NHL Canadian Corner – May 7, 2012.

Maple Leafs to lose a key part of their management team to the Canadiens, a call for the Habs to bring back a former coach, why the Canucks shouldn’t overhaul their front office, Jarome Iginla suffers a personal loss, and an update on Senators forward Peter Regin.

TORONTO SUN/TORONTO STAR: reports Maple Leafs scout Rick Dudley could be joining the Montreal Canadiens as an assistant general manager, though it’s believed the Leafs would prefer if the move takes place following the June Entry Draft, as Dudley’s currently busy helping the Leafs with their plans for said draft. Dudley, meanwhile, acknowledged he’s heard the Canadiens have contacted the Leafs about hiring him, but said there’s no contract in place.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dudley is highly regarded around the league so this would be a good hire by new Habs GM Marc Bergevin, who worked with Dudley when the pair were part of the Chicago Blackhawks front office group. Can’t say I blame the Leafs for not wishing to let Dudley go until after this year’s draft. 

Should the Canadiens hire Lemaire as head coach?

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Jack Todd stumps for the Canadiens to lure former Canadiens star and coach Jacques Lemaire out of retirement as their new head coach.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sorry, no amount of money would convince the now-retired Lemaire to return to Montreal as head coach, as the reason he stepped down as their bench boss back in 1985 was he didn’t like the pressure of coaching there. If he couldn’t handle the pressure 27 years ago, why would he want to take on that task now?  Hiring him perhaps in an advisory role would be a good idea. Otherwise, forget about trying to hire him as head coach.

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre believes it would be a mistake for Vancouver Canucks ownership to overhaul their front office. I agree, it would be silly to fire the GM and head coach responsible for building a team which won two straight President’s Trophies and marched to the Stanley Cup Final only a year ago. Such a move would have “panic” written all over it.

CALGARY HERALD: Sad news for Flames captain Jarome Iginla, whose grandmother passed away last week. Condolences to Iginla on his loss.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Recently re-signed center Peter Regin, who missed most of this season to injury, might be better off playing further down the club’s depth chart, where he’ll face less pressure.


  1. People keep mentioning an ‘out’ in Dudley’s contract. Is this an out as in Dudley can walk no matter what Burke wants or does Brian have a say.

    That being said I do think if Dudley does come to Montreal, it would be after the draft. There’s a level of professionalism that I think Bergevin would want to start out with, especially after the sh*t show of his predecessor. That is unless Bergevin and Burke come to some sort of agreement, which apparently they are talking about.

  2. There is no reason for the Canucks to get rid of both the GM and coach. I know that Gillis was in a tough position with Cody Hodgson and his crew demanding more ice time and trading him to Buffalo for Kassian in my eyes was not that bad of a move. Kassian has a large upside if he gets a clearly defined role to play and is allowed to get used to playing with regular line mates. Vigneault apparently didn’t like what he saw and never really utilized the big guy. So if the GM gives a coach a player and the coach refuses to play him, who do you think will be the loser in that tug of war?
    Vigneault has done everything he knows of to get the Canucks to win the cup but after coming within one game of a win he followed that up with an exact blueprint in the following season and that got them knocked out in just 5 games.
    He failed to learn from his team being pushed around in the playoffs when the officiating changes, and is clearly not someone who can change. To me that signifies a need for a coaching change while still maintaining the same GM.

  3. I think Dudley joining the Habs before the June draft might be seen as a potential conflict of interest due to the possible disclosure of the Maple Leafs draft plans by Dudley with the Habs giving Montreal distinct drafting advantages

  4. I don’t see why the Leafs should worry. Montreal will pick before Toronto and most likely, they will pick based on Timmins recommendation. Beside, The Habs & Leafs are targeting different type of players anyway.

    • I don’t buy your theory and I’m doubtful Burke does either. The conflict of interest risk is high and you nor I have any real solid evidence as to what either team truly sees as must have players. We may think this team should draft this type of player or that type of player but often it plays out differently

      • yes and their are other picks beyond the 1st round