NHL Canadian Corner – March 27, 2012.

Canucks blank Kings…Flames keep playoff hopes alive with win over Stars…Senators deal potential death blow to Jets playoff hopes…Maple Leafs face tough practices as season winds down…Oilers strong finish inspires cautious optimism…Canadiens in line for a high draft pick.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Roberto Luongo backstopped the Canucks to a 1-o win over the Los Angeles Kings.

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames kept their flickering playoff hopes alive with a 5-4 victory over the Dallas Stars.

Alfredsson leads Senators over Jets.

OTTAWA SUN/WINNIPEG SUN: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson scored twice (including the game winner), and Erik Karlsson had a three-point night, as the Senators downed the Winnipeg Jets 6-4, dealing the Jets playoff hopes a potentially fatal blow. The Senators will also be without the services of goalie Ben Bishop for the remainder of the regular season, due to a groin injury suffered during Saturday’s win over Pittsburgh.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs playoff hopes are all but dashed, but Leafs head coach Randy Carlyle will maintain practice intensity.

EDMONTON SUN: The Oilers 5-0-2 record in their last seven games is inspiring cautious optimism looking ahead to next season.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens are likely to get a high draft pick.


  1. Too bad about the Jets. It would have been great to see them make the playoffs.

  2. Glad to see the Gazette breaking earthshattering news.

  3. Hate to knock down good play but it seems the Oilers are heating up at the worst possible time, as it will serve only to lower their draft position for no gain (other than for a few players to showcase their talents for next season). If they hope to make big strides forward they need a goalie. Dubnyk’s recent play should not cloud the evidence from the entire season that he’s not it.

  4. The Canucks once again had to rely on great goaltending to come out with a 1-0 win. The goal they did score was a lucky one but they all count, especially on this team of underachieving goal scorers. Even with Daniel Sedin in the lineup they were rolling along at a goal-a-game pace and praying that Schneider and Luongo could make the one goal stand up. The coach, who looks like he’s on Valium and always has a pleasantly stoned look about him seems content to let things be and not rock the boat. Kessler looks good for most of the 1st period and then he’s usually done. The only real jump has come from the 3rd and 4th lines. Burrows looks lost. Speaking of looking lost…when is the coach going to decide where and who Zach Cassian is going to play with?
    Finally it looks like the Canucks goaltending duo looks solid and then the scoring goes south. What a way to prepare for the playoffs.

    The Flames see a light ahead of them but the trouble is that it’s the oven light. Someone stick a fork in them…they’re done.

    Ottawa needs every point it can scrounge and while it’s too bad it had to come at the expense of Canada’s New Team, the Jets it still helped insure that two Canadian teams make the playoffs.

    Carlyle (and Burke) are getting a good look at who they want around next year and who’s trade bait. Why they are yo-yoing Cadre while keeping the likes of Brown around defies logic. The same goes for Rosehill. It would be nice to see Kadre up until the end of he season and then go back down to help the Marlies.

    Optimism in Edmonton is about the same as Montreal getting a high draft pick…Ho Hum.

    Sedin has a concussion but what’s weird is that players are saying he deserved it because of his hit on Keith. How does that equate? I bet you could slo-mo every game film and see anywhere from 3 to 6 of those kind of hits. Just watch last years final between Boston and Vancouver and your will see 3 in the first period alone.

  5. Captain Ahab, I am not sure what players are saying he deserved it, but the NHL like many work environments where people spend a great deal of time dealing with each, allows players to develop their own reputations within the league. Without being a hater, the fact is the Sedins and others on the Canucks have developed a certain reputation, whether or not it is warranted.

  6. Old Soldier:
    Couldn’t agree more with players getting reputations, warranted or not and I also agree that the Sedin’s have a certain reputation around the league as well.
    The player in question was once a Canuck and now a King, Willie Mitchell. I was always a Mitchell fan and I am sure having been a teammate of the Sedins he has an insite that not many other people have, but that being said…no one deserves to have their career put in jeopardy but such a flagrant and mean-spirited foul.
    Hockey came close and is possibly one more hit away from losing its best player and while I am sure Sidney Crosby would never intentionally slam his shoulder pad into Duncan Keith’s head, but if by chance he did, would that warrant Keith elbowing Sid like he did Daniel? Imagine if he did and Crosby never played another game, what would the punishment be and what would the ramifications be if that occurred?
    Bottom line…the league must come up with a better way of addressing head shots…maybe even kind that Sedin delivered can be addressed but then they are coming dangerously close to legislating out hard hits.
    Tough position and I am glad I don’t have to come up with a solution.