NHL Canadian Corner – October 17, 2013.

Flames fall to the Ducks, Senators financial losses higher than believed, updates on the Sedins, Evander Kane, Max Pacioretty, Mason Raymond and more.

CALGARY HERALD: Early defensive breakdowns proved costly for the Flames, who dropped a 3-2 decision to the Anaheim Ducks.

Senators owner Eugene Melnyk's losses higher than originally believed.

Senators owner Eugene Melnyk’s admits clubs losses higher than believed.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Senators owner Eugene Melnyk claims he’s lost $110 million over the ten years he’s owned the franchise.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Over the summer, Hockeybuzz blogger Travis Yost had a detailed breakdown of the Senators losses during Melnyk’s ownership. It’s well worth a read.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE:  The Sedin twins approve of coach John Tortorella’s decision to split them out, agreeing it’s provided the Canucks with some spark.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s certainly worth trying. After all, the twins have proven capable of posting strong offensive numbers when one of them is sidelined by injury. Couldn’t hurt spreading that offense around the lineup.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets forward Evander Kane tweaked his right knee yesterday during practice and will be further assessed today.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane’s been the Jets best forward early in this season. Losing him for a significant period would be a serious blow.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The severity of Max Pacioretty’s leg injury remains to be determined, while defenseman David Drewiske is out five-six months due to shoulder surgery.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs appear to have a bargain in a productive Mason Raymond.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So far the Leafs have received significant value from their $1 million investment in Raymond, who’s been among the Leafs top forwards so far.

EDMONTON SUN: Despite their 1-5-1 start, the Oilers believe they’re poised to turn things around.


  1. Eugene Melnyk lost $110 million but how much did his holding company make and other businesses create in revenue. Everyone knows that a business that looses money to help write off other assets and liabilities helps create loop holes for the tax man ….his loses in one area of his holding company helps create revenue in other areas so he doesnt have to pay higher taxes ……..NHL owners are NOT loosing money ….they own multiple other businesses that are making tens of millions of dollars …..THIS IS A HOBBY for them like collecting trains or sports cards or diamonds or real estate …you buy something with the anticipation to enjoy it while you have it but it doesnt create any revenue for you as you collect it but you make ALL your money back and then some when you sell it …..ITS CALLED APPRECIATION ….

    ….how are they going to sign Raymond long term with a pending Phaneuf …Reimer …Bolland …and start paying kessel bozak and Calrkson ….I still say they have to trade Phaneuf for soem cap relief moving forward !

    • Good points.. are you are probably right..

      If this team has been doing so bad financially then it should have been one of those teams receiving revenue sharing.

      They were 6th overall in paid attendance last season. Their average ticket prices are the lowest of the Cdn teams.. because they don’t have a large corporate base to price gouge.. The Government can’t buy tickets as a ‘corporation’ using tax payer dollars.. And since the Government is the major employer.. there is more ‘regular’ fans in the stands. I would say most of their corporate seat holders are small corporations who don’t have the $$$ to spend like major corporations in the big market cities..

  2. Melnyk is using a fear mongering to try and threaten the city with potential sale and relocation of the Sen’s. ALL he wants is his Casino to get even more filthy rich then he already is. How can the Sen’s “not survive” financially as he claims while Florida, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Carolina and even Phoenix are staying afloat. I don’t see empty seats at Sen’s games…if there is, its very few.

    • He wanted a fair crack at the Casino. But the mayor, Jim Watson, wanted to save the harness racing industry.

      So adding about 20 tables to the Slots at the Raceway was his plan and he got the City Council to back him.

      Watson knew an open bidding process with OLG between the him and Melnyk… Melnyk would have won by a landslide.

      A $500 million dollar development (casino, hotel, concert venue, shopping plaza, residental units) on lands owned by Melnyk creating jobs and a great deal of tax revenue… vs 20 gaming tables at a raceway.. no tax revenue added an no jobs..

      The residents in Ottawa know what would have been more beneficial for the City as a whole.. but City Council is worried about more gambling addicts. Really, really dumb.. as Casino Lac Leamy is minutes over the bridge in Quebec. It wouldn’t make a bit of difference in creating gambling addicts.. since they already have a convenient site to go to in Quebec. But that’s Ottawa City Council… close-minded.. bad for business.