NHL Canadian Corner – May 13, 2012.

More speculation on Daniel Alfredsson’s future, a look at the Canucks salary cap numbers, Oilers president Kevin Lowe singles out a top prospect for praise, and a glimmer of hope for Quebec City’s hopes for an NHL team.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson must consider several factors while making his decision on return for one more season or retirement.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jim Jamieson recently examined the Canucks salary cap numbers for next season, what they need to address, and possible moves to free up cap space.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers president Kevin Lowe recently singed out prospect defenseman Ryan Murray for praise. Omigawd, that means the Oilers will draft him! Or not…;)

LE JOURNAL DE QUEBEC: Winnipeg mayor Sam Katz, city councilor and former Jets star Thomas Steen. and Jim Ludlow (president of True North Sports and Entertainment) offer up encouragement to the city of Quebec in its quest to land an NHL franchise.



  1. If in fact the Canucks move Luongo that will free up quite a bit of cap space even without the expected increase. There are a number of teams that will be looking to move/trade some pieces of their puzzles because they didn’t do as well as expected in the playoffs (can you say San Jose, and don’t forget the Canucks themselves) and that should make not only draft day but the entire off season more interesting than quite a few of the so called experts think.
    The Canucks have a glut of defensemen including at least one in the American League that deserves a real NHL look. This could lead to some low qualifying offers. Salo, while as steady as a rock and with a great shot is getting on in years and with his injury history may have played his last game in Vancouver. Gragnani looked like he would be worth a training camp and full season evaluation. He handled the puck with calmness and didn’t turn it over as much as a number of more experienced players did.
    If Mad Max can move up to fill in for Kessler that would be a huge bonus but if not they will need to go outside the organization via the trade route to get a second line centre. If in fact Max can fill Kessler’s boots then who will take his place on the third line?
    It’s all speculation at this point but pretty soon the Canucks are going to make some moves and it should become pretty interesting for their fans.

    I think that Alfredsson will be back for his final season with the Senators and rightly so. It is only fitting that the entire NHL get to officially say their farewells to this class act, especially those in Ottawa.

    Quebec City will be getting a new version of Les Nordiques in the not too distant future. Those wild fans from La Belle Province would fill a new arena to capacity, unlike a number of more southern venues, and soon the old rivalry between the Habs and the Nords would be rekindled. It might not be the Hunters vs anyone in a Habs jersey but it would be intense. I for one look forward to it.

    Lowe must think he has died and gone to heaven with all the upcoming talent he has. Hopefully this is the last year that he is in the running for a number one draft pick and the loyal Oilers fans get to see some live playoff games.
    I don’t think that Edmonton is too far out of a top eight finish with all their talent and the parity of the league.

  2. how about this….
    CBJ 2nd over all
    Kris russell
    Boone Jenner
    Edm 1st overall
    Sam Gagner
    (If that werent enough i would cautiosly put up the names of Curtis Hamilton or Tyler Pitlick to make it happen)….then draft Ryan Murray…what do you think?

  3. Hey Lyle, wanted your thoughts on something that crossed my mind today about the Flames. With the chemistry that Bartschi had with Blues prospect Ty Rattie this year in Portland of the WHL, would you try to go after Rattie at all? I was thinking that if the Flames aren’t in the playoff picture near the deadline next year, would it be too much/too little to offer Glencross for Rattie? Sidenote: I’m really happy with the WHL finals in respect to the Flames…Bartschi had a great playoff and so did Laurent Brossoit of the Oil Kings. I know this doesn’t mean it will translate to the same success in the NHL but maybe our cupboards aren’t as empty as alot of people suggest.

  4. Boother: While the Flames might be tempted, I don’t believe the Blues would be interested. Stranger things have happened, but I’ve heard nothing from either club regarding Rattie’s future.