NHL Canadian Corner – September 16, 2012.

Evander Kane relieved to be re-signed by the Jets before the lockout began, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins looks forward to playing in Oklahoma, Mark Giordano hopes lockout ends soon, and several Canadian teams begin laying off staff.


Evander Kane happy to have new deal with Jets.

WINNIPEG SUN: Kirk Penton reports winger Evander Kane was relieved to sign a new six-year, $31.5 million contract with the Jets, though he found it bittersweet given the uncertainty over  a lockout. Penton suggests the new deal should put to rest questions or concerns about Kane’s willingness to play in Winnipeg.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’ll last until someone posts unsubstantiated fourth-hand knowledge on Twitter purporting Kane to be in a bar fight or walking out on restaurant bills (like last season) and then the whole ridiculous process will start up again, especially if he or the team is struggling. Regardless, Kane obviously wants to belong with this team for a long time. Hopefully, he will silence his critics with his play once the lockout finally ends, and establish himself as the Jets franchise player.

EDMONTON SUN: Young Oilers star Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is looking forward to playing for the Oilers farm team in Oklahoma during the lockout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For players like Nugent-Hopkins, it’s a great way to continue playing and honing their skills during the lockout.

CALGARY SUN: Flames defenseman Mark Giordano is expecting his first child in April, and hopes to be back playing well before then.

 OTTAWA SUN: It’s believed some Senators staffers have been sent layoff notices, while others are working four-day work weeks at 80 percent pay. The Montreal Canadiens staff are working four-day weeks, while the Calgary Flames have offered their staff unpaid leave.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The owners and players have plenty of money to ride out a lockout, and fans will be inconvenienced but most aren’t reliant on the NHL for employment. It’s folks like team staff who’ll truly suffer during a lockout.

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  1. “It’s folks like team staff who’ll truly suffer during a lockout.”

    Business is business. Yet it seems crazy that Doan gets a 2 million signing bonus the day before the lockout starts, while many of the regular team staff (especially venue workers) might never earn 2 million in their lifetime.

    I guess it is silly to take sides, but I side with the players anyway. It seems like much of the owner’s argument is teams are losing money, so all the players should take a pay cut. But the league as a whole is making money…. Yet if I play on a team that makes money, I still have to take a pay cut?! It sounds like the league should work on their revenue shareing. Why would a team like Phoenix give Doan a 2 mil$ bonus to hold him over through the lockout? Yet this team is owned by the league that is crying about player’s contracts and they are contributing to the problem. Players took a pay cut last time and look where we are today. Another pay cut and we will be back here in another 6-7 years. I liked the players proposal- a different approach is needed.

    If your team can’t afford the contracts, don’t hand them out. Maybe drop the salary cap floor a bit and add a luxury tax so the teams that can afford to spend more, can spend more and that luxury tax money goes to the league and shared with the poor teams.

    It is either a business or a hobby for the owners. I am sure if you own a team and are losing millions every year, you either move your team, change what isn’t working or sell your team and get out of the business. Why there is still a team in Phoenix, after all these years of losing money is beyond me. I guess even if a team is a “hobby”, the owner doesn’t want to lose money… unless they don’t care about the money, just the bragging rights and the chance to win a cup (Buffalo) and that is fine.