NHL Canadian Corner – March 3, 2012.

Don’t expect new Leafs coach Randy Carlyle to be a nice guy…Blackhawks edge Senators…Ducks down Flames…New Canuck Zach Kassian to face former team tonight…Jets in the thick of playoff race…Undrafted David Desharnais makes a name for himself in Montreal…Oilers fall to Stars.


Carlyle no nice guy.

TORONTO SUN: Don’t expect new Maple Leafs head coach Randy Carlyle to be “Mr. Congeniality”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He certainly won’t endear himself with the Toronto media.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Chicago Blackhawks edged the sluggish Senators 2-1 in a game which wasn’t as close as the score suggested.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If not for goaltender Robin Lehner, who was stellar in defeat, the Senators would’ve been blown out of this one. Lehner again makes the case to stick with this team once Craig Anderson returns to action.

CALGARY HERALD: Anaheim Ducks center Ryan Getzlaf potted the winner late in the third, downing the Flames 3-2.

VANCOUVER SUN: New Canuck Zach Kassian is looking forward to facing his former club when the Canucks face the Buffalo Sabres tonight.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll also be new Sabre Cody Hodgson’s first game against his old team. Should be interesting to see how this turns out.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets are among six teams battling for two playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.

LA PRESSE: David Desharnais could become the first undrafted player in Canadiens history to finish the season as the club’s leading scorer since the implementation of the entry draft system back in 1967.

EDMONTON SUN: The Oilers fell 3-1 to the Dallas Stars.


  1. There’s already a video of Randy Carlyle ignoring the media getting into Montreal. lol

  2. Gentlemen my work here is done so with that being said I would like to thank my fellow posting pals who supported my name “FireWilson” from day one way back in early December. I would also like to thank Ron Wilson for his terrible coaching record here in Toronto and possibly, single handedly ruining Luke Schenn and Nasem Kadri’s career (hopefully not, Luke it’s never too late to go see Gunnarsson’s confidence coach). I would also like to thank Burke for waiting to the last possible minute before bending to an entire Leaf nation of fans and media before finally growing some and firing Wilson. His indecisiveness has put the Leafs in the precarious position of having to win roughly 14 out of the remaining 18 games to get into the post season and failing that will probably vault the Leafs out of a sure fire top 5 draft pick into the 15th or so position.

    On hiring Carlyle: I find if slightly disturbing, two former players on the Leaf roster (Lupul and Brown) had nothing good to say about our new coach. With that being said I remember Yzerman and Bowman going to war early in Stevie Y’s career until he learned to play within Bowman system and become defensively responsible so if those two had a love hate early on then why not Lupul and Carlyle? I don’t care if the Leafs hired Carlton the Bear to coach this team as long as the new coach teaches this team to play defence. I think in this cap world it’s better to pay big bucks to 6 defensemen then to pay big bucks to 12 forwards. The thinking goes when you play an ultra-defensive system your forwards generally don’t rack up big points and therefore can’t demand even larger paydays. Just a thought.

    My new name: I have so many new names swimming around in my head I can’t choose. I thought about creating one that would “give it to Phaneuf” for the next while until he either lives up to his salary and lives down his “most over rated player” status but I didn’t feel that was fair until we see him play under a proper defensive system. In fact I think that goes for all the defensive players on the Leafs. My new name will be anti-climactic because I am back on the band wagon cheering for the most loved/hated team in the NHL. In light of my new positive attitude I think the most appropriate name would be either “RoseColouredGlasses” or “BeerGoggles”. Since this is a sports chat site I think BeerGoggles is more appropriate.

    Lyle, I am officially requesting your permission to allow me to change my name from “FireWilson” to “BeerGoggles”…

  3. Lol. That’ll do Beergoggles… That’ll do….
    Now back to my virtual waiting room for Detroit Tigers tix….. Long day coming after a midnight shift…

    Go Desharnais…

  4. leaf fans are in for another disappointment….burke was gonna lead them out of the desert…The monster was gonna be the next great goalie…when it was The monster it was Reimer…..every player who puts on that ugly jersey is the next greatest player since gretzky…..every big name free agent is going to toronto until they dont…..nash is gonna go to toronto until he doesnt…..dont you poor schmucks ever learn….carlyle is only a coach he doesnt have the stock to get em there…the real problem is that idiot running the show…he is all talk and no substance….

  5. @FireWilson/Beer Goggles…thanks for all the postings during this difficult time while we all suffered thru watching our team continue to lose no matter who came or went.

    Burke, in hiring Carlyle, has put somebody between himself and the door; and should the Leafs not make the playoffs, Rick Dudley would surely be the wise replacement for Burke as he’s already here and is considered a very astute team builder so its going to be an interesting 6 weeks or so