NHL Canadian Corner – Monday, July 29, 2013.

Updates on the Maple Leafs, Jets, Oilers and Canucks.

Mark Fraser and Maple Leafs far apart in contract talks.

Mark Fraser and Maple Leafs far apart in contract talks.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reported Sunday the Toronto Maple Leafs and defenseman Mark Fraser remain far apart in contract talks and could be headed for arbitration on Tuesday. The Leafs are offering Fraser $885K per season, while he’s seeking $2 million per.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Fraser camp is seeking far more than his worth. He’s never earned more than $600K per season in his 143-game NHL career, and while he’s a steady defensive blueliner, he’s not worth $2 million. Remember, NHL teams can’t walk away from arbitration awards of less than $3.5 million, so this could get interesting if Fraser gets more than the Leafs are willing to pay. Stay tuned…

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Ed Tait reviews the quiet moves made by Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff to improve his club for next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: His best moves have been avoiding arbitration by re-signing Blake Wheeler and Bryan Little (and most likely Zach Bogosian) to long-term deals. Otherwise, his other moves this summer have been cosmetic at best, unless new Jets winger Devin Setoguchi rediscovers his 30-goal touch next season

SPORTSNET.CA: Defenseman Denis Grebeshkov is not only returning to the Oilers after several years playing overseas, but also intends to train in Edmonton.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jordan Schroeder expects to recover from shoulder surgery in time for training camp.


  1. Fraser 1.25 oneway deal and it dosent see arbitration…Tho I almost hope it does I read in the CBA that the arbitrator is supposed to ignore +/- as a stat if thats the case its a hard sell for Fraser to explain why he is worth 2 mill per. lol Maybe he takes in an x-ray of his skull?

  2. I will laugh my ass off if a judge gives Fraser $2M. As I said earlier, I figured he would get $1.6M to $1.8M

    Nonis got himself in a pickle thinking he would get all these RFA’s cheap.

  3. I find it hard to believe Fraser is going to get anything north of 1 million. Maybe 1.1if he’s lucky. He is a defensive defensemen that is a bottom pairing guy.

  4. Funny how people think Kessel is worth $7.5M per season more then Fraser. Totally different players obviously but in a cap world every player at every position needs to be compared and considered. He Fights anyone stands up for every teammate blocks tons of shots clears the net but somehow he’s a bum and only worth one tenth of what Kessel is worth who does none of the things mentioned above. I guess if this was Europe I could see the logic but this is the NHL. Suddenly a regular pairing 15 min per game tough as nails D man is worth no more then Orr who plays 3 min per game, runs around taking bad penalties leaving the Leafs short handed for no good reason.

    Give your heads a shake.

    • More wisdom from the old hockey sage….LOL a bottom pairing D Man should be paid similar to one of the top ten scorers in the league the past 5 years…no Kessel does not fight, Does Fraser score? Pretty sure there are more then a few guys around capable of playing the role of 6 th D man. No one called him a bum, most like him but find it ridiculous that he wants 2 mill a year accept you apparently. Yep you would be great for the cap we would be playing with a roster of twelve and 2 would be on IR.

      • Agreed with Shticky … Fraser, is a replaceable type of player … Kessel is not. You just don’t want to admit that Kessel is valueable and if you think he doesn’t play his own end at all, please go back and watch TOR vs BOS series.

        You win hockey games by putting the puck in the net and not many can do that better than Kessel and he is surrounded by a team who THEIR job is to bang, play the front of the net among other things. I think its you who needs to give your head a shake.

      • Never said Kessel didn’t have value. Again you miss the point (like the last 20 times). My point was do you really think Kessel is worth $7.5M more then Fraser, strictly from a cash stand point in a tight cap season and do you really think Fraser is worth the same as Orr. You guys miss the point every time and focus on one small part then go off on a tangent. It’s a waste of my time trying to school you.

      • Once again you have no clue my friend. If it were up to you Gunnar, Franson, Fraser Grabo, Lupul, and Kuli would all be gone and replaced by AHL guys who have never played a NHL game. This way you could give Phaneuf and Kessel each $9M per year for the next 7 years. Your cap comment makes me laugh after all your cap blunders and the fact you can’t add two players salaries together to see what it will come to. lol

        • You know what is funny…how you make stuff up about people when they people point out your outrageous lack of knowledge and it sight, now thats funny.

  5. Not sure what BG is trying to say. Is Kessel worth the money ? I don’t think so but he has proven he is worth a lot. Is he worth that much more then Fraser ? Looks like the NHL sees it that way as those who score get more then those who don’t.
    I say he gets 1.3 . Not sure what’s left for Kadri but Nonis needs to do his job to get under the cap.

    • Because its jibberish, nonsense to most of us but if you listen very closely and think outside the box like him and backchecking then maybe, just maybe he can “school”you in the ways of the old hockey sage…..

  6. Right now we have the 9th most space available in the league, we are ranked 21st out of 30 in terms of highest payroll, I somehow doubt the sky is as close to falling as some would like to believe. No one really knows if Nonis is just waiting out his Arbitration meeting with deals on the table or is waiting it out to see what other teams are going to do but a few things seem pretty clear in the grand scheme of things Kadri will be resigned Fraser as well, we may have to move a few minor pieces if things stay the same (Franson Liles or Kuli maybe a combination) but this team on paper anyway seems better then what we started with last year.
    Kostka Holzer Grabo(bad contract even if you did like him) Komisarek Scrivens MacCarthur. If and when we get rid of some one no matter who they are should be a pretty fun team to watch regardless. I some how think Nonis will get rid of Liles but if he cant Franson as a trade piece will only add to the already pretty decent looking team (again on paper) Nonis is starting to put together.

  7. Nobody will pick up Liles’s contract.
    He’s not going anywhere, purely wishful thinking for Leafs Nation members.