NHL Canadian Corner – September 25, 2013.

Phil Kessel suspended for remainder of the preseason, updates on Mike Cammalleri and Daniel Briere, plus the latest on the Jets, Oilers, Canucks and Senators.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Despite a solid effort from goalie James Reimer, the Toronto Maple Leafs dropped a 3-2 decision to the undermanned Ottawa Senators.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs forward Phil Kessel was suspended for the remainder of the preseason (three games) for slashing Buffalo Sabres enforcer John Scott during the recent brawl between the two clubs. David Clarkson, who received a ten-game regular season suspension for leaving the Leafs bench to rush to Kessel’s aid, will not appeal his suspension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kessel’s previously clean rap sheet plus the fact he’s among the league’s top scorers undoubtedly factored into that decision.  

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Role players like Zack Smith and Chris Neil have become tough, reliable investments for the Senators.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: The San Jose Sharks blanked the Canucks 5-0.

Mike Cammalleri hoping for a better performance this season.

Mike Cammalleri hoping for a better performance this season.

CALGARY SUN: Despite the possibility Mike Cammalleri could be shopped at this season’s trade deadline, he’s still looking forward to putting up better numbers with the club this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cammalleri’s s currently in the final season of his contract and the cap hit ($6 million) and injury history makes him tough to move early in the season. If Cammalleri can stay healthy and post up good numbers he’ll fetch the rebuilding Flames a nice return by the March 5 trade deadline.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: New Hab Daniel Briere is feeling comfortable with new linemates Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais, seeing time on the Canadiens first power-play unit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Briere can stay healthy this season he could become a significant contributor to the Canadiens offensive attack. So far the preseason reviews have been positive.

WINNIPEG SUN/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Questions remain for the Jets roster as preseason draws to a close. Among them: determining the second line center  and if prospect Jacob Trouba is NHL-ready.

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  The Oilers have placed winger Linus Omark on waivers with the intent of demoting him to their AHL affiliate in Oklahoma City. They’ve also sent 2013 first round pick Darnell Nurse back to his junior team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nurse was reportedly upset over this, having seen considerable preseason playing time.  Nurse has a promising future, but another season in Junior should do him good.  The Oilers had to be careful not to rush him before he was ready.


  1. From the looks of preseason and yes I know its just preseason Van looks like they could be in for a long year. Torts or no Torts.

    Phil and Clarkson are getting what they deserved, the Rolston fine is a head scratcher I dont get its not like it was the last minute of a period or a blow out. As much as I think Scott is thick in the head to go after a much smaller player, its the coaches prerogative to put who ever he wants on the ice and really if Randy keeps Kessel off the ice (instead of watching a Saber get his face punched in then send out your best player to stand next to a guy who is paid to punch in faces) and just puts Bodie out to stand beside Scott and gets it over with is there really going to be a brawl? Or just another staged fight? Randys bad decision is as much to blame for that outcome as Rolstons to put out Scott.

    • Shticky

      Scott was put out there to start havic …Rolston did that as he hardly played up to that point !!

      Oilers are CRAZY for sending Nurse back to Junior unless they have a trade in place …( Franson ) ????

      Who are they rushing …LOL Hall Eberle… Yakupov ….Hopkins ….please ….Nurse is probably the most fit to start an NHL career than any of those guys were and Edmonton needs D men ! ????? Head scratcher ….. hope this is not a prelude to sending Rielly down for the Leafs as he looks …..AWESOME!!!!!

      Ive written extensively about the challenging rebuild the Canucks are up against as they are only a year away from that …IMO Gillis should be FIRED!!!

      Cammalerie may be a Trade deadline asset ???

      • The same has happened 100s of times before he didnt deserve a fine.

      • Scott was already on the ice prior to Carlyle deciding to put Kessel out there. Scott played over 8 minutes in the game – I don’t consider that “goon” time.

        • Steve so what do you call someone that scores only 5 points in over 130 NHL games never mind how many penalty mins he aquired in that time? Seriuosly, do you know how dumb you sound?

  2. Hey Lyle!

    “Phil Kessel suspended for remainder of the post-season”: I like this idea! Slash a guy in the pre-season, get suspended in post season. That should eliminate some of this!

    You prolly meant pre-season though?

  3. Why bother at all with the Kessel suspension. He doesn’t lose any salary.. and he wouldn’t be playing 3 more pre-season games anyway.

    As for the fines to the Sabre’s coach for his ‘line choice’ — Shanahan has now set a precedent. How many times a season does a non-fighter get hurt in a fight — or a player injured on a hard hit… and the next line change the goons come out on the ice. Shanahan did it to Buffalo… he has to be consistent… or was it the fact it was against a star player for the Leafs and there was no precedence for given the goon – Scott a suspension..

    What role does Carlyle play in all of this for sending out his best player to stand along side a heavy-weight fighter? Carlyle had the last change… he could have sent his gritty players.

    BTW — Tropp had his jaw broken by Devane in the fight…

  4. Kessel wasn’t suspended. He was given a weeks holiday. No fine, no loss of salary, and from what I hear, he’s already made the team.
    As far as fining Rolston, does this now mean coaches have to e-mail the war room before making any line changes or will they have an agreed upon list that only certain players will be on the ice against other predetermined players?