NHL Canadian Corner – March 24, 2014

Canucks down the Sabres, Leafs lose fifth straight, updates on Jason Spezza, Carey Price, Mark Giordano and the latest on the Jets and Oilers.

Zack Kassian (L) is congratulated for one of his four assists against Buffalo.

Zack Kassian (L) is congratulated for one of his four assists against Buffalo.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Zack Kassian collected assists on every Canucks goal as Vancouver downed the Buffalo Sabres 4-2. The Canucks also welcomed Daniel Sedin and Ryan Kesler back into the lineup but Henrik Sedin was sidelined with a leg injury.

TORONTO SUN: The New Jersey Devils chased James Reimer from the Maple Leafs net on route to a 3-2 victory, handing the Leafs their fifth straight loss and leaving them barely clinging to the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Some disgruntled Leafs fans took it upon themselves to attack Reimer’s wife via Twitter over his poor play.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s one thing to publicly criticize a player when they’re performing poorly. That comes with the territory of being a pro athlete.  Dragging their family members into it crosses the line. Those gutless curs who attacked Reimer’s wife should be ashamed of themselves. They’re not, of course, because they get their jollies through their keyboard courage.  They’re also not representative of all Leafs fans, so don’t tar the whole group for the actions of a pathetic few. In other words, spare me the “stay classy, Leafs fans” comments. Every fan base has its small share of jerks.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Senators captain Jason Spezza confronts what’s been the most disappointing season of his career.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll have more on Spezza in the Rumors section.

LA PRESSE: Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price admits he’s not yet in top form after returning from a lower body injury but says his conditioning is improving.

CALGARY SUN: Flames captain Mark Giordano has achieved a career-best in goals (12), matched his career-best in points (43) and leads the team in plus-minus (+11).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Giordano’s been terrific this season for the rebuilding Flames and a great leader for their young players.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets cannot use the excuse of being a young team to explain away their struggles.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Oilers 8-1 loss over the weekend to the Calgary Flames might not be rock bottom yet this season.



  1. McIntyre looked pretty good really. Not surprising goaltending has been a strength of the Marlies all year long. Not sure but you have to believe that Reimer may have started his last game as a Leaf. McIntyre get the start Tues possibly if Bernier is not ready to go gives him till Thursday to rest the groin only a couple back to backs left.

  2. i was at the Canucks game last night and Kassian played great, he was all over the place and his line was all over the scoresheet despite being saddled with the soon to be bought out Booth (even set him up for a goal). on the flip side Hodgson was all but invisible. Kassian was the deserved first star and dangerous all night. Henrik Sedin was honoured before the game for 1000 NHL games played and while his youngest son stole the show it was obvious he had the admiration and respect of his teammates and there were tributes from former teammates on the scoreboard throughout the game. Vancouver may be a longshot to make the playoffs but it’s heartening to see the younger players picking up their play as it shows hope going forward.

  3. I’m not real sure on what it takes to move an RFA like Reimer, maybe Lyle can shed some light on it, but I’m thinking an interested team would have to give up a 1st rounder(?). If this is the case, maybe at the nhl draft in june, they could make a deal with a team high in the order, say Edmonton, Buffalo Calgary etc, and offer up Reims + there 1st to move up? They could possibly pick up Brodeur, if available, in the off-season as back up to Bernier……just a thought.

    • No way is a first round pick involved if you look at the teams that maybe a fit for Reimer NYI Calgary. Winnipeg and the like, it could be a pretty high pick. Nonis will be lucky to squeez a middle of the pack prospect or a second round pick for Reimer at the rate goalies have been going. Most likely a third. The benefit for the Leafs and Reimer will be moving on from the issues and not paying 2-3 million for a 1 year deal for a back up goalie. Reimer would get that in arbitration from the Leafs no matter how you look at it.

      • It maybe wiser to package Reimer with a pick or a guy like Franson possibly all three and try and address an issue that way.

  4. Great phrase Lyle “keyboard courage”. Thanks for a fantastic web page.

  5. Reimer keeps playing like this, and he’s playing himself out of a trade IMO. Who’s going to want a goalie who eels he “deserves” the number one position and puts up mediocre numbers like this? He’s won something like 4 of his last 20 starts…

    • Teams win games goalies dont….