NHL Canadian Corner – March 22, 2012.

Canucks lose to Blackhawks, lose Daniel Sedin to injury…Sabres blank Canadiens as Tyler Ennis is on a roll…Senators need to improve…Flames offense struggling…Jets vow to rebound…The Maple Leafs three problems…Devan Dubnyk hoping to prove himself as Oilers starter


Aftermath of Keith's elbow to head of Daniel Sedin.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks lost in overtime 2-1 to the Chicago Blackhawks, but may have suffered a more serious loss, as Daniel Sedin was knocked from the game after being elbowed in the head by Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith, who has never been fined or suspended before, but will likely face a suspension after this.

LA PRESSE: The Montreal Canadiens were blanked 3-0 by the Buffalo Sabres, who moved into a tie with Washington for eighth overall. The Sabres have been on a roll since Tyler Ennis returned on January 24th from missing 17 games to injury.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators hold on a playoff berth is not that secure, as they’ve struggled to score of late.

CALGARY SUN/CALGARY HERALD: The Flames lack of offense is hurting their chances of securing a playoff berth.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets are down but not out, though they’re not far away from being out if they don’t improve soon. With most of their remaining games on the road, and given their lousy road record this season, it’s not boding well for their playoff chances.

TORONTO STAR: The Maple Leafs system, goaltending and leadership are the three main problems behind their decline this season.

EDMONTON SUN: Devan Dubnyk hopes his play down the stretch will encourage management to put faith in him going forward.


  1. Duncan Keith should get minimum 5 games. deliberate hit targeted the head. real classy guy

  2. Agree with James. Maybe more games.

    C’mon Habs, I want you to lose but score one atleast.

  3. Ya that’s pretty brutal, but with Doan’s 3 games being a repeat offender who knows. I hope he gets 5 tho. If Cooke can manage to restrain himself seriously anyone can :)

  4. I say that the ref blew it by not giving Keith a 5 and a game as it was an obvious intent to injure, and I am a big fan of old time hockey.
    I still don’t understand one of the Canucks not using Keith’s head for a punching bag rather than pushing and shoving and the old face wash. Burrows did manage to put a knee in Keith’s child making equipment area during their wrestling match but with a cup on I am sure Keith will still be able to procreate.
    The scary thing for Canuck fans, even more than Daniel being out with a concussion, is that they have scored only 1 goal in the last two games. The team wasted two good goaltending outings where Schneider and Luongo were the best players in each of those games. Finally they start to get good netminding and their offense goes south.
    Toronto has not had good leadership all year. The previous coach crucified the goalies every he chance he got and that coaches pet, Phaneuf didn’t once come out in support of his netminding teammates.
    Equally the GM did not do anything that could be seen as supportive for Reimer but heaped praise on the other goalie.
    Leadership on the ice was not seen from the captain’s defensive play either.
    While I do not hold Carlyle accountable for the rest of the year the same will not happen once next years training camp ends. That will officially make it his team and if he has players that have not nor do not buy into his system then that is on him.
    Burke must also be held accountable come next year. If after 5 years at the helm he is unable to get the Leafs into at least one round of the playoffs then he is not the man he told everyone he was.
    Toronto fans will be very forgiving if Burke and Carlyle get the team to at least 8th place in the East come next April but if they fail again then admiral Burke must walk the plank, and seeing it is Toronto I am sure that the sharks will be circling, especially one weirdly dressed and wearing a high collar.
    Calgary needs Divine Intervention to make the playoffs, no other way it will happen.
    Ottawa will make the playoffs and be good in them
    Winnepeg has given their fans a good run this year and will be even better next year.
    What’s with Hemsky in Edmonton? All year long he couldn’t score but seeing as the team is long out of a playoff spot he decides to turn into a scoring machine. Sorry Edmonton fans, at least next year the team will have a new coach.
    Vancouver will have a new coach also if they go out in round one, which may just happen.

  5. For Vancouver to lose a key player late season to a cheap shot may really hurt their playoff chances should he have an extended stay out of the line-up with a concussion. At this time of the season, with so much on the line for playoff bound teams, having the offending player receive a stiffer than normal penalty would seem to be very appropriate way of dealing with this sort of thing. It’ll be interesting to see what he gets…

  6. so the league in it’s infinite wisdom has already decided (by virtue of making it a conference call as opposed to an in person meeting) that Keith will get no more than a 5 game suspension for a deliberate intent to injure the reigning Art Ross winner with a hit where the head was the principle target. do they not understand that he has quite possibly crippled Vancouver’s playoff chances by taking out their leading scorer? did it not occur to them that Vancouver may be a first round opponent and Chicago would directly benefit from taking out Daniel Sedin? if that’s the case then it’s open season on all star players on the eve of the playoffs and every team should load up on knuckle draggers in hopes of ending someones season if not career.

  7. Gameon63 , sadly it seems that cheap shot’s pay off as a strategy late in the season.
    Bounties being offered on opposing players heads? No chance that would ever happen in the NHL!
    Van fan’s have a right to be pissed…