NHL Canadian Corner – September 9, 2012.

The Canucks “summer of misses”, a lockout could rob Daniel Alfredsson of his final NHL season, Maple Leafs goalie Ben Scrivens hopes to stick in the NHL, and a profile of new Oilers head coach Ralph Krueger.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford on the Canucks “summer of misses”, having failed to retain Sami Salo, lost out in the bidding wars for Shea Weber and Justin Schultz, and appear on the verge of failing to entice Shane Doan to spurn the Phoenix Coyotes and sign with them. Botchford believes the Canucks still lack a third line center and need help “up and down the lineup”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps a Roberto Luongo trade might start to address the Canucks needs, but don’t expect that to happen until sometime after a new CBA is implemented.

Could a season-killing lockout end Alfredsson’s career?

OTTAWA SUN: Another season-killing lockout could push Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson into retirement.

NATIONAL POST: Maple Leafs goalie Ben Scrivens hopes he’ll be their backup this season. A restricted free agent, he’s yet to be re-signed, but said the two sides are still talking.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs have also been linked to Roberto Luongo and Jonathan Bernier in the rumor mill, and if one of them is acquired, Scrivens will find himself back in the AHL. If there’s a lockout, he’s guaranteed to start the season with the Marlies.

EDMONTON SUN: Terry Jones profiles new Oilers coach Ralph Krueger.


  1. While Sami Salo was a very good player on the ice, he was often injured and to offer him just a one year contract was a wise move by Gillis, especially not knowing what the cap ceiling will be when the season begins. Weber was “pie in the sky” considering the money he is being paid. For him to have gone to Vancouver would have destroyed their team, salary cap wise, and sounded the trading bell for a number of Canucks.
    Doan was never going anywhere if the Coyotes were staying in Phoenix so Gillis should not be criticized for anything concerning Doan. Had the new owner not got financing and Doan went somewhere else, maybe then they could bitch at Gillis.
    The only sore point, for me at least, is the Luongo debacle. Is he? Isn’t he? When will he go? Where will he go? We all, Vancouver fans at least, want him gone and to receive something for him rather than just a salary dump. I agree that this will drag on until the new CBA is in place and will give pundits something to write about, other than Forbes rating the Toronto Maple Leafs the worst sports franchise in North America, which by the way I have not seen enough written about. Long suffering Leaf fans know all too well that their team is not where they want it to be and anything that allows them to vent can only be a good thing.
    They charge exorbinent prices to watch a less than stellar product and the only thing that can be called entertaining is that once a year the Leafs salute the Canadian Forces and along with a few soldiers rappelling down ropes from the rafters they chauffeur (trot out) Tiger Williams onto the ice in a Humvee and have him salute the Canadian Forces commander. Now that’s entertainment!

    • Yes Leafs fans are dumb…deep derp go ‘nucks!

  2. ‘Alfredsson’s final season’ – can’t see the season being cancelled, postponed start probably/likely but not cancelled. The two sides will compromise at some point.