NHL Canadian Corner – March 30, 2012.

Potential candidates for Canadiens general manager job, the Leafs suffer another humiliating home loss, Canucks say Daniel Sedin will return for the playoffs, Jay Bouwmeester on the verge of a dubious record, Senators need 94 points to clinch a playoff spot, Ladislav Smid earning praise from fellow Oilers, and Jets cannot coast to the finish with jobs on the line.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey provided a list of potential candidates for the Canadiens general manager job, which includes Pierre McGuire, Julien Brisebois, Marc Bergevin, and yes, Patrick Roy. Serge Savard, who will be advising Canadiens owner Geoff Molson in the search for a new GM, said the candidate needs to be bilingual, which will significantly narrow the field for hiring the best available person for the job.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs has yet to win a home game for coach Randy Carlyle, suffering another humiliating defeat by falling 7-1 to the visiting Philadelphia Flyers, who had a surprise participant in their game-day practice, when former Flyer (and Maple Leaf) Eric Lindros joined them, accepting the invitation from GM Paul Holmgren. Certainly appears as though the Flyers are continuing to mend fences with Lindros.

Daniel Sedin should return for playoffs.

VANCOUVER SUN: Canucks GM Mike Gillis said injured star Daniel Sedin expects to be ready to return for the playoffs. Definitely good news regarding both the status of Sedin’s health and for the Canucks’ hopes of another run to the Cup Final.

CALGARY SUN: Flames defenseman Jay Bouwmeester is on pace next season to break the record for most consecutive NHL games without making the playoffs.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Senators GM Bryan Murray believes his team needs 94 points to clinch a playoff berth. They currently have 88 with five games to play, so they must at least win three of those games, or win two and lose two via OT/SO, or win one and lose the rest via OT/SO. Obviously, the more wins, the better.

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  Oilers blueliner Ladislav Smid has earned praise from his teammates for his performance this season, including leading the team in blocked shots.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Though they’re out of the playoff race, the Jets cannot afford to coast over the remainder of the season, especially those players hoping to return with the club next season.


  1. What was that last night in Toronto?
    Can that actually be called effort or are the Leafs tanking it?
    Most of the game it looked like men against boys and the boys had zero heart. Does anyone see Rosehill being in a Leaf uniform next year, and if your can imagine how bad that team will be again.
    If Jay (no skill) Rosehill actually beats out anyone for a position on the Leafs next season then something is definitely wrong with the teams management. No to heap all my scorn on poor Jay, I have nothing about bad things to say about Kessel as well. Sure he may be in a Leaf uniform come next season and he may infect score another 30 some goals for the team, but his lack of desire to actually check someone will allow the opposing teams to score more than 50 goals against whatever linemates he is paired with. In his last two games Kessel has exactly two shots on goal. Then there is Captain Pylon. Phaneuf has been gone around so many times he has an orange fluorescent glow.
    I had hoped to see Carlyle instill some defensive grit In these guys but when your leaders are not leading then what can you expect from the rest of the crew.
    At least they will get a high draft pick as if that will be the answer.

  2. I truely think the only way the Leafs can be successful is with a big name Vetran #1 goalie ie Kipper, Luongo, Miller, Lundqvist, Thomas, Brodeur to name a few. If you look back over the past 15 or 20 years the only successful teams the Leafs have ever iced have had this type of goalie ie Belfour, Potvin, Joseph. It is way to difficult to bring in a young goalie in this pirrana tank so if Burke wants to turn this ship around fast he needs to go get Kiprusoff, or Luongo (can’t see Miller being traded in the same division) because those two seem like the most likely to be moved for the right price. Even guys like Anderson, Lehtonen, Smith or Niemi won’t cut it in this high stress town. So forget bringing in any of the UFA’s being mentioned ie Ellis, Vokoun, Clemmensen, Harding they will just be shark bait by the end of next season. I hate to say it but it’s the only way the Leafs will get stability for the next 4 or 5 years regardless what you think of Luongo or Kipper.

  3. Honestly who cares what the score ends up of the leafs game? Keep losing, they are obviously not in the playoffs so keep losing and they can finally get a top draft spot. Now as for the players efforts, yes they are giving little to know effort but there season went downhill fast and the players are the ones that have to take the heat now as the coach has already been fired. I don’t really expect much of an effort from them as I don’t see much to care about or how anything else can go wrong. I mean last night there starting goalie goes down in warm up how does that boost your confidence. Stop complaining abou them and just mark it down as another wait till next year

  4. @ Beergoggles

    You hit the nail on the head. In a division against Price, Thomas/Rask, Miller….. you need a true #1 goalie.

