NHL Canadian Corner – Saturday, March 16, 2013.

Recaps of the Red Wings-Oilers and Flames-Predators games, updates on Keith Ballard, Jared Tinordi, and the latest on the Senators, Jets and Maple Leafs.

DETROIT NEWS/EDMONTON JOURNAL: Pavel Datsyuk potted the overtime winner to give the Detroit Red Wings a 3-2 win over the Edmonton Oilers. The win was costly, however, as Red Wings defenseman Kyle Quincey suffered a cheek injury after being struck in the face by the puck.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could be a fractured cheekbone, which could sideline him to the end of the season or longer.

Curtis Glencross celebrates one of his 3 goals as the Flames beat the Predators 6-3

Curtis Glencross celebrates one of his 3 goals as the Flames beat the Predators 6-3

CALGARY HERALD/THE TENNESSEAN: Curtis Glencross picked up a hat trick as the Calgary Flames chased goalie Pekka Rinne from the Nashville Predators net with a 6-3 victory.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The win keeps the Flames within striking distance (four points) of a playoff berth. If they should gain ground by month’s end, it could put the kibosh on a possible trade of Jarome Iginla or other roster shakeups by the Flames.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Will defenseman Keith Ballard be in the Canucks lineup when they face the Detroit Red Wings tonight?

LA PRESSE: Jared Tinordi will make his NHL debut today when the Montreal Canadiens face the New Jersey Devils. Michael Ryder has not accompanied the Habs as he’s currently sidelined by an undisclosed lower-body injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can we now safely say Tomas Kaberle will be bought out of the remaining year of his contract this summer? Rather than putting Kaberle in the lineup, the Habs are resorting to call-ups.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators are closing upon the NHL’s single-season record for most one-goal games.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets will face a critical test when they face the Maple Leafs in Toronto tonight.  With a regulation win tonight, the Jets could move ahead of the Leafs in the standings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets have won seven of their last ten, while the Leafs have lost four straight and have slid down the standings. Should be a good game tonight on Hockey Night in Canada!

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment confirmed they’re raising Maple Leafs ticket prices next season by 2.5 percent. The average Leafs ticket price is $124.69, while the average NHL ticket price is $61.01.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You can see where the Maple Leafs current stand as per fan cost index at Team Marketing Report. The Leafs already charge the highest average ticket price (by a wide margin) in the NHL. Their fan cost index is a mind-boggling $631.15, well over the league average of $354.82. So, think you’re getting your money’s worth, Leafs fan?


  1. The GTA needs a second NHL team, nothing like a little competition to sharpen a few pencils.

    • Long over due but nothing on the horizon thanks to Betman. He’s rather loose money in most of the southern markets then put another team in Ontario near the GTA

  2. One could also say the Leaf’s are facing a critical test against the Jets tonight. After watching the Pen’s game if the Leafs play the Jets like they played the Pen’s they will come out victorious. Lupul will have a lot of rust but the first game back players usually run on pure adrenaline. It will be interesting to watch.

  3. Lyle: can we have a moratorium on Iginla trade rumours now? What is this, year three of them? Enough already.

    • Patience! Only a couple of more weeks, and they’ll be all over…for another years. 😉

  4. The real reason Hamilton couldn’t get a professional NHL team is that then Toronto would want one too!

  5. @ Beer Goggles

    Big Game tonight ……Leafs have not looked good lately and when Kadri doesnt score they loose!!
    Frattin doesnt look like the same player ……Id like to see Leafs trade Kessel and Frattin for Perry.
    If they dont Id like to see Kessel moved…..if not that then get him off the first line……
    Lupul ….Kadri …..JVR
    Kessel… Bozak… Frattin

    Finaly Carlyle gets Franson on the Power play as I had hoped for …..but Phaneuf has become useless…..they really need to move on with Dion and get what ever you can for him ……hes a liability on every turn and can not hit the net if his life depended on it…..replace him on the power play with Gardiner or Liles along with Franson for the shot!

    Id also like to see Kadri on penalty kill to see if he can get some shorties !!!…. Hes that type of player…..

