NHL Canadian Corner – May 11, 2012.

Should the Senators trade Milan Michalek? Is Jacques Lemaire interested in coaching the Canadiens? Should the Canucks improve their fourth line?


Should the Senators move Michalek?

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Blogger and contributing writer Graeme Nichols suggests now might be a good time for the Senators to shop Milan Michalek to land a veteran defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s an interesting suggestion, but like Ottawa Sun columnist Don Brennan’s recent suggestion the Senators should shop goalie Craig Anderson, it won’t happen.

RDS.CA: reports former Canadiens great Jacques Lemaire has no interest in returning to the Habs organization, as he’s happy in his current role as a consultant with the New Jersey Devils.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hate to say I told you so, Jack Todd….

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma on how the Canucks fourth line struggled to gel this season, and speculated as to what management might do to address this.



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  1. Based on Kessler’s recovery and the possibility of musical chairs in trying to find someone to move up and take his place until he gets back I would like to see someone like Jordan Tootoo from Nashville in a Canucks uniform. He is bigger and tougher than Ebbet and is a real battler.
    He can play anywhere from second to fourth line and does not shy away from the tough going. He knows where the net is and is defensive minded enough to be counted on.
    He doesn’t come with a huge cap hit and at around $1,250,000 or so could be palatable for the Canucks to take on.
    I have zero faith in Mason Raymond becoming anything more than he is and the Canucks need to find someone to take him off their hands.
    Kassian must have a clearly defined role and starting him on he fourth line to begin with would be perfect. Paired with Tootoo and maybe Mad Max at center would make a formidable trio. If Tootoo, Volpati and La Mad Max were let loose as a line they too could do some real damage and be accountable defensively and physically as well if anyone was taking too many liberties with the Sedins.