NHL Canadian Corner – November 14, 2013.

Leafs lose to Wild and could lose Nazem Kadri to suspension, Oilers suffer third straight shutout at home, the latest on Mike Cammalleri and David Booth, reviewing the Jets at the season’s quarter-mark, plus updates on the Senators attendance and the Canadiens finances.

Leafs center Nazem Kadri could face suspension for running Niklas Backstrom.

Leafs center Nazem Kadri could face suspension for running Niklas Backstrom.

TORONTO STAR: Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri knocked Minnesota Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom out of the game and was ejected for a head shot on Mikael Granlund. His actions didn’t help the Leafs, who fell 2-1 in a shootout. Kadri could face suspension for his antics.

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  The Oilers suffered their third straight shutout loss at home, falling 3-0 to the Dallas Stars.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The suffering continues for the Oilers and their fans. There’s no sign this club will turn the corner on this season.

CALGARY SUN: Flames forward Mike Cammalleri has carried the offensive load for his club, but he needs help from his teammates.

VANCOUVER SUN: Canucks winger David Booth, recently sent to their minor league team on a conditioning stint, believes he can still play a role with the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The only reason Booth’s still a Canuck is his contract, which runs to the end of 2014-15 at a cap hit of $4.25 million.  I doubt they could move him even if they agreed to pick up half his remaining salary.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe grades the Jets performance at the season’s quarter mark. Looks like they get an overall grade of C-plus.

OTTAWA SUN: An absence of ticket specials and an increase in afternoon games are the explanation for the Senators decline in attendance so far this season, though the club’s president claims team revenue is up.

LA PRESSE: The Montreal Canadiens finances for 2010 have been revealed, showing the club that year made a profit of $65 million on revenue of $300 million.


  1. What is your opinion on Kadri’s hit on Backstrom Lyle?

  2. The Backstrom hit was a little dirty, but there was nothing wrong with the Granlund hit, how many times do you think that kid has been told to keep his head up since minor hockey? At any rate its looking like McClement and Smithson are going to be the only center ice man they have for the next few games. Good thing they are deep at center…..oh wait a second.

    • Agree shticky !!!

      Backstrom hit was questionable but the second hit was all right IMO

      Senators …REVENUE ummm oh ???
      How about the fact that the Sens are a newer team in the NHl and the fan base is mostly comprised of undevoted fans that jumped ship from being a TRUE fan for some other team …LMAO like the Habs or Leafs to name a few ???
      UMmmm could that be a reason ????

      Just sayin.

      Enough of the Oilers…. the well is dry !!!

      Trade RNH he is your best trade value right now …will be injury prone for his size as a 1st line Center at around 175 pounds ….if that !!

      • Well once again BC You contradict.yourself as to why the Oilers should trade their best asset (RNH) and then proceed to point out his deficiencies. RNH will eventually fill out and be a very good centerman. Besides that a team that is at the bottom of the league has little bargaining leverage. Yak isprobably the player they would move if they decide to go route though.

      • I take exception to that comment. I’ve been a Senators fan for 20 years … 20 dedicated years while living in the GTA. Hockey fans that are so self righteous like you thinking that because their team has been around the longest makes them the only ones that have fans drive me crazy. The Senators have been in the league for over 20 years now and are hardly NEW … plus they are wrongly IMO struck from the original teams as they were around in the 20’s … as a matter of fact the Ottawa Senators was the first team to win the Stanley Cup under the NHL flagship.

  3. N nis

  4. Sorry about that. I think that the ref. That kick Kadri out for that hit should be kicked out without pay for the rest of the year. He should look to get into something other than hockey because it’s to fast pace for him.

  5. Agree with Back checking but no reason to be disrespectful about it. Half the Leaf fans would love to support a new team. IMO, the Senators would have had a much and I sauy again, a MUCH greater fan base and game attendence, if they would have placed the arena in downtown Ottawa or closer than its current location. The arena is in the middle of nowhere and 30 minutes drive 50minutes on game nights from downtown. That cuts the areana’a reach radius to 1/3 of the potential fanbase.

    I know many ppl from the Gatineau side and Ottawa’s east side who would love to go see games and who are major Sens fans but, will they drive 1h15-1h20 minutes to goo see a team play and to return home at 11:30-midnight, when you work the next day? I doubt it. And.. if you do, you don’t have kids and good for you. This also reduces family participation/attendence because I wouldn’t bring my kids to be back home at midnight.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

    As for Yak.. I would trade Anderson (even if I very much appreciate him as a Sens), DaCosta (useless) and Conacher (to make room for a roster spot) for Yakupov. He would fit well with Spez. In tyhe end, Lehner (who is a much better goalie than Emery with a much better future – in response to K. Chante’s tweets) could take over the Sens No, 1 spot.

    I still beleive we got the low end of the deal when we traded Bishop for Conacher. Not that I don’t like Conacher… I very much enjoy his work ethics and hard nosed play.

    MY 2 CENTS

    • I lived in Kanata, NEVER took 30 mins from downtown…rush hour but thats it. If arena was downtown, the people living in kanata and ottawa south area would have just as long a drive. works both ways.

  6. Well I meant 4 no I disrespect BC the I was only trying to point out how does it help to trade a teams best assets. I thought the goal is to improve your hockey club ? Trading RNH now would really decimate the oilers at the center position. As for for for your trade proposal SensNation. I would respectively decline see your own evaluation s of the the players you would send the oilers way.

  7. Sorry folks I’m the having trouble with the keyboard and things aren’t being posted like I would like to come across.

  8. Hey if people can get away with dirty goalie hits on reimer (not saying the wild are that team) then kadri does something stupid but finally someone does something about it. What about the gionta hit which caused the leafs top goalie to lose time due to concussion, drove right through the crease and knocked his block off.

    Do i think kadri deserves something on the Backstrom hit, yes it was dumb and he looked stupid falling. The Granlund hit he attempted to shrink himself to hit shoulder to shoulder but Granlund was bent over with his head down and he didnt step into only used his momentum.

  9. Both were dirty hits and should be suspended.

    Hitting the goalie with the follow through was cheap, and he put his elbow right into the face of Granlund

  10. I think what we are seeing here with the questionable / dirty hits in the game right now is part of the problem that exists in a lot of sports today. The win at all cost mentality has crept into this game again almost as blatant as the big bad/bully days. After all what are the consequences? We are in it to win. So what if someone gets suspended or fined, as long as our competitors star players are out and their team suffers/ stumbles. I’m not an advocate of this I’m just saying.

  11. It appears to be open season on goalies this year. The Kadri elbow to Backstrom’s head was just a little too flagrant to let go.

  12. I didn’t watch the granlund hit so I won’t comment. But the Kadri hit on Backstrom was illegal, was a head shot, and under the new rules, was suspendable. The goalie is not legal to be checked there, he drives his elbow into his head, and got a game misconduct for it. Pretty clear cut. As for the # of games, he got 3. Based on what has been handed down this year for similar infractions that is consistent and fair.