NHL Canadian Corner – September 8, 2013.

Updates on Nazem Kadri and Jared Cowen, Brian Burke’s top ten moments, and the Oilers aren’t in a hurry to name a new captain.

No end in sight in Nazem Kadri's contract standoff.

No end in sight in Nazem Kadri’s contract standoff.

THE SPORTING NEWS: Sean Gentille doesn’t believe it’s fair to compare Toronto Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri to Phoenix’s Mikkel Boedker and Washington’s Marcus Johansson, who re-signed with their respective clubs yesterday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe it’s pointless to even make the comparisons. It doesn’t matter how much Boedker and Johansson signed for. The bottom line is the Leafs have $4.9 million in cap space, must also re-sign Cody Franson, and have made it clear they’re unwilling to overpay for Kadri.  He’ll have to accept a short-term (two-three years) “bridge contract” worth less than $2.5 million per season, or prepare to spend time on the sidelines training by himself.

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak lists the top ten moments of new Flames president of hockey operations Brian Burke.

OTTAWA SUN: In his training camp preview, Bruce Garrioch wonders if defenseman Jared Cowen will be re-signed in time for the opening of camp, hopes Erik Karlsson has fully recovered from last season’s sliced Achilles tendon, and makes the case for Jason Spezza to become the new Senators captain.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren reports nothing new on the Jared Cowen contract talks.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Dallas Eakins, the new head coach of the Oilers, is in no hurry to name the club’s new captain.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was rumored a couple of weeks ago Sam Gagner would be named the new captain. Eakins to date declines to tip his hand.


  1. Cowen is reportedly wanting a 4 yr @ 3.5M… where the Sens are offering 2.5-2.8M.

    Not a huge difference — about 700K..

    You would think they could get something done. Is it such a huge difference to miss a much needed training camp Jared?

  2. It’s not important what Boedker and Johansson signed for? So Kadri is supposed to sign whatever they offer because Nonis can’t manage his team payroll?

    • Even if the Leafs have double their current cap space, it’s apparent current management doesn’t want to overpay a young player coming off an entry-level contract (with a holdout threat his only leverage), whose best season came in a lockout shortened one, where his production tailed off down the stretch and in the playoffs. The comparisons to Boedker and Johansson are irrelevant.

    • In contract negotiations anything and everything can be in it, not just term, ie money over term. There are bonuses that need to be negotiated both team and personal plateaus. Heck even sweater number is up for negotiations and with everything you ask for usually means one thing you have to let go and the more give and takes, the longer it takes.

      As for the comparison of those other guys got and use them as a comparison would be dumb. In fact those deals don’t seem that great of a deal to me and hope they are not used as compatible.

      • For the life of me I cant understand how people complain about bad contracts, and as soon as Nonis tries to avoid them say he cant manage pay roll because hes not letting his (some what unproven) RFAs fill out their own cheques. Kadri on any other team would get a short term bridge type contract. It has nothing to do with cap space. Kadri is not Tavares.

        • He certainly is not Tavares. If he happens to develop in the same ballpark as Tavares, The Leafs will happily pay him on his next contract.

          • Well said mrv. How many times over the past few years have we seen players “cash in” on one season. Perhaps some GMs are finally coming to their senses and not offering crazy contracts out of these entry-level deals. Fact is if Kadri had shown anything in the seasons before this last one where he finally showed promise he would have a bit more of a platform for his salary demands but he doesn’t so he would be smart to follow the Subban route (minus the hold-out). Subban had shown more than Kadri up until last year and still took a bridge. Now with a Norris trophy under his belt is going to cash in like crazy.