NHL Canadian Corner – September 13, 2012.

Senators defenseman Chris Phillips suing his former agent, problems with funding for new arena in Edmonton, a lockout might do the Jets good, Maple Leafs players hoping for the best but preparing for the worst in CBA talks, Flames coaching staff preparing for upcoming season, and Canucks front office will take pay cut in event of a lockout.


Phillips suing his former agent.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Ottawa Senators defenseman Chris Phillips is suing his former agent Stacey MacAlpine (along with MacAlpine’s parent) alleging shoddy investments and unauthorized real estate deals. MacAlpine is facing similar lawsuits from another former client (and Phillips former teammate) Dany Heatley.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t help but wonder if other former clients of MacAlpine will be following Phillips’ and Heatley’s lead here.

EDMONTON SUN: The Katz Group (which owns the Oilers) request for more funding from the city of Edmonton to construct a new downtown arena is frustrating the mayor.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  If the city puts its foot down and refuses any further funding, we can likely expect the subtle threat of relocating the Oilers to another city to start making the rounds.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless suggests a lockout might be a good thing for the Winnipeg Jets, as a reduced salary cap could make it easier for the Jets to be able to “compete for the best players available without having to spend beyond its means.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Only if the salary cap drops considerably lower than the $58 million the league sought in its proposals, and then only if it never increases over the course of the new CBA. Assuming the league gets what it wants, the cap will start at $58 million, and being tied to revenues, will continue to increase throughout a new CBA. Considering the league is also brushing off concerns about revenue sharing, I wouldn’t expect that to be much help for the Jets.

NATIONAL POST: Toronto Maple Leafs players are hoping for the best but anticipating the worst as a lockout looms.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Aren’t we all.

CALGARY HERALD:  Despite the threat of a lockout,New Flames head coach Bob Hartley and his crew are still looking forward to the start of training camp.

TSN.CA: The Canucks front office staff will take a pay cut and work fewer hours in the event of a lockout.


  1. In one way I feel sorry for guys like Phillips and Heatley(and Modano and McCarthy in the past), but in the other I have to wonder how much attention they paid to their own affairs. I am far from rich, just a broke down old soldier on a pension, but I can tell you where every penny of my money is at any given time, and if anything, if I had the money they do, I would be even worse.

    I am from Edmonton, and a huge Oiler fan, and the arena issue is similar to the CBA talks. Lots of hyperbole and unspoken threats, but in the end a deal will be done.

    I know we dont always agree Lyle, but I want to ask reference your comment on the Winnipeg story, do you honestly believe the ownership group will sign any CBA that doesnt include at least a 50/50 split in revenue and a rollback to achieve that? They have made every offer based on that, and havent even considered the players proposal based on revenue sharing. Most of the MSM and pundits, whether they are pro-players or pro-owners admit that in the long run the owners will get most of, if not all of what they want, in the meantime its a PR battle.

    As far as the Jets, honestly, like some other franchises, I think 3 or 4 years down the road, when those ridiculous long term season ticket commitments are up for renewal, that the honeymoon will end abruptly. I honestly believe that they will have a problem attracting and keeping stars, and will be perpetually developing players that end up elsewhere…..especially if there are term limits on bridge contracts.

    Lastly, I think Hartley and the Flames are going to be the disaster of the year. It seems every year some team just does everything wrong, and with the team getting older, a very very bad system (other than Baertschi) and no-one in the top 9 who is in that 23 – 27 age group. Add some questionable signings, and this team could be challenging for a lottery pick.

    • Old Soldier: Of course the NHL will get its 50-50 split, perhaps better than that if the PA pushes this too far. As for salary rollbacks, the league has stated in its last two proposals it won’t roll back salaries, but rather, will seek increased escrow payments. As I noted in my Winnipeg remark, salary increases will continue, but it tied to revenue as it currently is, or by a reduced percentage, but they will continue. Meaning the cap keep rising, especially if growth continues at the 7.1 percent average. Only a significantly reduced hard cap which never increases truly benefits “non-cap” teams.

  2. Okay, the sympathy for Phillips and Heatley just vaporized. I just read that the man they paid to look after their money is now working as a detailer at a car wash…..really? Your instincts told you to trust this man with millions?

  3. old school the jet just need to put a competive product and they will get the best players to play for them.

  4. The jets put a winning prodcut player will come and play for them old school.