NHL Canadian Corner – March 29, 2014

Maple Leafs lose seventh straight, Senators upset the Blackhawks, Flames burn the Rangers, Oilers down the Ducks, plus the latest on Daniel Sedin, Tomas Plekanec and Bryan Little.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs suffered their seventh straight defeat, falling 4-2 to the Philadelphia Flyers. Claude Giroux had a three-point performance for the Flyers, while James van Riemsdyk and Dave Bolland scored for the Leafs.

Craig Anderson made 46 saves against the Blackhawks.

Craig Anderson made 46 saves against the Blackhawks.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Craig Anderson made 46 saves backstopping the Senators to a 5-3 upset of the Chicago Blackhawks.

CALGARY HERALD: Second period goals by Kevin Westgarth and Mike Cammalleri lifted the Flames to a 4-3 victory over the New York Rangers.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Ben Scrivens made 48 saves and Andrew Ference tallied in overtime to carry the Oilers to a 4-3 upset of the Anaheim Ducks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs remain deadlocked in a four-way tie with Columbus, Detroit and Washington, with the Blue Jackets and Red Wings clinging to the final two playoff berths in the East. The Senators move within six points of a playoff berth.  The Ducks have clinched a playoff berth. 

VANCOUVER SUN: Daniel Sedin isn’t prepared to concede the season but also won’t make excuses for his play this season.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens could be without forward Tomas Plekanec when they face off against the Florida Panthers today. Plekanec has returned to Montreal for family reasons.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets low-key center Bryan Little has become a dependable two-way center for Winnipeg this season.


  1. Just back from vacation from March 14 – 28th and Leafs were ahead of the Habs!! Now they are out of the playoff hunt.. They are cursed!

    • Well when you are paying Clarkson $500,000 a point and when Phaneuf is either making or has a cap hit more/larger then Toews, Kane, Sharp, Hossa, Zetterberg, Kopitar, Carter, Tavares, St Louis, Thornton, Marleau, Bergeron, Sedins, Backstrom……Losing is actually quite understandable.

      • Oh, if Crosby got paid at the rate of production as Clarkson, his salary would be at $48,000,000.00 so far this year.

        • Dc you do say some of the dumbest things on this site…

          • Explain again how a Canadian team should win the cup every 4 years.

      • Count the contracts pre new cba (cap circumventing) here and players that signed deals as Rfas. Explain how writting a cheque out in Clarksons name instead of putting Grabos name on it puts the Leafs on pace to give up the amount of shots their D gives up.

  2. I said in the past odds should work in favour of a Canadian team winning a cup. With the ratio of teams and the 21 years drought of a cup in Canada, you would think the odds will have a Canadian team even by fluke, winning a cup. Don’t act like you know everything, there is a reason Canadian teams don’t win cups. I don’t really know the exact reason, but an American team would really really really have to poop the bed for a Canadian team to win. Maybe its best layers don’t want to sign here? Maybe it’s the America teams tanking for 1st pick when it Really matters. For instance, Colorado garbage team last year and gets Mackinnion (who is better then all Edmonton’s 3 #1 picks combined) Then, it’s a miracle they are cup contenders this year. 4 more wins then Chicago, 3 more then LA, one fewer then San Jose and Anaheim. They tanked for Mackinnon man. Edmonton couldn’t have gotten 1st over all picks worse 3 years in god knows how many. Now as you sit there, remember this comment in 2015. McDavid will not be drafted by a Canadian team. There is no way in Hades that happens. Canadian teams are doomed. Until a Canadian team is consistently a strong team, you can’t say I am wrong. BTW, Van, Cal, Edm, Ott making the finals were flukes. Everyone knows it. I think the next year they all either didn’t make playoffs or were booted in first round. Conspiracy? Maybe, but prove where a Canadian has made ANY good moves the last 20 years. Look at Anaheim, gets Ottawa’s first round pick this year which is a good chance at #1. Are you kidding me? Like Anaheim needs another future star. I’m sorry, Canadian teams get NO breaks like that. Canadian teams give up anything of value for junk. (cough Bishop)

    • You have absolutely no idea how percentage or odds work do you? 25% does not mean something should happen 1 in 4 times as an absolute. Turn it around for a second could it not be looked at like there is a 75%. Chance that a Canadian team will never win the cup?

      • I’d go with more a 99% chance a Canadian team will not win a cup. Guess your reasoning is better then mine.

    • Wow. Since you like math, lets do some? prior to the Winnipeg Jets there were only 6 Canadian teams for the majority of that time. A US based team has a 75% chance to win every year. Like Shticky has been saying, Making the odds already against a Canadian team winning before pucks drop on a season. But because it’s a sport and not just raw math, odds don’t really mean anything. A handful of teams stay good for many years and some fluctuate year after year. That is the beauty of hockey; that many teams can win the cup at any time.
      As far as a Canadian team drafting McDavid? Odds are low right off the bat. BUT with many Canadian teams not playing good, one could argue there’s a higher chance of them getting him actually.
      Edmonton got 3 1st overalls in a row including one that was lottery won over Columbus last year for Yakupov. Hall is an elite player fyi, and Hopkins is still young. They just suck as a team plain and simple. Colorado had a great group of young talent before McKinnon and made good offseason moves for veterans and Varlomov finally played to potential and the intro of a good new coach that players bought in to.
      And finally, the years that OTT and VAN got into the finals, they were favourites from the start of the season!!! and EDM getting there in 2006 was the only ‘fluke’ if you want to call it that but they were a good team. Your post was the most ridiculous I have ever read and you made no legitimate arguments or statements that support your theories that you proposed with especially no hard evidence. Also! some teams operate under a self imposed cap like OTT which hurts them. And some teams like Calgary and Edmonton and Winnipeg are very remote ‘cities’ compared to LA, NY, Tampa, Phili, San Jose and unfortunately where would you rather play? lol.
      Funny you made no mention that the Sharks haven’t won the cup despite having a top 5 record for the last 7 years straight… odds are they should’ve won right! CONSPIRACY! lol.

      • Keep drinking the Kool aid. How old are you? If you live another 20-30 years remember this conversation when a Canadian team has still not won a cup and you are sitting in your old age home and think to yourself “maybe that guy on Spectors had an argument”. Everything is designed against Canadian teams. Look at Expos in 1994……Astonishing record…favourites to win world series and baseball decides to strike for the year. You think if the Yankees had that record a deal would not have gorton done quickly or they would not have strikes at all? Jay won world series 2 years in a row and MLB, teams and players said “Enoughs Enough”. Canadian NHL teams, the Jays, Expos, Raptors……SUCK SUCK SUCK. Always will now.