NHL Canadian Corner – March 20, 2012.

The Maple Leafs get their butts kicked by the Bruins…Struggling Canucks blanked by Wild…Hemsky rounding back into form…Flames maintain their faith in a playoff berth…Chris Neil speaks out on Saturday’s bout with Leafs Grabovski…The reason behind the Jets poor road record…Eller adjusting to being a winger.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs suffered their most humiliating defeat of the season, falling 8-0 to the Boston Bruins.

VANCOUVER SUN: The struggling Canucks were shut out 2-0 by the lowly Minnesota Wild. If there wasn’t much reason for concern about the Canucks recent troubles beforehand, this loss – and their recent one to the woeful Montreal Canadiens – should elevate those concerns.

Hemsky slowly rounding into form.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers winger Ales Hemsky is getting closer to being the player he was before his injuries. It won’t mean much for this season but perhaps bodes well for next season.

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames back-to-back losses hasn’t dampened the club’s belief they can make the playoffs. They cannot afford, however, to lose many more games if they hope to keep their playoff drive alive.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators enforcer Chris Neil claimed he wasn’t looking for a fight with Maple Leafs center Mikhail Grabovski during Saturday’s games between the two clubs.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec believes poor defensive play is behind his club’s poor road record.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Lars Eller is adjusting to playing on the wing.


  1. Unfortunately for Eller, until Pleks or DD is moved in the future he will have to play the wings to get the ice time he’s deservedly earning. He reminds me so much of Pleks in his first few seasons except Eller appears to have better hands and potential. I have to think the Canadiens may look at trading Pleks this season for a large scoring winger and/or high draft pick/prospect. Not asking for it, just think it may happen. I do think that should Eller really start to show his potential next season Pleks will be gone. Especially if they draft a blue chip center this year.

  2. You call an 8 to 0 loss humiliating?
    The November 7 to 0 loss was humiliating, this takes it to a whole other realm.
    For whatever reason Boston has Toronto’s number and have been able to expose their weaknesses for the entire world to see. Absolutely no defense! Poor backchecking! It’s hard for me to dump on the goaltending when the other teams get such great scoring chances but lets just say it could be better and leave it at that.
    Cory Schneider gave the Canucks fantastic goaltending last night but the 28th place Wild out scored the playoff bound Canucks 1 to 0 until the empty netter. How much better can a goalie be and still not get the won? Either Vancouver finds a way to get scoring from their second-third and fourth lines or the playoffs are over in 5 games no matter who they are matched up against. The Sedin’s WILL be shut down this playoff year….again.
    Nice that Hemsky decided to play no that the games don’t mean anything.
    All the Flames need to be saying their prayers as Divine Intervention is the only way they will make the playoffs this year.
    You must give Grabovski credit for jumping on Neil’s back and punching him from behind, it’s the most fight I’ve seen from him all year.
    Winnepeg goalie Pavelec thinks that poor defensive play causes them to lose on the road…Duh. That’s like saying scoring more goals than the other team is the best way to win.

  3. “For whatever reason Boston has Toronto’s number”
    God, I wonder what that reason is.

    “The Sedin’s WILL be shut down this playoff year….again.”
    Firstly, no apostrophe is needed. Secondly, you obviously didn’t watch the Chicago or San Jose series. In fact, since top players get shutdown in every playoff series (like Crosby when they won the cup), I wonder how many playoffs you have watched. But I guess when you CAN confidently (and with capital letters) predict the future, you may not need to.

    Anyway, as a die-hard Nuck fan….I think I have already died hard. I will actually be shocked if they are able to light the fire and I am seriously preparing for a first round whimper. And no, you Milbury parrots, it won’t be just because of the Sedins and Luongo.

  4. hard to fault the team for mailing it in when games don’t mean squat. All the top teams have been loosing lately, especially to the bubble teams. They built such a nice cushion, they deserve to rest on their laurels for a few weeks – despite being shitty and frustrating for fans to watch. Tomorrow’s game vs. Chicago will be a test of team character. Besides the season should be 10-15 games shorter and have the playoffs start already, beginning of March to end of April.

  5. The Bruins beat up on the Leafs again last tonight and again schooled them on just how sh*tty, small and easily intimidated they are; and although Burke has done a decent job of replenishing a barren prospect and draft pick cupboard upon his arrival, this team is simply not big enough, tough enough or good enough to compete for a playoff spot and while a lot of money has been thrown at some of these players, the results are simply not there.