NHL Canadian Corner – May 10, 2012.

Daniel Alfredsson has yet to reach a decision on his NHL future, Mattias Ohlund should be in Canucks Ring of Honour, and former Habs great Larry Robinson is interested in returning to the Canadiens.


No decision yet regarding Alfredsson's future.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson, who is currently playing for Sweden in the World Hockey Championships, still hasn’t made any decision yet if he’ll return to the Senators for one more season or retire. Before departing for the Worlds, he had a good talk with Senators GM Brian Murray, who said he would wait for Alfredsson’s decision and didn’t ask for a timetable.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Former Canucks defenseman Mattias Ohlund’s career is in doubt, but Gord McIntyre believes he belongs in the Canucks Ring of Honour for his contributions to the club during his long tenure there.

LA PRESSE/MONTREAL GAZETTE: Larry Robinson’s agent has made it know his client is willing to listen if the Montreal Canadiens were interested in hiring him as an assistant coach, while the Gazette’s Dave Stubbs would like to see Robinson hired as assistant coach and former Habs head coach Guy Carbonneau return for a second tenure.


  1. Larry Robinson wouldbe an ideal confidante for an assistant coach position with Montreal. He is a legend and was was admired by fans and media alike as a player for the Canadiens. Also, what a perfect way for him to work his way up to a head coaching position in a year or two….or do.
    Montreal MUST get it right with the hiring of their next head coach. One more mistake here and they risk alienating a huge number of thir fan base. It would be a good fit if Carbonneau came back for a couple of years and then turned the team over to Robinson, who would be ready then to deal with everyone from players to fans and especially in La Belle Province, the media.

    As far as Mattius Ohlund going into the Canucks “Ring of Honour”…that’s a no-brainer. He deserves to be there as much as any other player who is already a member.

    While Alfredsson is still playing at the “World” Championships he will not make his decision public. Once he has had time for a little R & R he will let Ottawa know his decision and they will let everyone else know. My feeling is that he will return for one more year. This will be to help not only the team but to continue tutoring one teammate in particular on how to be a star and handle the pressure on and off the ice.
    Alfredsson is a class act.

  2. When I first read the Robinson article on TSN I was shocked and then giddy at the prospect of having him teach our defence. Especially with PK settling in last year, Gorges gettin better, emelin’s emergence, and the prospects coming up named Beaulieu and Tinordi. Having a guy like Robinson in the system to help these guys would be exceptional. The only thing is its typically a head coaches job to pick his asst’s. It puts pressure on Bergevin to wait for the playoffs to conclude before adding a coach, unless that coach says he would add Big Bird if he could. I understand what Robinson is saying, basically “hey! I’m still working here but I notice your doing things properly over there now and I want in! Just give me a few weeks!”. Also, IF Robinson comes over could that Put the Canadiens in the running for Parise? Curiouser and curiouser…..

  3. I doubt bringing on one assistant coach would suddenly make the Montreal Canadians a desirable destination for Parise. They still have the money and cup contender issue. Montreal is not near that status. But I’d love to see Big Bird back in Montreal, would be great for that team.

  4. @Ahab: No way Robinson becomes head coach. He cracked under that pressure when he was made the Devil’s head coach and stepped back to an Assistant coach. Montreal is legendary for a reason as being hard on their coaches so I doubt he would last or seek that position. I agree though, he would be a great addition as an assistant. But the coach has to make his call as to who is their Assistants.. I find it hard though to see any coach turning down Robinson for the defencesive side of things…unless they already have a crew they really know and want.

  5. Ohlund was so clutch and a great team player while in Vancouver. And is a shoe in for the ring of honor. If he could have played a bit longer and stayed healthy in a Canucks uni there is a good chance his number would have been raised to the rafters. I wish Bure had been a team player like Ohlund, then there would be no argument against having his number retired.

  6. Habsfan1 umm don’t me to be a jerk but didn’t Big Bird win a cup as the head coach of NJ in 2000 and got them to the finals in 2001? So how exactly is that “cracking under pressure”?

  7. @habsfoan810…notice Robinson is not the head coach anymore, anywhere after all that? That is because, as Robison himself said, he could not handle the stress. He had all the sstomach pains etc. That is why he stepped down. And as I remember it, he tooke over the Devils for the playoffs in the Cup year (so not a full season) and stepped down after the next due to stress. Maybe cracked is a little harsh, but the fact is he found head coaching being to hot of a seat and Montreal would be worse.