NHL Canadian Corner – Post-Deadline Edition.

Updates on the Canucks shipping Cody Hodgson to Buffalo…Leafs might impose its own, earlier, trade deadline in future…Should the Senators have tried to trade Filip Kuba?…Calling on the Canadiens to hire an experienced GM….Flames lose fourth-straight…Oilers rally to down Jets.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks GM Mike Gillis declined to say if Cody Hodgson asked to be traded, while the Canucks are hoping the return of Zach Kassian from Buffalo gives them a Lucic-type winger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Does it really matter if Hodgson wanted out or not? He was never gonna get a chance to move up and center the top two lines with Sedin and Kesler there, and the Canucks needed to bolster their depth on the wings. Kassian might turn into a “Lucic-type”, but Canucks fans shouldn’t expect too much from him too soon.

TORONTO SUN/TORONTO STAR: Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke suggested he might impose an earlier trade deadline period in the future, as he does with the Christmas trade freeze, to take the stress off his players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s easier to do that in December than in February, especially when there’s pressure to make the playoffs. Burke runs the risk in future of missing out on a deal which could significantly hurt his team if he has a self-imposed earlier deadline. Mind you, his tendency to make deals well before the league deadline has been a sort of self-imposed deadline.

Did the Senators try to move Kuba?

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan believes the Senators should have dumped Filip Kuba.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:Woulda, shoulda, coulda, didn’t. Big deal. The Senators management has done a fine job rebuilding this club, so who cares if they couldn’t get anything for Kuba, or if they were even shopping him in the first place.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Red Fisher believes the Canadiens need to hire someone with NHL management experience as their next GM, suggesting former Habs GM Serge Savard, though the latter has repeatedly said he’s reached the point in his life where he doesn’t want or need the pressure of that job.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: On the one hand, I think Fisher makes a valid point about hiring someone with management experience. On the other, I think he’s insane for suggesting Savard, or anyone who hasn’t been in management since, oh, before the turn of this century! The NHL has changed significantly in the nearly seventeen years since Savard was a general manager, and they wouldn’t be effective in the job now. Why do you think Pierre Lacroix and Bob Clarke are no longer NHL general managers? It’s because they couldn’t adjust to a salary cap world, and Savard would have the same difficulty.

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames playoff hopes took another hit with a 3-1 loss to the St. Louis Blues, stretching their winless skid to four.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Oilers potted four goals in the third period to down the Winnipeg Jets 5-3, which Jets forward Kyle Wellwood called “the worst loss of the year”.


  1. Brennan’s article on Kuba and Gonchar is a joke. He must have spent the afternoon in a tavern before he wrote it.

  2. So if Burke is considering changing the trade deadline to 10 days earlier in his own mind because there is to much pressure from the media then maybe he and Wilson can pretend to change the amount of teams allowed in the playoffs to 9 or 10 teams in their Conference when the Leafs are in one of those spots on the last day to also take the pressure off… This way in their own minds they made the playoffs and Burke doesn’t have to fire Wilson. Wilson could even tweet in his own mind he guided his team to the Stanley cup…

  3. Cody Hodgson was never going to get the chance to be a #1 or #2 center in Vancouver. He’s got loads of upside as far as offense goes and will probably be the captain in Buffalo down the road, but he is too slow to be an effective winger on the Canucks. The kid needs to play 18+ minutes a game with some sort of talent or it ends up being a waste for the team and unfair to the player. I think Mike Gillis has done the kid a huge favor and also helped his team at the same time. Kassian likes to bang, he’ll drop his gloves and says he likes to stick up for teammates, He literally looks like he is “a few fries short of a happy meal” which makes me very excited to see him play. As far as Gragnani goes, he was a plus 10 on a team full of minuses, had 12 points in 44 games but had 7 points in seven games last year in the playoffs. He’s over 6 feet tall and 200 lbs, and he’s only 24.
    Losing another finalist for the Calder trophy hurts (like Grabner last year) but the Canucks got bigger and meaner.
    Looking forward to the playoffs and also the 2012 draft where the Canucks will do another one of their blue chip prospects a favor a trade Cory Schneider to Columbus for what hopefully will be the 1st over-all pick. All hail Nail.

