NHL Canadian Corner – May 5, 2012.

Marc Crawford may be among candidates for Canadiens head coach job, Olli Jokinen undergoes abdominal surgery, Maple Leafs could use a character like Ilya Brygalov in HBO series, Canucks Zach Kassian faces big expecations, and the Senators re-sign center Peter Regin.

LA PRESSE: Richard Labbe reports former NHL coach and TSN analyst Marc Crawford is on the list of potential candidates for the role of head coach for the Montreal Canadiens. With all due respect to Crawford, he hasn’t had the same level of success with teams in the post-lockout era as he did before it, plus he comes with the lingering legal baggage of the Bertuzzi-Moore incident. In my opinion, not the best choice for the Habs.

Jokinen underwent abdominal surgery.

CALGARY SUN: Flames center Olli Jokinen underwent surgery to repair a torn abdominal muscle. It was believed Jokinen was nursing an injury, but there were claims it wasn’t that serious. A tear in an abdominal muscle can certainly affect a player’s performance, and explains the drop-off in Jokinen’s performance in the final weeks of the season.

TORONTO STAR: Cathal Kelly suggests (tongue-in-cheek) the Maple Leafs could use an off-the-wall personality (akin to Philadelphia’s Ilya Bryzgalov) when they’re filmed for next season’s “HBO 24/7″ series. Why bother? GM Brian Burke’s dominant personality overshadows all.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks forward Zach Kassian will have to shoulder the burden of great expectations next season. If he struggles while Cody Hodgson, whom he was swapped for, shines with the Buffalo Sabres, Kassian will never hear the end of it from angry Canucks fans.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators yesterday announced the re-signing of center Peter Regin to a one-year, one-way contract. Financial terms weren’t disclosed, but it’s believed worth $800K, which would be $200K less than what he earned this season.

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  1. Crawford is just one of the people that will be interviewed but will not be hired. Montreal needs and will hire a coach that has a high success rate and without any attached baggage.

    The Maple Leafs do not need anyone other than who they already have. People’s character emerge during the filming of 24/7 and I am sure there are a couple of interesting ones other than Burke that will shine through the more mundane.

    Zach Kassian will do well for himself and the team once he has a full training camp and gets a clearly defined role to play. He is a big body that can help the team but he needs to be directed to the teams best advantage, something that Vigneault did not due after Kassian was acquired.

    The Senators will have a lot of success and confidence from this season to help build on with the team for next year. I look for them to do well next year.