    I wander if there would be any interest in Phaneuf and kulimen or ( Macrthur ) from the Oilers as they are looking for some physicality and penalty kill players…….wander if a swap for Hartkinainen or ( Hemsky) and Smid and take on Khabibulins contract would be good enough for the deal!
    Dion is also a Edmonton native and only 1 more year on his deal …they have room to play and could sign him for less …the next year or let him walk…might be worth looking into by Nonis!

    I have a bad feeling about the next 2 weeks of games ……Nonis needs to sjhake things up right now and not waite for the deadline ….as I see the leafs falling out of contetntion over the next wek if they dont make some moves now!

    • I also wish the l4eafs had picked up Souray last year as a UFA as I had stated at that time …they might have the best Power play in the league and the top 2 plus minus D man in the league! What a wasted opportunity , plus hes a big body presence who plays strong.
      All the Ducks d man are well over 6 foot something ….tey Have Matt Smaby in the minors at 6″6″ as well!

      • I don’t know what you’ve been watching but Thursday was one of the better games I’ve seen the leafs play. If you were to look at the schedule a t the beginning of the season other then the Winnipeg game (which was awful) the last four games had the predicted outcomes.
        That is an awful trade with Edmonton why would leafs want an overpaid less physical forward and a lesser dman….
        I don’t get why everyone is all over phaneuf yes he’s not the top d man in the league but look who he has been playing with, ahl guys. Look at the other top teams and see who there top d pairings are. Rediculous. Get off his back.
        You know beachimen plays for anahiem right … The guy just like komisarek everyone wanted gone after Burke signed him.
        Yes leafs need some other pieces but its funny when the guys they have never seem to be good enough.

        • I wasn’t talking to you!!

          • Haha why not get his email then

      • @Backchecking Good to see you back I thought you left for good.

        Nonis probably won’t move anyone except for possibly Liles (to make room for Gardiner) or MacArthur (due to his UFA status). The whole organization is in love with Bozak so he isn’t going anywhere even though he is a UFA so the Leafs will try and re-sign him. Anything over $2M will be an over payment in my book. He is a soft third line center (which are a dime a dozen) and nothing more but the Leafs think he is a first liner and will probably pay him like one this summer. Nonis won’t move a Kessel or Phaneuf because it is to big of a step (statement) for him and he probably can’t get the return to justify it anyways. So sit tight buddy and hope one of our young unproven goalies can carry us to the playoffs because that will be the difference maker. On another note everytime Riemer gets hurt he never comes back anywhere near as good, To bad…

        BTW Frattin is awesome but his go ballsout style dictates he will be injured a lot. He is a small guy that plays like he is a foot taller.

        • I love Frattin I think hes a great addition ….he wil be injury prone agree!
          Iam not sure what everyone sees in Phaneuf …his plus minus sucks cant hit the net is a waste on the power play …does not play that physical anymore and is a waste of $6.7 million id give him away at this point I dont care how much minutes he plays hes not a # 1- 2 D man …..Kessel is not goiung to be resigned so you have to move him as well there both going into contract years and I see this team going in a Phaneuf and kesseless team so the time to do it is now.
          I like Bozak at $3mill for a second third line face off guy but not more than that at 3 years you have to keep him around just for draws as Kadri and Grabo are terrible and its alwasy good to start off with the puck and not give it up in your D zone so keep him around!
          Blues & PITT were sniffing around for Kulimen …with Blues Halak would be great to pursue with an additional piece and with Pitt I like Beau Bennet if possible! Alsoi wander if theres any way we might be able to get Bogosian out of Winnipeg as hes in a contract year ( via ) trade as well. Clarkson and Clowe on radar as well…Clarkson has made it clear he wants to play in Toronto and not resigning so the rumour goes!! Perfect pick up for leafs if it pans out!

