NHL Canadian Corner – Sunday, February 24, 2013.

Recaps of last night’s games involving Canadian teams, plus an update on Roberto Luongo.

Canadiens celebrate 3-0 win over the Rangers.

Canadiens celebrate 3-0 win over the Rangers.

LA PRESSE/NEW YORK POST: Second period goals by Erik Cole, Alexander Galchenyuk and Lars Eller carried the Montreal Canadiens to a 3-0 win over the slumping New York Rangers. Carey Price made 17 saves for the win, as the Canadiens regained sole possession of first place in the Eastern Conference. The loss was more painful for the Rangers, who lost defensemen Ryan McDonagh and Dan Girardi to injuries. Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty could face a disciplinary hearing for boarding McDonagh.

OTTAWA CITIZEN/TORONTO SUN: A last minute goal by Colin Greening snapped a 2-2 tie to lift the Ottawa Senators to a 3-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs. Mika Zibanejad and Erik Condra also scored for the Senators, while Mikhail Grabovski and Clarke MacArthur tallied for the Leafs. Ben Bishop made 26 saves for the win.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s the fourth straight win for a banged-up Senators squad, who are turning to their younger players to fill in for injured stars like Jason Spezza and Erik Karlsson. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL/ARIZONA REPUBLIC:  Sam Gagner and Jordan Eberle scored in a shootout as the Edmonton Oilers rallied back from a 2-0 deficit to edge the Phoenix Coyotes 3-2. Nikolai Khabibulin made 34 saves for the win in his third start in the Oilers last four games, while Mike Smith made 41 saves in a losing cause for the Coyotes.

CALGARY HERALD/STARTRIBUNE.COM: Two third period goals by Matt Stajan carried the Calgary Flames to a 3-1 victory over the Minnesota Wild. Joey MacDonald kicked out 30 shots for the win .

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was a big win for the Flames, who run the risk of falling further out of the playoff race if they don’t start stringing some wins together soon. 

PHILLY.COM/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Third period goals by Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds rallied the Philadelphia Flyers past the Winnipeg Jets 5-3. The Jets had a 3-1 lead until the middle of the second period, when Claude Giroux scored to put the Flyers to within a goal, settin the stage for Schenn and Simmonds.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Roberto Luongo dismissed a claim by Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos that he’s overhauled his public image in order to make himself more attractive in the trade market.


  1. Habs are playing great! Galchenyuk has crazy puck moving skills. You see him on the PP for what seemed like the first time this year? He was throwing dart passes to guys, between ppls legs, just crazy skill.
    Patches better not get suspended after him getting bit and gally getting run from behind and concussed. McD saw him coming and turned his back in the “designated hitting area”. No suspension. But I gotta feel for Girardi. His teammates take bonehead penalties in the last 2 mins forcing him to defend a 5-3 and all he’s trying to do is block shots, albeit you shouldn’t black a shot the way he did, but still. Games over, teammates lose their composure, and he may end up with a broken foot for a game that was already in the books. Poor guy.

    I can’t believe these Sens keep on winning. As soon as karlsson went down I was certain they would be toast. But they are playing hard hockey. Although, I think when they lose on this streak will be a huge fork in the road for the young team and how they deal with that pressure.

    Loving the habs baby! Glad to see Cole click with Eller and Galchenyuk. Chucky made both those guys better. Unreal talent level for a (newly turned) 19 year old.

    • Montreal continues to surprise me as well. Price has been outstanding and a healthy line-up sure changes the look of the team as compared to last year.
      I also thought that the Senator’s were done when Karlsson went down. I guess someone forgot to tell the rest of the team. There’s plenty of season to play yet however the pressure on these young players shouldn’t be too high as expectations for the team this season are now very modest.

    • Mtl is playing very well…

      The Sens — I can’t believe they are winning with Cowen, Spezza, Michalek, Karlsson & now Anderson out. Latendresse & Regin are easily replaced in the lineup but not the other ones.

      Both Bishop & Lehner kept the Sens at .500 for a month last season when Anderson was hurt but the team had Karlsson, Spezza & Michalek.

      Monday’s game will be very difficult for the Sens to win. I’m sure Price will be in net.. and Lehner for the Sens. Mtl is mostly a healthy team with speed.. the Sens have a lot of inexperience.

      I will enjoy the Sens streak as long as it lasts. Hopefully Michalek & Anderson are back within a couple of weeks.. then Spezza hopefully at the end of the month. The only issue is no Cowen or Karlsson for the rest of this season.

  2. Taking nothing away from the Senators win last night, but if Scrivens continues to struggle with rebounds like he did on the winning goal, the losses will start to pile up.

    • Furthermore, though, I’m starting to see the familiar patterns of indifferent defensive play and blown assignments. Cherry was right when he said that for Gunnerson to have skated away and do nothing after Scrivens got knocked over was inexcusable.

      Yes this was a team loss. Too many defensive lapses, too many rebounds allowed and just another 2 points; well 1 anyways, wasted by a team that just doesn’t seem to want to pay the price to play consistent winning hockey.

