NHL Canadian Corner – March 23, 2014

Canadiens beat the Maple Leafs, Flames torch the Oilers, Hurricanes down the Jets, Senators fall to the Stars, and reviewing the Zack Kassian-Cody Hodgson trade. 

Tomas Plekanec celebrates his game-winning goal against the Maple Leafs.

Tomas Plekanec celebrates his game-winning goal against the Maple Leafs.

MONTREAL GAZETTE/TORONTO SUN: Tomas Plekanec snapped a 3-3 tie as the Montreal Canadiens edged the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-3, handing the Leafs their fourth-straight loss.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens move five points up on the Leafs, who now cling to one of the wild card berths in the Eastern Conference. The Leafs hold a one-point lead over the Detroit Red Wings and Washington Capitals. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL/CALGARY SUN: Curtis Glencross tallied a hat trick, Matt Stajan had a four-point night and Mike Cammalleri picked up three points as the Calgary Flames hammered the Edmonton Oilers 8-1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The only high point in the game for the Oilers was goalie Ben Scrivens tossing an Oilers jersey back into the crowd after a fan threw it on the ice. 

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets playoff hopes took a hit with their 3-2 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. Eric and Jordan Staal scored for the Hurricanes, while Jim Slater and Bryan Little tallied for the Jets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The loss puts the Jets six points out of playoff contention in the Western Conference.

OTTAWA SUN: The Dallas Stars defeated the Ottawa Senators 3-1, handing the Senators their sixth straight loss.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators are now ten points out of playoff contention. It’ll take a miracle for them to clinch a postseason spot. 

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports Canucks winger Zack Kassian and Sabres center Cody Hodgson have yet to deliver two years after they were dealt for each other.


  1. Wow what a train wreck….worse than an 18 wheeler going off a cliff if the Leafs dont make it. Good news is Carlyle will lose his job. Bad news is after The 18 wheeler the game 7 loss and now this train wreck alot of potentially good players will be on their way out the door with him. Hopefully Nonis is seeing the potential in guys like Kadri, Gardiner, Rielly, the top line and finally cuts bait with Lupul Franson Gunnarrsson Orr Bolland (for cap reasons), and builds this team properly. 2 d men to play in the top 4, vet back up goalie a fourth line that can play some minutes and a coach that can coach to this teams strengths, speed and transition. Stop with the square peg in the round hole. Finally do anything you can to get rid of David Clarkson and that contract, at this point Id consider giving up the first this year with him to get a lower round pick.

  2. Way to go Habs!!! The refs were terrible for both sides last night and cost both teams a goal. Well, except for the too many men call, that was obvious.

    Carey is still shaking some rust off but that save on the Kessel breakaway was MASSIVE! Defence looked slow with Murray in but he blocked a lot if shots and shoved Lupul around all night. Lines had pretty good balance but what a game by BORK! he must not like the press of view because he played with fire and emotion and ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME! Briere playing centre now makes us very deep for the playoffs.

    As for the Leafs. Reimer may be OK, but the quickest way to kill a player is destroying his confidence publicly. The. Try to ride him for the most important wins of the year. Never ever mess with your goalie. Claude Noel cried about his goaltending to the media a lot and now he’s gone, the goalies hurt, and the replacement is winning games with backups. What does that tell ya? The media can cry about dif players, the coach should take the off the players in the media and then can go behind closed doors and talk to them about expectations or things he team needs. One more thing: Clarkson….. Just brutal, and untradeable.

    • And the buy out is worse….a bog part of the problem is no pp time and bottom 6 mins, in NJ he was. Playing first unit pp time and more minutes with better players whoch is not really available to him in Toronto. Really just a horrible situation, everyone knew this was going

      • Not sure people expected Clarkson to be this bad. He was a solid and dependable part of the Devils. He’s forever cursed now by his salary with the Leafs – tries too hard, does stupid things as a result, trying to be what he is not. In Roberto Luongo’s words, his contract sucks. And lately, sadly, so do the Leafs.

      • I think ppl thought Clarkson would put up 20-25 goals and kill penalties while dropping the gloves a bit, but his career stats would show he is most likely a 10-15 goal, 25-30 pt guy. He just lucked out huge on FA day with his deal, but it’s serious cap baggage for the Leafs.

  3. I think Botchford wants to make himself feel better over the Vancouver trade of Hodgeson for Kassian. Hodgeson may not be a 1st line center, but he is doing a good job (2nd line center) for Bflo and is also being put on the wing which may open up his game a little more. Still think Bflo got the better end of this deal.

    • Buffalo did for sure. Vignualt (sp) seemed to hate hodgson and got him dealt only to be filed a short while later by the guy who has ruined his team! What a mess in Vancity

  4. Right now, the Leafs are a bit of a useless team who’s weakest link is their current goaltender who’s coach has little or no faith in him and doesn’t seem to mind throwing him under the bus whenever it suits him; which only compounds the problem. Yes Reimer is not Bernier; but the defence in front him leaves a lot to be desired on the best of nights. Overall, defensively, this team sucks badly.You just can’t blame Reimer for all of that. Hell last year he played beyond himself and now, he can’t stop a beach ball

    Not convinced that Carlyle is the right man behind the bench either as this team is just too shi**y to indicate to me they love their coach.Far as I can tell, the players think he’s an a**hole…as long as he’s they’re kind of A**hole then it’s all good but right now, I’m not so sure..

    Don’t think they’ll make the playoffs as they are playing good enough to lose..got no heart, focus or determination other than to just finish out the schedule. go home and drink some beer. I really do hope I’m wrong but it doesn’t look very good at all to me