          • Agreed on your Phaneuf points especially at his rate of pay. I think if the Leafs were paying him $3.5M per year and playing 18 min per game everyone would be fine with keeping him but as it stands at 6.5M and 28 min per game he hasn’t lived up to expectations. You know I agree with you on the Kessel front and he should be moved before his “no movement clause” kicks in but I think Nonis is afraid to make such a big move OR he is not getting the return he wants.
            We both agree on Bogosian. I love watching him play and would love to see him here. The only reason I could see him coming to the Leafs if a trade could be made is because with the realignment the Jets are moving out west so limited competition so maybe this summer but not anytime sooner. He would cost a bundle though.
            We disagree on Bozak I think he is way to soft for any line but agree we need a guy to take draws.

    • Dion is a native of Prince Edward Island buddy, east coast boy not west. I’m sick of everyone dumping on Kessel all the time, he is a great player. Sure he is not a leader but not every player on a team has to be. Good luck replacing a player who puts up that many points consistently, especially with no centre to get him the puck. What they need is a number 1 centre who can also be a leader but easier said then done.

      • Correction he is a native of Alberta my mistake

  6. There’s a part of me, as a homegrown Markham boy, who hopes that an NHL franchise lands there soon. There’s also a part of me that doesn’t trust Markham politicians and/or Gary Bettman farther than I could throw them (although Bettman would fly for sure), so Leaf Nation will continue to endure whatever MLSE chooses to do. Sad indeed.

  7. Funny how no one is talking about re-alignment in the NHL but how some still have hopes of a team in the GTA or Quebec City. Do tyou realize that your hopes were squashed for many many years to come with the new re-alignment…think about it for a minute. The NHLPA was strongly against this re-alignment then all of a sudden they sign off on it and the same goes for the Board of Govenors. Right now with the new conferences there is two extra teams in the East…if the NHL expanded “new teams” they are going to be in the WEST meaning Vegas, Seattle, Saskatoon as possible destinations. If any teams re-locate…there will be no teams in the West doing so, it will come from the East (Tampa, Florida, Carolina, New Jersey, Buffalo etc) these teams will be moving to the West once again to balance the conferences out. I beleive this is how the NHL got the re-alignment through without any major fight from both sides. So boys in Ontario and Quebec keep on dreaming for new teams because it is going to be a long while before it happens.

    • Other teams could move east (i.e.Nashville or Chicago). I have no idea what might happen in the next few years however my guess’s that its more likely that Q.C. gets a team through re-location or expansion than Saskatoon (too small and no NHL history) or Vegas (would likely be a repeat of the mess they’ve gotten into in Phoenix). Seattle probably is viable though. Teams can be moved into different conferences if it makes financial sense for the league and those teams involved. The GTA area could easily support another NHL team but the likely-hood of that happening is probably and sadly slim. MLSE, not to mention the Sabres, don’t want to have to share the spoils.

  8. No way Edmonton wants phaneuf, he’s too slow. Bulins contract is up at the en

  9. As much as I love the Leafs those ticket prices are crazy. Until we fans quit going it will always be same old same. My trade would be Kessel, Kuli and Gunner and draft pick for Hillier and Perry. Come on Nonnis make it happen.

  10. Whoops. Anyways. His contract is up at the end of the year oh and smid +.

    Just bad. Oh and they get garbage you don’t want with a big cap hit.

  11. no matter what happens between now and the deadline Calgary has to start a rebuild. if they start now then they’ve got a shot at being competitve in 3 years otherwise it’ll be 5 years or longer, right now their core players are in their 30’s and fading. to raise the hopes of the long suffering Flames fans only to just miss the playoffs or worse, get in and lose in the 1st round would cost them draft position and anything they could get for the veterans they might move. Iginla has been a loyal soldier but he has to be persuaded to move for the long term health of the team, ironically if they’d traded him 3 years ago when he would’ve brought a kings ransom he’d be able to come back next year to a revitalized Flames team for a much better chance of winning than they now have.

  12. Those ticket prices by MLSE are ridiculous. That is why they make so much profit every year. But their season ticket holders are mostly corporate. It’s not their own money they spend… it is their shareholders money and they can write some of that off on taxes. Those corporations will spend whatever the ticket prices are without batting an eyelash. Maybe shareholders of those companies should question the money they spend on tickets as well as whatever else they spend on whining and dining at those games..