    As for the Leafs losing- better for them. They desperately need to fall further (to last in the East and hope the Oil can pass you) to get the highest pick possible. THEN, they need to do what histoically they have not done: DRAFT A PLAYER, and not trade that pick away.

    Any one of Yakupov, Grigorenko, Forsberg, Galeynchuck (spelling?), Faksa, or reinhart is what they need. Even better is to get two of these guys.

  5. So in actuality it was not Wilson’s fault that the team played so poorly but rather the product that he had to work with. Carlyle is and will be in the same boat BUT now Burke is on the hot seat and will do more than just stand pat as he did prior to the trading deadline. He knows that the fans will be calling for his head (or other body part) if next season is the same as this one was, so he will go out and bring in some talent to go with the talent he does have. A high draft pick will help but it is not the whole answer. Yes, goaltending is crucial and maybe Luongo will be available and that can shore up that department and give Reimer a good mentor so that he can develop like Schneider did in Vancouver. The defense must be addressed and once that is settled I am sure the offensive power the Leafs have will put pucks in the net.
    As cliche as it might sound, wait until next year actually may have some meaning this time.

  6. I hate the Leafs.

    I mean, aside from the fact I’m NOT from Toronto and the rest of us generally have a hate for the Leafs because they ARE from Toronto, and they make our teams play our home games in accordance with their timezone because they are “the center of the hockey universe,” I just can’t stand this team. The make-up is brutal.

    Firstly, they have Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul carrying the load to lead the team up front. Is it just me, or even in spite of career years for both of these players, that they are just not “those guys.” They both seem to be pretty streaky and flaky one-dimensional players to me. The type of guy you can bring in as an addition to an established nucleus to add some scoring depth and offensive punch, but certainly not to build around.

    Secondly, their captain… is it just me, or was there not a REASON why he left Calgary the way he did, when he did, and for such an remarkably unimpressive return. Wasn’t Dion’s attitude under immense scrutiny in Calgary? Wasn’t it sort of an “addition-by-subtraction” move by Sutter to get rid of this headache and dressing room cancer? Not that it has worked out too well for the Flames since he left, but my point is, this guy isn’t exactly wearing a Steve Yzerman-esque badge of class, honor, and leadership when he puts that “C” sweater on every night.

    Thirdly, their “core”… is it just me or do the likes of Bozak, Grabovski, Kulemin, and Schenn, not stack up well next to the likes of 90% + of the rest of the leagues home-grown nuclei? Just saying, that Backes, Perron, Oshie, and Pieterangelo, or Boyle, Callahan, Dubinsky, and Staal – just to name a couple off the top of my head, outclass the Leafs group in every tangible facet.

    Finally, their prospects… Ok, so Jake Gardiner seems like the real deal and was a nice pickup by Burke, but Nazim Kadri just isn’t happening. I’m sorry Leafs fans. The guy again, when stood beside contemporaries with practically any other team, is severely outclassed.

    Brian Burke WILL be fired next season. He has one last kick at the can before the collective rage of Leafs Nation caves in his office door and sends him packing back to Connecticut or wherever it is he resides off season – the only thing is, he just doesn’t have anything to work with to put any mustard on said last kick.

    I do like Burkie, though. He is fun to watch in interviews and he has a lot of loyalty and character. But like Mr. Molson said recently of Pierre Gauthier, “…he tried to build something here, and it just didn’t work.”

  7. Captian Ahab
    You could argue that Wilson’s mismanagment of goaltending and poor choice of style/systems screwed this team up so that not even a new coach could fix.

    The wheels were already off the truck before Carlisle got there, andI put that squarely on Wilson’s shoulders. I put not fiing him 2 seasons ago squarly on Burkes.

    To me, it looks like there is a problem in the dressing room. I have no facts to back this up, but I find it hard to believe that nobody outside of Grabovsky even tries…. perhaps they all hate each other? Either way- lots of changes in order.

  8. @Chris

    I could argue every point not that I would because there is some validity in each of them and the debate would take to long.

    100% agree. Wilson has spent 4 seasons creating a system that doesn’t include defence so there is no way Carlyle is able to rip it apart and teach a new defensive system in 10 or 15 games to guys that have had run and gun on their minds since the day they arrived here. Totally unfair to rate Carlyle after one month. Give him two years then start worrying if the team is playing like they are now. It’s totally natural that a teams offence would dry up while teaching them a defensive system on top of the fact they are out of the playoffs have lost their confidence. Looking back I think Wilson should have had to finish out the year with this mess he created instead he got a bonus and was parachuted out when things got bad.