NHL Canadian Corner – May 3, 2014

Canadiens and Bruins condemn racist tweets aimed at P.K. Subban, Canucks ask to speak with Kings executive, and a disappointing conclusion to Ryan Jones’ career with the Oilers. 

P.K. Subban was the unfortunate target of some racist tweets.

P.K. Subban was the target of some racist tweets.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Boston Bruins organization and players joined the Montreal Canadiens in condemning racist tweets aimed at Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban after he scored the double-overtime winner in Game One of their divisional final.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve read comments tarring all Bruins fans and the city of Boston for being racist, pointing out how Capitals forward Joel Ward was also the target of racist taunts from some Bruins fans two years ago, as well as the city’s previous racial tensions. I believe it’s wrong to tar the majority of Bruins fans or the city of Boston as racist simply because of the actions of a few assholes.

It’s also unfair to slam the Bruins organization. The Bruins have never encouraged or promoted racism or bigotry. The first black player in NHL history was a Bruin. Jarome Iginla plays for the Bruins and was wholeheartedly welcomed by their fans. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis took note of a recent report of the Vancouver Canucks seeking permission to speak with LA Kings executive Mike Futa.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: What’s this? The Canucks actually asking permission to speak with an executive from another team? But a Vancouver Province hockey pundit earlier this week all but accused president of hockey ops Trevor Linden of dragging his feet in finding a new general manager. Gee, maybe Linden’s actually been busier than his critics believe. What a concept, a team president who doesn’t provide the media with daily updates as to his plans to hire a new general manager. Next thing you know, he’ll take the same approach hiring a new coach!

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Bruce McCurdy reflects on Ryan Jones’ four-plus seasons with the Oilers.


  1. You are wrong on this one Lyle. The Bruins as an organization has never stepped in to try to calm the tensions between the 2 organizations. What did they do to Andrew Ference when he flipped the bird to the Montreal crowd? What did they do when Lucic called Emelin yellow? What did they do when Recchi questioned Pacioretty faking his injury? What did they do when Julien says he feels hatred towards the Habs during a press conference? Nothing… Which other organization accepts this kind of behaviour? They have fostered animosity and a lack of respect and this is just the outcome of this. The organization leads and the fans follow. While it may not be fair to tar the city of Boston or all Boston fans, neither is it fair to absolve the Bruins organization for their role in this.

    • That has absolutely nothing to do with racism. Furthermore, the Canadiens and their fans have given as good as they’ve gotten when it comes to trash-talking the Bruins and their fans. That’s a part of the rivalry. There’s a big difference between that and spewing racist epithets at a players.

      • actually, it is not the first time I have commented… but anyways…

        I don’t remember any Habs players flipping off the Boston crowd, nor do I remember a member of the Montreal organization going on about how they have hatred towards the Bruins. I am not saying that the Bruin’s organization is or harbor’s racists. Just that their attitude/behaviour encourages the worst elements of their fanbase. Now they get up on their soapbox and say “hoocouldanode”? BS… they had their part in encouraging the meatheads’ behaviour.

        • I refer you to Subban’s remarks on the situation. Perhaps you’ll learn something from them.

          • That’s the difference between playing for an organization that displays class and one that doesn’t… I eagerly await your next apologia when the Boston fans say something stupid or throw water bottles or something…

          • The only thing you’ll get from me is my pity.

  2. don’t like contradicting viewpoints, huh?

    • I have no problem with contradicting viewpoints. Tone, however, is another matter. As this is the first time you’ve contributed a comment to this site, it takes time before it is screened and approved. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  3. I don’t know how much you no about boston lyle there is a long root of racism in boston please do some homework regarding the history. growing up as a minority in boston is not easy!

    • Looks like you barely read my comments or you would’ve seen that I acknowledged that. Before you chide someone about doing their homework, get your own facts straight first.

      • no I read your article you only brought up the joel ward incident try looking further back it is a racist community so quit trying to stick up for them cause you must not be a minority and really know what it is like in boston! so again do your homework!

  4. you shouldn’t even be talking about it if you have never been the brunt of racial slurs

    • So, I should never have an opinion about racial slurs if I’ve never felt the brunt of them? What kind of attitude is that? So I shouldn’t say how much I despise racism, that it is wrong to judge people by the color of their skin? Yes, Boston has a racist past. So does nearly every city in North America and around the world. That doesn’t mean we should perpetuate hate because of the past. Nor should we condemn the entire population of a city because of the racist actions of a demented few. One need only read and hear the overwhelming condemnation emerging from Boston regarding those tweets aimed at Subban to understand that. Who are you to impose, on the basis of racism, censorship upon my opinion on my own website? Who are you to declare that you, and only you, can pass such judgement?

      • Preach it, brother! Well said!

  5. Lyle, you have always hosted a website; inviting all who care to comment, an environment where their beliefs, no matter what, are welcome to be shared. I think you have touched effectively and succinctly, to the racism that exists in some circles of pro sports and have stated; with candor, that you have no tolerance for racist comments or beliefs as it applies to others; sports related or humanitarian related either.

    Personally, Lyle, this is my favorite sports comment website as Hockey rules and your website rules; so please kind Sir, never allow the opinions of others who appear to contravene modern convention, to influence how you host and mange your own website and good for you to post your detest of racism.

  6. Bottom line: racist a-holes destroyed what was a great sporting event by making it about subban’s skin color and not his remarkable performance. Subban took the high road. No one likes what happened. It’s over. Good for Subban for being a class act. Personally, that debacle sickened me and I don’t even want to see a Bruins jersey again. Just my opinion. But that’s how it made me feel.

    Real story is how the Habs have to react in the third when the refs put the whistles away and the bruins go back to interference city to get the upper hand. Have to react better to keep the lead. We should be up 2-0