NHL Canadian Corner – Monday, March 4, 2013.

Recaps of Sunday’s games involving Canadian NHL teams, plus the latest on the Maple Leafs and Jets.

MONTREAL GAZETTE/BOSTON GLOBE: The Montreal Canadiens took advantage of a misconduct penalty to Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara, as David Desharnais and Max Pacioretty scored to give the Habs a 4-3 win over the Bruins. Chara was assessed 17 minutes in penalties for attacking Canadiens defenseman Alexei Emelin after he broke his stick cross-checking Tyler Seguin. The win gives the Canadiens sole possession of first overall in the Eastern Conference.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An understandable reaction by Chara, but it wound up costing his team.

Jarome Iginla (L) celebrates his game-winning goal over the Canucks.

Jarome Iginla (L) celebrates his game-winning goal over the Canucks.

CALGARY HERALD/VANCOUVER SUN: A bench penalty assessed to Vancouver Canucks coach Alain Vigneault allow Jarome Iginla to score the winning goal as the Calgary Flames downed the Canucks 4-2.

STARTRIBUNE.COM/EDMONTON JOURNAL: Third period goals by Mikko Koivu, Charlie Coyle and Dany Heatley lifted the Minnesota Wild to a 4-2 win over the slumping Edmonton Oilers, who were outshot in the second period 18-0.

NEWSDAY/OTTAWA CITIZEN: John Tavares scored the highlight reel winner as the New York Islanders nipped the Ottawa Senators 3-2 in a shootout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tavares goal was the only real excitement in a game which I felt was a total bore. No offense to fans of either club, but this game was a yawn.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leaf Mark Fraser is looking forward to facing his former team, the New Jersey Devils, when the two clubs square off tonight.

WINNIPEG SUN: Will the Winnipeg Jets finally find a road to redemption?


  1. Hi Lyle,

    I am a Habs fan and I certianly understand that there is a need to stand up for your team mates. The cross check by Alexi was a penality for sure and how the Ref’s missed it is beyond me. Chara’s reaction to the cross check I get but to skake across the ice and try to pummel a guy who cannot fight becasue of the plates in his face and lose control like that is unacceptable. This guy keeps getting away with his out of control temper and one of these days he is going to hurt a player. 2nd why was there no penalty on that rat Marchand when he stuck the blade of his stick into Prusts face or the slapping of Bouillon by tyler near the end of the game 3-4 times, seems to me the Bruins get away with a lot and for Julien to say the habs are an fakers is a little much froma group of cro-magnum clowns!
    That was just my rant, thanks!

    2 Questions for you:
    1: do you think the habs might just try to trade for Ryan Clowe, i think he would fit into the habs nicely, size and grit and what would the cost likely be?
    2: I wonder if the habs might just look into trying to get Shane O’brien, Weber and prospect or draft pick should do it, thoughts?
    These two guys would help out the habs alot.

    Thanks againand keep up the great work, love reading your work :-)
    Have a great day B-)

    • @mike g i’m not a Habs fan but i have way more respect for them than the thugs wearing Boston uniforms these days. Chara got nowhere near the punishment he deserved for his attack on Emelin, it’s right up there with his sucker punch on Jay Harrison of the Hurricanes a couple of years ago. that he feels the need to attack players much smaller than himself is bad enough but that he feels the need to hit from behind or to punch players who aren’t expecting it shows his true character.. i agree that he will hurt someone badly one day and the league will have to accept responsibility for letting his antics go on as long as they did. it bears repeating that his hit from behind on Paciorretty should’ve gotten him a massive suspension as anyone who’s ever played the game of hockey knows exactly where that metal pole is. that he’s never been suspended is probably due in no small part to Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs power in the league office.

  2. Chara is indeed scary when he fights but I question whether or not he is out of control or just so unstoppable as to be terrifying. Having said that, I agree that a real man, even in a gladiatorial pursuit, would exercise more decorum. Emelin must have been quite afraid for his health when he realized who had grabbed him but Emelin also has to pick and choose his times for aggressive hitting (and going over the line) if he wants to avoid fights with punishing opponents. On the other side of the coin, it was his bad hit that resulted in Chara being in the box long enough for the Canadiens to tie and then win the game.

  3. “SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tavares goal was the only real excitement in a game which I felt was a total bore. No offense to fans of either club, but this game was a yawn.”

    In answer to the above Lyle, yes it was a yawner as have been many of the games the Senator’s have been playing lately. It’s what happens when a teams most skilled players are not in the lineup. Their replacements are never of the same calibre or as entertaining to watch. This once again demonstrates why the NHL isn’t able to play hockey with replacement players during a lock-out or strike.
    The bigger question I have right now is why have there seemingly been so many top players get injured this season? Some of it may be the lack of proper training camps or the condensed schedule this season however I blame at least some of it on the league not doing enough to protect their star players from taking cheap shots from scrubs and weasel’s. Last night’s hit by Patrick Kaleta was a perfect example of what’s wrong with the game right now. As for Chara’s reaction to the Emelin cross check last night along the out of character behaviour of Alfredsson on Saturday against Rinaldo (who had hit Chris Philip’s when he was in a vulnerable position) may suggest that players are starting to not have faith in the on-ice or off-ice officiating. Chara’s actions last night may have cost them the game but the bigger question is why do players like that feel its the only way to settle accounts? When cheap shot artists like Rinaldo, Kaleta, Cooke, Torres etc. are given free reign to target and take out skilled players without the fear of league discipline, or at the least retaliation, there’s a problem.

  4. the time has come for some accountability from the refs, they seem to think that taking their name off the jersey and simply replacing it with a number has bought them some anonymity, i can assure you it hasn’t. the bench minor on Vigneault last night was simply the latest bad call that cost a goal, if AV’s behavior deserved a penalty then Chicago and the Rangers should be playing a man down for the entire game because of the antics of their respective coaches. perhaps if the referees had to face hard questions about calls they made or missed then maybe they’d think twice about making a frivolous call that could determine a game. there needs to be a bigger pool of referees so that when the quality suffers they can be sent down to a lower league to work on their “game” just like the players. it’s been suggested that there’s a vendetta against Vancouver for accusations that cost Stepane Auger his job, i don’t know about that but that there’s even a rumor of that should make the NHL sit up and take notice. the most important thing that referees have is their integrity and an air of impartiality any suspicion that either of those is lacking undermines not only their credibility but that of the league.