NHL Canadian Corner – Saturday, March 31, 2012.

Schneider carries Canucks to victory over Stars, Flames fall at home to Avalanche, Canadiens humbled by Rangers, Kings down Oilers, Jets beat Hurricanes, Senators focused on clinching playoff berth, and Maple Leafs still seek first home win for coach Randy Carlyle.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Cory Schneider had no problem filling in for Roberto Luongo (sore neck), backstopping the Canucks to a 5-2 win over the Dallas Stars.

CALGARY SUN: The Colorado Avalanche snapped a four-game winless streak, kept their playoff hopes alive while further dampening those of the Flames, with a 4-1 victory.

Eller unhappy over Habs losing skid.

LA PRESSE: The NY Rangers has little difficulty getting their sixth win in their last seven games, with an easy 4-1 win over the hapless Montreal Canadiens. In a post-game interview, Canadiens forward Lars Eller said he was tired of losing, but it’s obvious his teammates have collectively checked out and are only marking time until their season comes to an end next Saturday.

EDMONTON SUN: The Los Angeles Kings moved into the lead in the tightly contested Pacific Division with a 4-1 win over the lackluster Oilers, who managed only 14 shots in the game. Oilers management also suffered some embarrassment earlier in the day, when their attempt to call up forward Magnus Paajarvi was denied by the league.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets officially eliminated the Carolina Hurricanes from playoff contention with a 4-3 overtime win.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators emerge from their four-day break determined to clinch a playoff berth.

TORONTO STAR: The Maple Leafs goal now is to win their first home game under head coach Randy Carlyle.


  1. LEAFS
    What a joke Carlyle makes them do push ups when they miss the net in practice yestrday …HAAAA wow ! what a joke !
    The Leafs better draft DUMBA as they need skill size and toughness ..he fits that to a T ”
    Scrivens in Net tonight !

    Vancouver can not trade this guy, they should sign him and have two good goalies until they can push Luongo out of th enest ..they will never find another 1A goalie of this caliber in the short term if they ever want to part with Luongo !

    Watch out now that Gauthier is gone an the Molsons open the vault they will try and make a big splash and hold true to there promise of building a WINNER …they need more size , grit and solid defense moving forward !

    They need to move out Parjaarvi and Omark for some solid defensive help or guys that throw the body around and play more agressive or they will not be able to compete with bigger teams they only have one line of young offense ..need more depth to cushion the team !

    This team will be busy bringing in some new players next year and look for quality role players …I say that they may land harding as a back up as well !

    Sorry guys dont make the same mistake the leafs did …start the rebuild move on in life and tear it down!
    Fire Sutter and bring in Dallas Eakins !!!!

  2. Once again Schnieder kept the Canucks in the game when Dallas was out playing, out hussling and out shooting them, especially in the first period. You could see how badly the Stars wanted to win this game but Schnieder made save after difficult save and may have even got inside the Dallas players heads with his playoff type netminding.
    If the Canucks management needed even more proof of Schnieder’s worth they got it last night. With Luongo a no go at the last minute, Corey had 12 minutes to get ready and between the pipes. To me this shows that he is always on deck and willing to give his all for the team.

    I am sure that Carlyle is a very frustrated man and is trying to do whatever he can to get his points across. Some members of the blue & white who are tuning him out might want to be careful as they may find themselves somewhere else next year.
    Let me see if I understand this: Burke had a plan for the Leafs and that plan included Wilson being the coach and Phaneuf being the captain. Now Wilson had to go and Phaneuf could arguably be the worst captain and leader in Leafs history. What does that say about the plan and Burke himself? Did his huge ego get him in trouble or is he really the guy people thought he was?

    No matter where you are in the standings or especially if you are not going to make the playoffs there is no excuse for just going brought the motions. This is the time when your pride must kick in and the paying fans deserve your best effort to at least give them some hope for next year. If Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary or Toronto are just going through the motions then they should be ashamed of themselves. Sure losing gives you a higher draft pick but it also gets into your head and becomes too easy to accept. The level of compete I see with the Jets sets them apart from these other….teams.

  3. Just a note. There is only one player on the Leafs that has played more then 60 games, is currently in the line up (not injured) and is a plus player. Give up?

    Joey Crabb

  4. anyone in the Calgary organization who doesn’t agree now is the time for a rebuild needs to be shown the door. the players have had so many chances with the current core that it’s become obvious they can’t do it so now they have to blow it up. Iginla’s loyalty has been admirable given the abysmal teams he’s had to work with but the best way for him to help Calgary right now is to agree to waive his no trade clause to kickstart the rebuild. Kiprusoff still has some value so he should be moved as well, it won’t be as painful as losing Iginla as they have a coule of decent young goalies to carry the load. as for the rest i’d hang onto Giordano, Jackman, Backlund and anyone under 25.

  5. Schneider played well but don’t mistake the amount of shots for quality chances. Vancouver dressed far from their best lineup and still won easily. right now the Canucks are doing a lot of experimenting with their lineup by trying all kinds of combinations while allowing some minor injuries to heal on veteran players. if all goes well Vancouver should go into the playoffs with a full lineup that includes 9 NHL dmen, 2 very capable goalies, and enough forwards to give all kinds of different looks depending on who they play. there’s not many teams in the league that are going into the playoffs with that kind of depth, given that injuries and hot goalies play such a big part in the playoffs you have to like the Canucks chances as they have the depth to contend with injuries and 2 goalies playing well right now.

  6. @gameon63
    I agree with you about Calgary it’s time to rebuild given the age of Iginla and Kiper. If Calgary waits any longer the age of these two guys will become a factor in their trade value if it hasn’t already.

    I can’t see Calgary trading with anyone in their conference if at all possible which leaves the teams in the eastern conference. I would think Toronto would give you some good young assets for Kipursoff and seems like the most likely trading partner since Rangers, B’s, Pitts, Canes, Buff and Montral are set in goal, Brodeur looks like he will be back with NJ, Philly is handcuffed with Brez, Sen’s, Jets, FLA and NYI seem happy with who they have which really only leaves Cap’s, TB and the Leafs. Out of those 3 I’d say the Leafs are the most desperate and would probably give up the most youth as Burkie’s job is on the line if the Leafs don’t make it next year. I’d say the Cap’s and TB would also take a hard stab so it would be a good situation for Calgary to get the best return.

  7. Opps and one final thought on Kipursoff to the Leafs. Rynnas just happens to be… YES… FINNISH. Imagine him backing up one of the best Finnish goalies of all time. I see major mentoring going on there and so would Leaf management. I would think Calgary could name their price since Kiper has two more years with a good cap hit.

  8. If your not going to trade the first rounder and your not going to trade Kessel than what would be an honest good trade for Calgary to give up Kipper to the leafs ???
    I know kipper will most likely be on the move but what do the leafs have to make a trade like that???
    For kipper you have a windo of 3 years MAX !!!!
    I want him but for what ???

  9. Almost forgot ????

    Scrivens is the best goalie the Leafs have in the organization and should let Gustavson trade Riemer and keep Rynass in the marlies !

  10. Gord Miller and Ray Ferraro didn’t even bother to call the Vancouver game for most of the third period. Yeah guys, we want to hear you chat about whatever crosses your mind.