NHL Canadian Corner – November 25, 2013.

Senators fall to the Hurricanes, Canadiens see improvement after lineup changes, and the latest on James Reimer, Ryan Kesler, Sean Monahan, Ryan Smyth and Jacob Trouba.

Jason Spezza scores the Senators only goal in their 4-1 loss to the Hurricanes.

Jason Spezza scores the Senators only goal in their 4-1 loss to the Hurricanes.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators fell 4-1 to the Carolina Hurricanes, with Jason Spezza scoring the Sens only goal. Cam Ward made 36 saves and Eric Staal had a three-point game for the Hurricanes.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Recent lineup changes have sparked the Canadiens to a three-game winning streak, including back-to-back victories over Washington and Pittsburgh.

TORONTO STAR: James Reimer has a league-leading save percentage of .947.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not only is Reimer bolstering his worth with the Leafs, he’s also improving his trade value. If the Leafs decide to shop him later this season he could fetch a nice return. For now, it appears the Leafs are content to keep their tandem of Reimer and Jonathan Bernier intact. Considering the Leafs are among the league leaders in shots-against this season, that’s a wise decision.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: With the Canucks getting only one win in their last seven games, Ryan Kesler isn’t pleased with his club’s performance.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After a promising start to this season the Canucks have really tailed off of late. In several of those losses they’ve outplayed their opponents but they lack the scoring punch to put them away. Unless management can find some help soon, they’ll have to hope Alex Burrows and Jannik Hansen can regain their scoring form.

CALGARY HERALD: 19-year-old Flames rookie Sean Monahan continues to impress his older teammates.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Ryan Smyth has become a positive factor for the Oilers in recent games.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba is expected to return to the lineup soon. He’s been sidelined since October 18 with a neck injury.


  1. Nonis will have to move Reimer if he knows what’s good for him. Reimer is a pending RFA and has the “all important” arbitration rights so it means Nonis will have to anti up big time this summer if James keeps up this league leading save percentage. A judge will award him North of $5M if he stays the course this year which the Leafs cannot afford. Bernier reminds me of Belfor, he is sound positionally, doesn’t get flustered, doesn’t give up rebounds and the list goes on, he is the real deal. I love Reimer but he has to be moved before the deadline because they won’t be able to afford him going forward.

    • Would love to see these guys going forward, but your right. Leafs can’t afford both. I don’t see them dealing Reimer until the summer though. RFA so his value won’t go down. Would be wise to have them both for the playoffs in case one or the other falters.

      • Unless they don’t trade him before he goes to arbitration and gets a big raise. Leafs will have to walk away if he gets North of $5M because no team will trade for him. Similar to when MacArthur got his big raise at arbitration.

        • No sorry your wrong. Look at how much Reimer is earning now and look at what Bernier is making. Reimer will get a similar contract to Bernier. Once those short bridge contract expire then the team will decide who to keep because at that point, one hopes, both will demand a starter’s role and a big contract. If only one proves to be that then the decision is made for you. Any talk of moving a good young goalie at this point in his career from a club like the Leafs is really dumb unless a piece comes back that you need and I doubt either would fetch that at this point.

          • Ron I normally agree with you but you are forgetting one major issue. Bernier did not have arbitration rights and therefore had no power just as Kadri and Franson found themselves. When a player has the option of arbitration rights sure he takes a risk he may get less but if Remier keeps going at this pace the judge will have to look at comparable stats and what those goalies are making and since he will likely only award a one year contract it usually ends up in favour of the player. That could be a one year award north of $5M. MacArther is a good example. IF Remier opts for arbitration and goes into it leading the league in save percentage he will for sure get north of $5M on a one year deal. Leafs won’t be able to pay it and will have to walk away or trade him. Another team will have to pay the award on a trade or they can wait for the Leafs to walk and negotiate a new deal like the Leafs did with MacArther.

  2. Brad Marchand needs a change of Scenery….would love him on the Leafs. Too bad Boston is pretty much set in goal. Clarkson and Bolland are agitators, Marchand would add to that. Boston is a team full of them and it makes a team very hard to play against.

    • That would be sweet. Bozak for Marchand. I wish!!

  3. Good on Reimer. The way the Leafs have been playing, they could use both goalies at once. This bubble can’t last – Toronto needs to get better in their own end, and fast. The December schedule is brutal.

  4. This may be a little out of context but, I would support a Sens trade that would ship Anderson, Da Costa and one 7th or 8th D-man for Yakupov and something else (just not sure what exactly but someone else could make the suggestion….

    We would need an NHL ready back-up to Lenher.