

  2. Once again, lets thank the Toronto Sun for providing earthshattering news.

  3. Of course Luongo is handling his benching with class. What’s he going to do, throw a public hissy fit and give people even more reason to want him gone? I bet that in private he is not quite so quiet and classy about this turn of events.
    With his enormous millstone of a contract hanging around the neck of the Canucks he presents management with a difficult situation. Keep him and trade Schneider and know in your heart that you will never win the cup with this guy or get down on your knees and beg him to agree to a trade and have Schneider as your number one and enough money left over to get the pieces needed to make a real run for the prize.

    Ottawa looked strong and determined and even without their captain beat the arrogant Rangers. I must say that I have an entirely different opinion of the Senators now that they have shown me some grit and determination. It’s nice to see a Canadian team that sticks up for their stars when someone takes too many liberties with them.

    The real truth will never come out in the Byfuglien boating situation. There are three sides to this and every other story…the police’s, Byfuglien’s and the truth. We will never know what really happened and in reality, it matters not.

    No matter what becomes of Patrick Roy and the Montreal Canadiens, I will never respect him for he way he quit his team and his teammates when his ego got bruised. That really shows what a team player and all around good person to have at the helm he is.

    What, Brian Burke is on the Leafs hot seat?
    When did this happen?
    What highly regarded journalistic powerhouse broke that story?
    Oh, the Toronto Star.
    Enough said.
    The real story would be if no one was writing anything about the Toronto Maple Leafs and of course, Brian Burke until something actually worth writing about happened.

  4. Sorry. Meant to say Toronto Sun instead of Star.
    Got my city’s and birdcage lining and fish wrapping publications mixed up.

  5. Sorry. Meant to say Toronto Sun instead of Star.
    Got my city’s and birdcage lining newsprint publications mixed up.