NHL Canadian Corner – March 27, 2014

Canucks defeat the Wild, Flames doused by Ducks, updates on Andrew Ladd, Martin Marincin and Mark Stone, plus the latest on the Canadiens and Maple Leafs. 

David Booth celebrates one of his two goals against the Wild.

David Booth celebrates one of his two goals against the Wild.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: David Booth scored twice to lift the Canucks to a 5-2 win over the Minnesota Wild.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The win moves the Canucks within four points of a playoff berth. 

CALGARY HERALD: Andrew Cogliano’s goal late in the third lifted the Anaheim Ducks to a 3-2 win over the Calgary Flames. Brian McGrattan and Jiri Hudler tallied for the Flames.

TORONTO SUN: Dion Phaneuf, Jonathan Bernier and coach Randy Carlyle are among five on the hot seat as the Maple Leafs drop out of playoff contention.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Things are getting ugly in Toronto. It’ll get worse if the Leafs don’t snap out of their swoon. 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Though the Canadiens seem all but assured of a playoff berth they’re not taking it for granted.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets captain Andrew Ladd recently skipped a game to attend the birth of his daughter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A few whistleheads were upset with Ladd because he put his family over the team. Folks, if you put your job ahead of your family, you won’t have the latter for long. Ladd did the right thing. Besides, given how the Jets have played lately, his missing a game wasn’t going to hurt them.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers rookie defenseman Martin Marincin has shown promise this season.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators winger Mark Stone has a chance to impress as he fills in for the sidelined Bobby Ryan.


  1. Hot seat players
    Phaneuf – correct. He had a terrible game on Tuesday and hasn’t shown particularly great leadership skills at any point – especially of late.
    Carlyle – correct. The team isn’t executing his system and he refuses to adjust.
    Bernier – this is where I’m lost. The guy has saved their asses all year, lets in two softies while playing with an injured groin and suddently he’s on the hot seat. We in Toronto really have a knack for blaming everything on our goaltenders when the source of the problem is the 7 defencemen that are unable to shut down an opposition cycle. That defense is the laughingstock of the league and for some bizarre reason they refuse to address it.

    • Couldn’t agree more! Dion did have a horrible game and has def lacked leadership but his play has been pretty solid for most of the year. Bernier has been a stud all year long and it’s a joke he’s even in this conversation. He’s among the league leaders in save pct on a team that’s on the verge of breaking the record for shots allowed. Reimer on the other hand couldn’t stop a beach ball lately and while the team didn’t really help him much how can you really expect them too when he’s allowing in the softest goals ever and we’re behind early and often! How has Franson avoided criticism all year? Why is Clarkson still playing on the second line? I like Carlyle but he’s done a terrible job managing lines and his refusal of using a legitimate 4th line for the majority of the season has really taken a toll on his top fwds and it’s starting to show over the past couple weeks.

      • All you need to know is how the Capitan feels about this skid which will most likely cause them to miss the playoffs once again. This says all you need to know about the teams attitude, coaching and management.

        “We’ve played some pretty good hockey, but haven’t been able to get wins,” Phaneuf said.

        • Dion had a bad game we get it, fire Nonis for keeping the best D man they got and picking up Clarkson…seems reasonable.

          • One bad game? Have you watched lately? In this case the crap rolls up hill. Nonis is also responsible.

      • Franson and Gunnarrsson are not top 4 d men on any decent team in the NHL, the only issue I have with Nonis (besides Clarksons buy out proof contract) is not addressing it some how, I understand after Franson having a good year last year not rushing out and getting one but at some point, you have to address the blueline. I also think this gets magnified playing in Carlyles system, and his lack of using 4th line. Good teams roll 4 lines use them in a checking roll or have a checking line which with Bollands injury was a bit of an issue but with players like D’amigo Ashton Smith Holland Bodie Devaine ect who all are pretty decentt defensively it shouldnt be that hard to ice a fourth line, which could help limit the mistakes and turn overs due to fatigue. I agree. Its all a big cycle that has alot to do with how Randy uses systems and his line up.

        • Nonis re-signed Gunnar and Franson. So is it Nonis’s fault or Carlyles? I’m confused at who you are blaming?

          • Franson to a one year deal afyer he had a career year ya thats outrageous… I said I understand keeping Franson for this year to see how it works out. Gunnarrson while not a top 2 is hardly a bad contract. I think its pretty clear, but going forward you need to address the blueline but the reasons the defense is so bad is magnified by Randys system. Randys fault not Nonis. Now if Nonis say keeps Randy and starts dealing away guys like Kadri JVR Kessel Gardiner Rielly and the youth or any more draft picks Im all on board fire Nonis but, right now I dont think he is to blame for much other than putting Clarkson as a bigger need than a D man. I have little problem with the way Burke and Nonis have built this team, I dont think its as bad as most think. Couple of D men that can play a more stout type game in the top 4 and a different coach and they are much closer. Fayne possibly Niskanen would be guys I would be looking for in the offseason, see what a guy like Granberg brings.