NHL Canadian Corner – March 24, 2012.

Jets rally to down Capitals, Cole’s hat trick powers Canadiens over slumping Senators, Nugent-Hopkins pots shootout winner as Oilers edge Panthers, Maple Leafs upset Devils, Flames playing as though season is lost, and Canucks fine with playing close games.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets rallied from a 3-goal deficit to down the Washington Capitals 4-3, moving them within four points of the Capitals and Buffalo Sabres for eighth overall in the Eastern Conference. The Jets can’t afford any slumps over the next couple of weeks if they hope to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Cole's hat trick leads Habs to victory over Sens.

MONTREAL GAZETTE/OTTAWA SUN: Erik Cole scored a natural hat trick in the first period as the Canadiens went on to down the slumping Ottawa Senators 5-1, spoiling the return of Sens goalie Craig Anderson.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Rookie Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored the winner as the Oilers downed the Florida Panthers 2-1 in a shootout.

TORONTO SUN: James Reimer made 43 saves and call-up Nazem Kadri scored the game-winner as the Maple Leafs dropped the New Jersey Devils in a 4-3 shootout win.

CALGARY SUN: Steve MacFarlane believes the Flames recent losses suggest they’re playing as though the season is lost.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks are unconcerned over the decline in their offensive production, as they’re finding improvement in other areas of their game necessary to win games by close margins.


  1. JETS
    Thank goodness Alexander Ovechkin is a lazy defensive player ….because he just let Shannon walk down mainstreet un molseted with a puny stick attempt to score the O T goal in an awesome comeback by Jets.

    RNH goal was fantastic almost Crosby like every time he scores …Rookie of the year would have been his outright had he not had some major injuries!

    In order for a rebuild in Calgary they really have to see how they can maxamize a trdae with Mika Kiprusoff to help in a rebuild…Keep Iginla for a mentorship with the youth they bring in …..If they cant make the Playoffs with Kipper the last couple of years its time toi captilaize on his value as being arguably the best Goalie in the world and trade him for youth ! The demand for a top elite Goalie is huge right now and he can be a major piece to help Calgary move forward by being traded ……his no trade clause expeires at seasons end!

    They have to keep Cory Schnieder can not trade this guy …have to exasperate a way to trade Luaong this off season instead and move Scheider into starting roll next year and move on while saving some money!

    Thank you Montreal keep winning so that the Leafs can move into a top 3-5 draft pick …the only time I want Montreal to win !

  2. If not for Ovechkin Washington would be higher in the standings. Without the “Lazy Eight” the Capitols are a good team and even though he can score he is a liability everywhere else on the ice. He reminds me of Kessel with the Leafs except that Kessel does not stay out for 2 or 3 minute shifts. It was nice of Ovechkinto help Winnepeg get a much needed win.

    From out of nowhere and without much fanfare comes Erik Cole. He’s scoring goals in bunches and is finally giving Montreal fans something to cheer about rather than the antics of the three ringed circus put on by the Canadien’s management.

    If RNH can stay healthy next year and depending on the new coach the Oiler’s bring in I expect him to excel as will the entire team. As I believe they are one player and a coach away from becoming a contender.

    I have wanted the Leafs to bring up Cadre for a while now but if they keep winning they might just put themselves out of a great draft position. Not to worry, with Burke’s draft history he will probably blow it anyway. Either that or trade it in a deal for another team’s damaged goods.

    I wonder if the western soap opera that is the Calgary Flames are playing to get their coach changed or to be traded. They look like a very unhappy team and one that has tuned their coach out. If the Flames trade Kipper they are nuts. Any team that gets him would be better instantly. Imagine him in a Leafs uniform Toronto fans. But as Calgary has proven, you still need to have some defense in front of him or else you are just wasting a great goaltender, much like Vancouver is doing lately with both Schneider and Luongo.

    Vancouver is a team in trouble. Not only are they without Daniel Sedin but they are without leadership. The coach and management say that they are OK with one goal games. What else are they going to say? The Team can’t score lately – no one goes to the front of the net – the defense isn’t making life hard for the opposition in front of either Canuck goalie and the coach looks like he is on a Valium high every time you look at him. The whole team needs a good kick in the butt, energy wise. The only time I have seen them playing intense hockey was earlier in the year when they beat the Bruins and after Duncan Keith tried to take Daniel Sedin’s head off.

    So Duncan Keith gets 5 games and the Canuck’s could possibly lose Daniel Sedin for anywhere from a few games to forever. The NHL has got to come up with a system to deal with deliberate attempts to injure. If a player does not have the puck and you deliver a dangerous hit you are gone for as long as the injured player is gone or if the players career is ended then you are suspended for a prolonged period. Something like that could work to stop head shots.

  3. Gotta love cole. Gotta love the leafs winning to stay ahead of the bottom 5. Hopefully the oiler get a couple leaders on defence and forward to pull them into the playoffs next year.

  4. Was at the game in Buffalo when Boudreau got fired and Ovechkin was by far the WORST player on the Ice, he played between the blue lines and that was it !
    His defense wouldnt even pass him the puck when he called for it up ice …I DONT THINK HIS TEAM RESPECTS HIM it was terrible he was terrible !
    He needs to just concentrate on hockey and not being a superstar rock star …talent only gets you so far .

    Unless your Sydney Crosby !

  5. It wasn’t that long ago that Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby were being marketed by the NHL as the faces of hockey, but now it seems that Ovechkin has fallen out of favour with the PR people and only Sidney’s face is being supported as the face of hockey.
    Interesting that one thinks he is a rock star and tries to live the lifestyle and the other is a humble, well manner lad who counts his blessings that he is so fortunate. Even when Crosby was out with the concussion problems he was in the news every single day and the only time you ever heard a word about Ovechkin was when something negative was happening with the Capitals. He came into camp overweight although they tried to keep that a secret. He has an enormous ego and that is not going over well with his team mates. How can a captain lead a team when he is the one who won’t come off the ice when he should, is a defensive liability and his ego is about him not the teams success. He is a coach killer and always will be. Tough to watch a player with his skills leading a team downward.