NHL Canadian Corner – Saturday, June 2, 2012.

Update on the contract status of Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson, Oilers receive offers for first overall pick, and the latest on the Flames and Canadiens.


Contract talks between Karlsson and Senators have yet to begin.

OTTAWA SUN: Contract negotiations between the Senators and the agent for defenseman Erik Karlsson have yet to begin, as sources claim Senators management isn’t in any hurry for “heated talks”. It’s possible a new CBA could have an effect upon what contract Karlsson ultimately receives from the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An offer sheet is possible if he’s still unsigned by July 1st, but unlikely. If Drew Doughty and Steven Stamkos didn’t get offer sheets last summer, Karlsson probably won’t get one this summer, especially with a new CBA on the horizon.

TSN.CA: Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini admitted receiving some “soft calls” expressing interest in his first round pick (first overall), but said it would take a significant offer to convince him to part with that pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, unless someone is willing to offer up a top young defenseman the caliber of Erik Karlsson or Drew Doughty, don’t expect Tambellini to part with that pick.

CALGARY HERALD/CALGARY SUN: reports Flames GM Jay Feaster may have a new head coach in Bob Hartley, but still has plenty on his plate this off-season, which include the upcoming entry draft, the contract buyout period later this month, and negotiating with his free agents.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: RFA defenseman Raphael Diaz hopes to return with the Canadiens next season.


  1. I’d like to see the Flames re-sign Blair Jones to a contract. After the Flames traded for him he was playing with so much heart to try and help the Flames playoff push. I remember when his foot/ankle got broken, he was killing off a penalty, took the shot off his foot, couldn’t skate off but didn’t just plop onto the ice but instead kept trying to get in the way of pucks until the whistle blew. The other team scored before that happened but I was super impressed with Jones. He was also winning a lot of faceoffs in many games previous and playing a solid defensive game in a 3-4 line role. Feaster was framiliar with him from Tampa so I suspect he will try and resign him…prolly a little easier being Jones is a RFA. Interested in seeing what happens with my Flames this year and hope the go for skill in the draft again….too many years picking role players with their first round picks…we’ll see I guess…

  2. I agree he was instrumental before he was injured, and it really was a big blow to a late season revival. He’s tops on my list of guys to resign, which doesnt include many. David Moss on the other hand is suited for third line duty, but even then he was inconsistent. Let him walk. I’m curious to see if Alex Tanguay can surge playing for Bob Hartley again. If all goes well with the new coach, that makes me alot more optimistic about the four years left on Tanguays contract.

  3. Ya, Im curious to see how the top two lines look at seasons start and to see if the players on those lines can put it together with the current new addition as well as Sven B. Curious to see what Feaster does, if anything, about the center position. Another thing I wonder about is when they will give Leland Irving a real chance at being the back up. Im pretty sure Karlsson has a year left on his contract but I wish they’d let Irving start some games…not just one or two sort of thing. IMO I don’t see Feaster trading away Kipper and why would you want to but with Irving, Karlsson, Ramo and in a year or two Brossoit, the back up position seems a little obese.
    Lyle, in your opinion what would a back up like Karlsson’s trade value be? Would he be able to fetch as high as a 2nd rounder or a substantialy lower rounder and do you see the Flames trying to trade him for a pick or a player?

  4. Boother: A 28-year-old goalie with only 26 NHL games under his belt like Karlsson won’t fetch a second rounder. He might, at best, get you a third or fourth round pick.