  4. @FireWilson..LOL..Ya really..Well I guess for the next 6 weeks, the Leafs will get to tear out our hearts like they do every spring in their annual too late to make it now push for the playoffs. The only good thing that might come out of all this is the firing of Wilson should they miss the playoffs again and that in itself would be the immediate shakeup the team desperately needs.

  5. FireWilson, what you’ve just wrote is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone here is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    – While Burke did say they are considering it, he also said right afterwards that he did not know if that was the right answer, and if it would tie his hands. So I really don’t think its going to be a big consideration. It was more so just him showing that he understands that this time of year is hard on his players.

    – Montreal needs a GM that can handle the new NHL sure, but they also need a GM that is more respectful of its players and provides a better perception to potential free agents. I would not want to sign in Montreal right now.

  6. @Joey
    Good to hear your sense of humour

    Would you happen to be female? I was just wondering because you sound like you’re on the rag… Most people with a half a brain would realize I was poking fun at Burke’s dry serious nature (as Joey realized and found funny). Maybe it’s time to take a deep breath, get off the caffine and find a new site. Then again maybe you’re just one of those radical bible thumping jokers that have to throw god and religion into every comment you to make you feel more powerful and justify your stupid comments.

  7. ” Everyone here is now dumber for having read it.” Innovator you’re spot on! FireWilson you seem to say more negative things about your team than positives like real fans do. If you hate the Leafs or management so much cheer for another team. Nothing is holding you back.

  8. Hilarious billy Madison quote

  9. Oh, and kassian is a bit kooky. Weve dealt with him a bit down here in Windsor at the bars. He loves him some fisticuffs and it doesn’t matter who it’s with. But I’m pretty sure he learned a lesson one night lol.

  10. @Donny
    Figures you would follow Innovators lead. Birds of a feather… As far as I’m concerned nothing you have ever said on this site is worthwile reading.

    Where are you? Suddenly I’m the bad guy on this site. lol

  11. Long time reader, first time poster. Normally I think fireWilson’s comments are the ramblings of an outpatient but I have to say his comment actually made me chuckle.

  12. When kassian is scoring 30-40 goals we can consider him a lucic type player.
    Until then, lets compare him to Matt Cooke.

    Guys, Burke was just trying to make a point and justiy his teams last 10 games. he’s not goin gto impose anything before the deadline. Any GM does that and they get canned immediately.

  13. Have to say, Darcy got the better deal. Kassian has/had a reputation of being a physical player, but as of late he is an underachiever in that dept. Haven’t seen him body check or stick up for a fellow teammate in awhile. Gragnani is/was the Sabres 7th D-man and McNabb and others have made him expendable. Sabres got something we really needed – a solid 2 way Centerman and maybe Kassian going to Vancouver will wake him up to play to his potential. In addition, Darcy got a #1 for Gaustad – who would have thought!

  14. @ Habsfan
    Glad to hear buddy… I’m just trying to add some colour commentary from time to time through a little bit of scarcasm. It can’t all be serious all the time especially when it concerns the Leafs. If you can’t make fun of your team, GM and coach from time to time and dream about what could be then you shouldn’t be a fan.

  15. So wait. Canucks fans are still whining about “Bruins goon hockey” 8 months later. They force Lucic to tone down a Stanley Cup celebration in his hometown. Someone just recently vandalized his family’s church because of their hatred. And now they’re all pleased as punch to pick up a “Lucic type” player who has a total of 27 games played in the league. At Kassian age, Lucic already had played 3 years, scored 34 goals with 55 assists. Last year at 22, he had a 30/30 season. Kassian, 21 years old now, will be very lucky to even dream of achieving half of what Lucic has already done.

  16. Seems all us leaf fans are in nasty moods lately.lol

  17. I heard the call from Red Fisher for Savard to come back. I have a lot of respect for Red, love his pieces, but I have to agree with Spector on this one, Red is way off. Some folks around here have been suggesting Pierre McGuire. At first I laughed…but the more I listen to him talk about ALL the player in the NHL and coming up and how he would handle individual players, I am no longer so dismissive.

    @FireWilson…that comment to Innovator was off-side. Kind of classless and certainly sexist. And before you ask, no I am not a girl…..

  18. FireWilson – that was a quote from Billy Madison that I felt went hand and hand with your comments. It’s too bad you did not get it. Your sarcastic side might have appreciated it.