NHL Canadian Corner – Sunday, March 24, 2013.

Recaps of Saturday’s games featuring Canadian NHL teams, plus the latest on the Flames and Jets.

Nazem Kadri celebrates his  goal with his teammates as the Maple Leafs down the Bruins 3-2.

Nazem Kadri celebrates his goal with his teammates as the Maple Leafs down the Bruins 3-2.

TORONTO STAR/BOSTON GLOBE: After nine tries and nearly two years, the Toronto Maple Leafs finally beat the Boston Bruins, edging them 3-2.  The Leafs took a 3-0 lead but needed goalie James Reimer to hold the fort as the Bruins staged a late rally in the third period.

OTTAWA CITIZEN/TAMPA BAY TIMES: The Ottawa Senators nearly blew an early 4-0 lead but held on to down the Tampa Bay Lightning 5-3. Daniel Alfredsson scored twice for the Senators, while Tyler Johnson’s two third period goals sparked the Lightning’s late rally.

VANCOUVER SUN/LOS ANGELES TIMES: Cory Schneider had a 20-save shutout as the Vancouver Canucks blanked the Los Angeles Kings 1-0. Mason Raymond netted the game’s only goal.

BUFFALO NEWS/MONTREAL GAZETTE: Thomas Vanek scored twice and Ryan Miller made 38 saves as the Buffalo Sabres nipped the Montreal Canadiens 2-1. The Canadiens, however, remain first in the Northeast and second overall in the Eastern Conference, courtesy of the Maple Leafs beating the Bruins 3-2. Earlier in the day, the Habs claimed Jeff Halpern off waivers from the NY Rangers.

STLTODAY.COM/EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Edmonton Oilers were booed off the ice as falling 3-0 to the St. Louis Blues.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: To coin a phrase: the natives are getting restless. And for good reason! They’ve been waiting a long time for this rebuilding team to give them something worth cheering over. Their patience has not been suitably rewarded. As promising as the Oilers youth are, there remain significant holes in the roster which must be filled with skilled veteran leadership.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets defenseman Tobias Enstrom will return to the lineup Sunday after missing a month to a shoulder injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Enstrom will be a welcome addition, especially on the power-play.

CALGARY SUN: Another call for Flames owners and management to commence a serious roster rebuild. We’ll find out soon if they’re listening.


  1. The Leafs caught the B’s napping for 2.5 periods got out shot and barely held on in the last half of the third period. I wouldn’t consider this a win by any stretch of the imagination. Mondays game will be very interesting and telling how the Leafs handle Boston considering Boston will be ready and the Leafs will have a full line up (no injuries).

    Once again the so called top line was mostly invisible all night as they are most games. This cannot be considered the top line any longer and I can’t believe other teams put any focus on them when Kadri is carrying the team most nights. Carlyle needs to take JVR off the line he is becoming a completely useless player with Bozak and Kessel. I also think it’s time for Carlyle to break up the love in between Kessel and Bozak like he did with Kulimen and Grabo. Both players are doing much better now that they have been split up. Friends off the ice don’t automatically translate into great linemates on the ice.


    Totaly agree again if you read my post yearetday on the Canadian Corner its earily similar to yours today!!

    JVR is AWOL he needs some time with Kadri and Lupul to get his game back but he cant keep with them on the rush thats the problem !! he just isnt moving his feet out there AT ALL !!! oIam so tired of saying this as its been 2 years now but Kessel has to go ……you need a player in that role who is a force out three and causes turn overs …..

    I have been thinking to offer a deal to acquire 1 st rounder , Brian Campbell, Quinton Howden and Nick Bjugstad ……………for Kessel + Komisarek + JVR

    Phaneuf and Bozak for Gagne & bad contract ( Whitney)…Oilers need a minute eating quality 2 – 3 Defender with size deep down the middle anyways!

    Gardiner and Grabo for Luongo and Tanev ……..Meets the needs of both teams !!

    Bujgstad replaces Grabo
    Howden replaces Kessel
    Campbell replaces Dion on powerplay
    Morgan Rielly & Finn and Tanev will more than make up for the on & off playing of Gardiner and finaly get a # 1 Goalie….that team can compete right now for a deep playoff drive !! Also get two Centers in the deal !

    Lupul – Kadri – Kulimen
    Frattin – Gagne – Macrthur
    Howden – Bujgstad – Komorav
    Hamilton – MClement – Mclaren

    Campbell – Franson ( power play )
    Gunnarson – Fraser
    Liles – Tanev…..( penalty kill )
    Kostka – whitney

    Luongo- Reimer

    • Dude if you trade half your roster how do you expect to make the playoffs?

      These trade proposals are crazy. Weren’t you and the other dumb leaf fans in love with jvr earlier this season? He’s having some consistency issues (a la most players not named Crosby) and you want to trade him.

      You need to build a roster recognize what’s good and work around it. You can’t trade 1/4-1/2 your team every few months/year. Get real.

      • I wouldn’t even consider trading JVR he has had to endur playing with Bozak and Kessel and that is the only issue right there. JVR is going to be a power forward and he is signed at a great rate for years to come. The team needs to be built around JVR, Lupul, and Kadri. I love Frattin’s “go for broke” playing style but due to size issues I think he will be injured alot so I would definitely dangle him in trade proposals but only if other GM’s see value in him.
        At this point I would take draft picks for Kessel. Other teams fans don’t see much value in him so I’d imagine that’s the thought around the league with the other GM’s too. He needs to be moved if the Leafs want to get better.

        I am wondering if the Pred’s will try and move Weber in the off season I don’t see them wanting to be saddled with this salary cap for the next 15 years since it’s rare the Pred’s will go to the maximum salary cap every year. They will need to be at the max with Webers salary to stay competitive. The Leafs are one of the few teams that can do this year in and year out for the next 15 years. I just don’t know what it will take to get him.
        I would way rather see Miller in Toronto then Lu. My wish list would be Miller first, Kipr second and Lu third based on salary, age, performance and UFA status. Riemer could be a go to guy but who really knows.

        • The difference in winning or losing for the Leafs seems to revolve around how many minutes Dion plays
          Dion 22min Leafs usually win
          Dion 25min Leafs are 50/50 whether or not they win or loose
          Dion 28min garanteed Leafs will loose.

  3. Would the Oilers possibly make a pre-emptive strike for Lindy Ruff before Tampa Bay hires its new coach?