NHL Canadian Corner – Monday, August 5, 2013.

Senators fans still adjusting to Daniel Alfredsson’s departure, Oilers fans wondering about Jordan Eberle’s point production next season, and Lars Eller has fully recovered from his playoff-ending injuries.

OTTAWA SUN (VIA TORONTO SUN): Bruce Garrioch reports a month after Daniel Alfredsson signed with the Detroit Red Wings, Senators fans are still adjusting to his departure.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll take some time for Senators fans to adjust to Alfredsson’s departure. Fortunately, this move has happened toward the end of his career, so the sting of seeing him in a Red Wings jersey will only last a year, maybe two.

How many points will Jordan Eberle get in 2013-14.

How many points will Jordan Eberle get in 2013-14.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples reports Oilers fans are once again gearing up for their favorite guessing game over how many points Jordan Eberle will score this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Staples expects Eberle will reach 68 points in 75 games.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens forward Lars Eller has fully recovered from his playoff-ending injuries and is looking forward to this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The big concern was how those injuries would psychologically affect Eller, and if it would hamper his performance. Eller was enjoying a breakout performance prior to his injuries. If he’s put this behind him, that’s good news heading into this season and beyond. 


  1. I think Eller should be ok. He attributed his improved play to meeting with the team psychologist regularly to improve his confidence and attitude. I don’t see why he can’t do the mental exercises again and move past a dirty hit. Plus, maybe someone will suggest to Parros to drop the gloves with plug number whoever on Ottawa that did that play ;).

    Man, the news has slowed though. I might have to switch to following my local MLB team the Tigers (40 mins away). I follow them, but not like I do the Canadiens lol.

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    • It was a HARD hit.. .not a DIRTY hit. This has been proven by TSN and Kerry Fraser in a freeze frame by frame shortly after the hit happened. Hip to hip.. body to body… and the impact of the hit by Gryba forced Eller’s head to toss back and forth and resulted in his head hitting the back of Gryba’s shoulder. The head was the 3rd contact point… not the first nor the second. There is video proof of that.

      Not to make light of the fact of the hit.. as it looked awful. But most of the damage was caused when Eller hit the ice face first.. I for one am glad to see he has fully recovered.

      That type of open ice hit happens frequently in the NHL. But if Eller would have fallen on his side — most of the injuries –(like the broken nose and some broken teeth) — would have been avoided… other than the concussion — which turned out to be a mild one as he was able to skate within a week..

      But views will differ depending on what team you support.

      So if Parros was brought in just to fight Gryba.. then so be it..

      Prust and/or Bourque will have to answer for the dirty elbows to the head of Conacher as well…

      Well at least settle the Gryba incident on the ice. Some Habs fans threatened his life… that is why so much security in game 5 around the Sens bench.

      • I agree with most of what you wrote re the Gryba hit. There was no intent to injure on his part. I do however feel that the majority of the force of that hit was to Ellers head, even if it was the third point of contact. Ellers could not land on his side because he was out before he hit the ice. In any case, the hit was way cleaner than the Character/Pacoretti hit.
        According to Dave Stubbs he has hit the gym really hard this summer and is now at 220lbs, he entered last year at 213 (listed at 201) and I think the added strength played a big part in he improved play last year so that bodes well for this year.

  2. Does anyone think Eberle has a good chance to make Team Canada?

    My early prediction on the forward lines…

    E. Staal – Crosby – Giroux
    Toews – Stamkos – St. Louis
    Duchene/Sharp – Getzlaf – Perry
    Nash – Bergeron – M. Richards