NHL Canadian Corner – March 29, 2012.

Kings hand Flames playoff hopes a death blow, Schneider stellar as Canucks edge Avalanche, Jets playoff hopes all but dashed in home loss to Rangers, Stars down Oilers, a call for Leafs GM Brian Burke to stay the course, Erik Cole upbeat over Canadiens future, and Senators coach keeps his team busy during lengthy schedule break.

CALGARY SUN: The Flames playoff hopes were handed a potential death blow in their 3-0 loss to the LA Kings. It was a franchise record ninth shutout for Kings goalie Jonathan Quick.

Schneider makes 43 saves blanking the Avalanche.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Chris Higgins scored the game’s only goal and Cory Schneider made 43 saves as the Canucks downed the Colorado Avalanche 1-0.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Despite jumping out to an early 2-0 lead, the Jets sleepwalked toward a 4-2 loss to the NY Rangers, all but killing their playoff hopes, while the Rangers widened their lead over the Pittsburgh Penguins for first overall in the Eastern Conference to five points.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Dallas Stars defeated the Oilers 3-1 to complete their season sweep, moving the Stars back into first in the Pacific Division.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox believes Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke has little choice but to stay the course and resist the temptation to trade away what could be a potentially high first round pick.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Erik Cole is upbeat over the Canadiens future. While this season has been a huge disappointment for the team and its fans, there is a solid core around which to rebuild, of which Cole is a central piece. This isn’t a team like the Maple Leafs, who’re desperate for a playoff berth. The Habs are coming off four straight years of playoff contention, and with the right moves, could return to that form again next season.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators coach Paul MacLean is keeping his players busy with intense practices during their recent lengthy break in the schedule.


  1. Gotta love that Erik Cole.

  2. The two and half men line has been great all year. If the Habs couls add one player to the Pleks line and add a little sand paper to the D I think they will be a much better team. Markov is back and with the summer off and a full training camp ahead he will be back to form. Hopefully he will staty healthy. That will make the team much better. The Habs should get a solid draft pick this year.

    This year is done, but I think we have a lot to build around.

    Go Habs Go

  3. Here you have what could be called one of if not the most important game in Calgary’s season and they go down in Flames (pun intended). How can this happen to a Suter coached team? Easy, they’ve tuned him out. You can only browbeat a player or a team for so long until they become indifferent to your tantrums. The success years of the Flames came when they had very good and very personable coaches. Crisp and Badger Bob got the most out of every team they coached. Not so with tyrannical Suter.

    Once again the pop-gun offense of the Vancouver Canucks was on display last night and they managed to put exactly one puck in the net, the same amount they managed to score in their last game. Luckily for the team and fans both games ended in shutouts with Luongo getting the previous win and Cory Schneider stopping every shot last night. Schneider is ahead of Luongo in every statistic except starts and the amount of shutouts. Luongo with 4 – Scneider with 3.
    If that is not enough to show management that they can safely trade Louongo and his millstone salary then I don’t know what it would take. If Schneider ends up being traded it better be the deal of the decade for Vancouver or else they could easily have a riot on thipeir hands. Oh wait, they already had that!

    Winnepeg had the Rangers right where they wanted them and with a 2 – 0 lead looked to be poised to add to that score when for some unknown reason the Jets imploded and ended up losing a very valuable two point. I have no idea why the team quit skating but they let the Rangers out of the stranglehold and got pinned.

    I wonder who the new coach of the Oilers will be and who they will choose in the draft? Other than that all the questions for this years Edmonton team have been asked and answered. Run and gun is great if you have Grant Fuhr in net maybe but not with the cast of characters on the Oilers defensive wise this year.

    Brian Burke will find a way to grab headlines by either trading or not trading his draft pick. His ego will not allow him to be out of the limelight for very long. No matter which way he goes as far as draft picks, that is not what it will take to plug the holes on that sinking ship. It is going to take work, and a lot of it to rejig the crew on that boat. They should make the captain walk the plank, give forty lashes to the first mate (maybe that will stop him from yawning on the bench) and keel haul the GM for allowing anchors like Rosehill and Brown to slow the ship down.

    I know who won’t be doing anything with Montreal’s high draft pick. Pierre Gauthier. He got his long overdue pink slip and deservedly so. His moves this year bordered ontheroadin bizarre and as such are undefendable. He has single handedly turned a contending team into a joke and even the Canadian Parliament got in on the act. How dare they not have a French speaking coach….unless of course they are winning Stanley Cups. Thank heaven for Carey Price and of corse, Erik Cole.
    Next year without that albatross Gomez, a couple new additions, a new GM and maybe or maybe not a new coach, I look for the Habs to be right back in contention.

    Ottawa, not yet in the playoffs but close enough to see that the opportunity is theirs to grasp. I believe MacLean will get his team in and hopefully they can do some damage.

  4. kind of sleeping at the switch here !!!…..the big news is gauthier and gainey are finally gone…the blogsphere and news networks are full of who is going to be the new gm …..surprised there is nothing here !!!

  5. That’s because it’s posted under “News”….since it was “News”.

  6. Hi, habsrule:
    I had a little blurb under my Montreal musings about Gauthier being sacked, but as far as it being news, well technically news, if you call waiting for the axe to drop news, but news it is.
    Gauthier gone. Gained lost all credibility when he named Gauthier as his successor so he won’t be around. Patrick Roy will not be a GM.
    The name that keeps popping up is Serge Savard. If that in fact happens Montreal wins on all fronts.
    He’s French Canadian. He’s a former Canadiens player and star. He has led the team to Stanley Cups. He is very well respected and connected. As far as any candidates to surface he is far and away the one I would choose.The only way Les Habitants get back to respectability starts at their front office and works its way down.