NHL Canadian Corner – September 6, 2012.

P.K. Subban expresses concern for the fans if there’s a lockout, Mike Komisarek mulls returning to school if there’s a lockout while Nazem Kadri remains optimistic over his future, the Senators re-sign Zack Smith, Eddie Lack could be Canucks future backup, and Jets season ticket holders should hear from the team soon regarding its lockout plans.

LA PRESSE: Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban voiced his concern for the fans in the event of an NHL lockout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Both the league and PA claim they’re concerned about the fans. If that were really true, they’d have a new CBA in place by now.

Komisarek might consider returning to school if there’s a lockout.

NATIONAL POST/TORONTO STAR: Maple Leafs defenseman Mike Komisarek might consider resuming his university studies if there’s a lockout, while young forward Nazem Kadri feels optimistic over his future after a summer training with former NHL star- turned – trainer Gary Roberts. Kadri also acknowledged a possible return to the AHL if a lockout lasts a long time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Another lengthy lockout might benefit Kadri if he spends another season in the AHL, which could eventually improve his chances of finally cracking the Leafs lineup post-lockout.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators yesterday announced the re-signing of center Zack Smith to a four-year, $7.55 million contract, worth an average cap hit of $1.887,500. The new deal begins in 2013-14.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Smith more than doubled his current $700K per season salary. As with Kyle Turris, the Senators are banking on potential with this deal.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: If there’s no lockout, it’s possible goaltender Eddie Lack could be fast-tracked into the backup role with the Canucks.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The Jets will be getting in touch with their season ticket holders regarding its plans for a potential lockout.


  1. So this may be a silly question but if there is a season ending lock out what happens with the contracts? What I mean is does corey perry now become a ufa or is a year pushed back and he’s now a ufa in 2014?

  2. If there is a season-ending lockout, contracts for this season won’t be pushed ahead a year. In other words, Corey Perry will still be a UFA next summer unless the Ducks re-sign him.

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  3. A lockout would benefit a lot of the younger players, “if” they can find a place to play that allows them to work on what they need to and improve on themselves. Imagine Hall, Ebs, Schultz and RNH in Oklahoma for a year. One of the few benefits of being a very very young team is what we saw last lockout. The extra year for skilled youngsters (Ovie, Crosby etc) was hugely beneficial.

    The teams that get hurt the most are older teams on the bubble, Vancouver is a perfect example, with their failure to capitalize the last two years, a year on the sidelines might just be the worst thing possible to happen to them, especially with very weak depth in the system.

    The Flames are another team that must be cringing at the thought of losing a season. Not so much as they are a contending team, but that is another year older for Iggy, Kipper, Cammalleri and Bouwmeister. Their market value will only drop more, and with the Flames refusal to rebuild, the extra year wont neccessarily benefit one of the worst roster depths of the league, outside of Baerschti.