NHL Canadian Corner – November 26, 2013

Jets down the Devils, Leafs blown out by Blue Jackets, Canucks fall to the Kings, Oilers thumped by the Blackhawks, analysis of the Senators woes, the latest on Max Pacioretty and Joe Colborne, plus the NHL announces a 12-year broadcasting deal with Sportsnet and CBC.

Mark Scheifele (55) celebrates his goal against the Devils.

Mark Scheifele (55) celebrates his goal against the Devils.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mark Scheifele and Evander Kane snapped their recent scoring droughts as the Winnipeg Jets ended their four-game losing skid with a 3-1 win over the New Jersey Devils.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: The Toronto Maple Leafs scoring woes continued  as they were humiliated 6-0 by the Columbus Blue Jackets. The only high point for the Leafs was Dion Phaneuf leveling Artem Anisimov with a clean hit  for which he inexplicably received a penalty.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The game was out of reach at the time of the hit, but Phaneuf still shouldn’t have been penalized for that hit, which knocked Anisimov out of the game with an apparent shoulder injury. It was a clean shoulder-to-shoulder hit.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks suffered another loss, this time falling 3-2 to the Los Angeles Kings on an overtime goal by Anze Kopitar.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Four goals on fourteen shots saw Oilers goaltender Devan Dubnyk pulled in favor of Ilya Bryzgalov, but it wasn’t enough to prevent the Oilers falling 5-1 to the Chicago Blackhawks. It was Byrzgalov’s first action with the Oilers this season, giving up one goal on 12 shots.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps it’s time for Bryzgalov to get his first start with the Oilers. 

OTTAWA SUN/OTTAWA CITIZEN: Bruce Garrioch and Wayne Scanlan examine the consistently inconsistent Senators and why they’re struggling this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The biggest reason is their poor defensive play, ranking among the league leaders in shots-against this season.  They’ve been living dangerously the past couple of seasons and it’s catching up to them this season.

LA PRESSE: Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty was named the NHL’s second star of the week, scoring a hat trick and two game winners last week.

CALGARY SUN: Young Flames center Joe Colborne is showing signs of recent improvement.

NHL.COM: The NHL has formally announced a 12-year, $5 billion broadcasting deal with Rogers Communications for all national games in Canada. CBC will still broadcast Hockey Night in Canada for Saturday night games, but that network is now more of a sub-contractor to Rogers Sportsnet. CBC reports there will be job losses as a result, adding this wasn’t the result they were hoping for.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet will take over creative control of HNiC, with CBC only in a consultant role. HNiC will broadcast the next four Stanley Cup Finals, but after that it’ll be covered by Sportsnet. Ultimately, while CBC gets to keep HNiC, most of the coverage will be on Sportsnet over the next 12 years.


  1. LEAFS
    IF ANYONE HANGS THIS LOSS ON…. REIMER …YOUR JUST A STUPID IDIOT ….only goal he even had a CHANCE on was the last one …..Leafs as a whole looked like a Pee WEE team …..no skating AT ALL !
    JOKE ….big trade coming Gardiner and Kadri on the move !!! Shake it up !!

    AGAIN …….Get Leivo and DeVane back in the line up !! ASAP!!!

    N H L ……is now called the…… No …Hit ….League …..JOKE!!!


    Is ruining a Candian Tradition ….TSN and the CBC are everything that is Hockey in this world and do it the right way and any other coverage is just second rate …..hope it doesn’t end up like Bell phone rules !!
    They could run the risk of alienating themselves and drive new viewers away !!!
    They will eventually be cutting out the best people in the game who talk about the game.

    Watch out for the Flyers ……!!!!! Here they come …to much talent to keep this team down long term !

    • I’m hoping Lyle addresses the Rogers ‘takeover’ in his Soapbox blog sometime soon. (hint hint!)

    • I don’t think they are shutting the best people out of the game. CBC is full of blowhards save for Ron and they are still going to be in the picture. TSN has legit people, and they are still going to be there reporting and analyzing hockey news (TSN didn’t always broadcast hockey). Furthermore you have to think Sportsnet is going to need more broadcasters, right? After all, they are going to be broadcasting a boatload more games. Lets just relax and see how this plays out, it could work out well. I am still going to watch TSN for sports news, I will just be watching the events (except basketball) elsewhere!!

  2. Absolutely brutal mistake by Edler (abandoned the front the net to join Garrison in the corner … WTF?) directly led to the tying goal when Vancouver had the game in hand. the Canucks responded to a hit on Henrik by taking the body to LA and should’ve won if not for Edler’s braincramp.

  3. Looks like the leaf strategy of giving up lots of shots and hoping that their goalkeepers can work miracles is coming back to bite them.

  4. With the Rogers takeover is this finally the begining of the end of Don Cherry?

    • If that’s the case than its the end of all good things Hockey …TSN games gone..

      Don Cherry Gone …WHATS LEFT !!!

      This all sucks and any ….true Canadiana Hockey feel will all just be GONE !!!!

      I very much dislike all this corporate take over and people loosing jobs who have created the industry and ARE THE BEST in the industry ….

      Rogers and Bell just bought off the NHL and Gary Bettman …..NICE ONE GARY …
      I guess that’s how you get your lock out money back !!!

      Going to miss The panel …Gord Miller calling games Ray Ferraros great truth hurts summaries and everything about Where Hockey Lives …..

      Rogers Bell

      YOU SUCK !!!

      Monopolize everything communications now you buy the Lerafs and all the add rights to every Hockey game on TV in Canada so I can watch your commercials and hate your products even more!

      They paid $5.2 billion for 12 years and will make that back on the advertising in 4 or less years with a crap product because its a monopoly.

      The ELITE are the ELITE

      • Preach it, Brother! Move over Don Cherry, Bob Cole, Ron McLean, Bob McKenzie, Ray Ferraro, James Duthie et al, Make way for Nick Kypreos, John Shannon, John Garrett and Doug MacLean. I dropped the Sportsnet package so I wouldn’t have to listen to these bozos anymore. What’s next, Gary? Bringing back the Fox Puck?

        • They say its the end of blackouts, so realistically I should be able to watch every Canadian team play without having to get the center ice package…. so there is that. The TSN analysts aren’t going anywhere, and there will still be tons of hockey coverage and reporting from TSN, just like before they had TV rights(Gettin old! haha). Sportsnet needs to beef up the panel a bit, yes… but the end of blackouts is worth it in spades for me

          • I wouldn’t get to excited yet about the NO BLACKOUTS. Pelly and sportsnet say that all games will be made available on some channel but if you watch the interview with the creative programer and Bill daley, these blackout game will be offered for a fee. For example: Calgary games are seen regional “blacked out” currently. this guys stated for a small fee in your billing $5.00-$10.00 a month you can get those games all the time. in this new deal. I believe he called it the Rogers premium ice package or something along those lines. Don’t get to excited yet. I hope they are all free so I don’t have to watch Habs or Leaf games all the time

        • Thank heaven for the Mute button. I caught the end of Bob McCowan’s interview with Keith Pelley about the Rogers deal and “sucking up” would not do justice to him and Damien Cox. Amateur hour in the NHL is now available coast to coast 24/7. I need to find a hobby or I’m going to go nuts. Bettman and Sportsnet and the NHL – makes me want to puke.

  5. Man oh man do I love seeing the Leafs get stomped. Love it.

  6. The only play by play guy I can stand now is Joe Bowen.