      • I have to disagree with you about Gunnerson and Cherry’s little rant about a him not defending Scrivens after he was run over. Cherry said that because Gunnerson didn’t do it the job was left to five foot ten Mike Brown. Implying that Brown is little. Excuse me, is this the same Mike Brown who stands five feet, eleven inches and weighs over two hundred pounds and has fought and will fight anyone who he feels is taking liberties with his teammates. 
        So Cherry wanted Gunnerson who probably hasn’t had a fight in his life and is more valuable on the ice to turn away from the puck and a possible scoring chance and go sit in the penalty box for at least five minutes if not seven or more? Cherry even said he didn’t expect Gunnerson to fight but at least go over and have a “conversation” with the guy. That’s like asking Phil Kessel to drop the mitts or at the very least try to check some one. I understand that no one wants their goalie run over but how many times has Cherry ranted about let the dancers dance and the fighters fight? If Cherry can’t find something or someone to bitch about on the Leafs it wouldn’t be a Coach’s Corner. In fact the main bragging point, at least for Cherry, is that the Leafs lead the league in fights.
        Also, did anyone other than me pick up on Cherry bragging that he brought the word “pops” into the English language? He said that he made it up as a euphemism for beer and while I know that he has butchered the English language enough including the names of dozens of players but it is a bit far fetched, even for Cherry, to be able to add a word to it.

        • Great points and further proof that these talking heads in he media are just that, loudmouth blowhards that have been unfortunately given a platform to spew their crappy opinion and misinform fans for the sake of ratings.

        • Well Cherry’s initial point was that he did nothing..he didn’t expect Gunnerson to go and fight although he implied it at first; but Cherry clarified that as Ron called him on that very point. He just expected him to go and get in his face and hold the player accountable..nothing wrong with that. You seem to disagree and so be it. You can disagree all you like but I still think sticking up for your teammates is what they should do. All of them. Nobody expects the punches to be thrown from those who don’t by trade. Just hold the other guy accountable is all. We lost Reimer last year due to a hit and they cant afford to lose Scrivens under similar circumstances and perhaps Cherry’s just trying to say if teams are held accountable by all its players, then the likelihood of incident should be reduced.

          As for Cherry himself, sometimes he makes sense, but often, especially in the last few years, he rambles and jump topics and often during the course of his Coach’s Corner segments, seems to forget what it was he was talking about and without Ron Maclean trying to rope him in and steer it all, it would be much worse than it is.

          Cherry’s idea of a great 60 minutes of hockey seems to be all about a team that racks up the fights and the penalties and the more the better but if that same team is a great mix of skill and toughness too, they have a great chance of winning it all.; at least, that’s how he seems to see it.

          • Sticking up for teammates is better left to the guys with the tools to handle the job rather than saying that someone who could end up getting his butt kicked and sustaining a conclusion should play a role that he is neither cut out for or talented at.
            Actually, according to Cherry the Leafs are winning because of Orr and the other pugilistic specialists that allow the smaller guys on the team to grow taller and play beligerent hockey knowing that the Leafs tough guys will bail them out if their mouths get them into trouble.
            Don’t get me wrong, Colton Orr and a couple of others have their place on the Leafs but it shouldn’t be to push around 180 pounders who get in Kadri’s face, for example, after he yaps off one too many times. I like Kadri and would like to see him on my team but to watch him push someone and then turn and check to aee who’s comIng to rescue him is a little too much like Phil Kessel for my liking.
            I believe that the Colton Orrs of the NHL should stick to fighting those in their weight class and it is wrong to bully the light and middleweights just because they can. If a lightweight player’s mouth gets his ass in trouble he should either stand and take care of business or learn to keep his yap shut and turn away instead of relying on big brother Colton to bail him out.

  3. Whether or not McDonaugh turned away from him is beside the point. Pacioretty hit him into the boards by the numbers after McDonaugh played the puck away. It’s a dangerous hit, and the League has suspended those hits in the past. I’m also not convinced it wasn’t charging, but the slow motion replays distort what caused him to come up off the ice. Pacioretty took a pretty brutal hit a few shifts before from Girardi, so it’s believable that he was seeking retribution. Granted, one cannot prove intent.

    Does he have a prior history? If so, that will probably be the deciding factor in whether or not he receives a game or two.

  4. If Max is suspended fine, but What about the hit he received 3 shifts before that and the one on Prust? Seriously how many times does Max have to get hit illegally before someone else is suspended. I am sorry to rant here but Chara should have gotten min 10-15 games but the cowards of the NHL won’t do that and now Max will get likely 4 games because of the previous 3 game ban. Unreal wake up NHL and call the game fairly! I spend too much money on your league! Go Habs Go!

  5. @Captain Ahab..Well I still think your are wrong and you can counter argue all you want but it won’t change the outcome. Its a team game that requires all teammates to stick up for one another at any one given time and this is what the coach wants and likely, albeit poorly done, what Cherry was driving at.

    Doesn’t mean Grabs, Kessel, Gunner or Kulemin or any others not noted for pugilistic behavior can’t stick up for each other and nor are they expected to throw a punch or allow themselves to get drawn into fighting majors.Carlyle just wants them to make other teams accountable for knocking their own teammates around and if that means a “hey you what the hell” then so be it.

    Now if you have trouble with that then by all means live with it but I don’t so to this particular topic I say lets move on

  6. Joe Thorton fought so why can’t Gunnarson if required.

    I think I agree that Gunnarson maybe shouldn’t have ran in to fight because on the replay you see the puck came shooting out towards Gunnar with a wide open net as Scrivens was laid up behind the net so first thought should have been the saftey of the puck because there was a good chance the next guy in could have scored and maybe that was Gunnarson’s first thought and he wasn’t a big chicken as Cherry said. Who knows?