NHL Canadian Corner – Sunday, March 31, 2013.

Recaps of Saturday’s NHL games featuring Canadian teams.


MONTREAL GAZETTE/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Carey Price made 34 saves and P.K. Subban collected three assists as the Montreal Canadiens blanked the New York Rangers 3-0. The win widened the Canadiens division lead over the Boston Bruins by three points, while Subban vaulted into the Canadiens scoring lead.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Subban is now one point behind Kris Letang and Ryan Suter for the NHL scoring lead among defensemen, and leads all blueliners this season in goals with ten.

Joffrey Lupul (l) & Nazem Kadri celebrate one of the four goals they scored against the Senators.

Joffrey Lupul (l) & Nazem Kadri celebrate one of the four goals they scored against the Senators.

TORONTO SUN/OTTAWA CITIZEN: Nazem Kadri (3 goals, 1 assist) and Joffrey Lupul (one goal, 3 assists) lead the way as the Toronto Maple Leafs crushed the Ottawa Senators 4-0. The victory moves the Leafs into a tie with the Senators for fifth overall in the Eastern Conference, though the Senators hold a game in hand.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kadri is having a phenomenal season. He’s not only leading the Leafs in scoring, but is now sitting sixth overall in league scoring. Lupul, meanwhile, has been on fire offensively since returning from injury a couple of weeks ago. If the Leafs keep up this pace, they’ll clinch a playoff berth.

EDMONTON JOURNAL/VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Taylor Hall broke Wayne Gretzky’s record for the fastest three goals in franchise history as the Edmonton Oilers blanked the Vancouver Canucks 4-0.  The Oilers scored all those goals within the game’s first eight minutes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In those brief minutes, it almost felt as though those Gretzky-led Oilers of the ’80s had been reborn. It was an incredible start by the Oilers, who could’ve had more goals if not for Roberto Luongo making several big saves later in the game.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Alexander Semin and Eric Staal each had a goal and an assist as the Carolina Hurricanes downed the Winnipeg Jets 3-1.

CALGARY SUN: The final month of this season will determine which Flames will “go down swinging” and which ones will throw in the towel.


  1. I remember when Kadri was a bust…or at least when the “smart” fans where telling us so. I also remember that Boston wanted Kadri and kaberle for Kessel but Burke killed that deal and eventually kept Kadri and sent the unprotected two 1sts (one of which was 2nd overall) for Kessel. The leafs ended up with Kadri, Kessel, Colborne and Lyles and I’m sure there are many that think the Leafs would still better better off not making the deal(s) they (Burke) did.

    • So your saying: kadri, colbourne, kessel, Liles > kadri, Seguin, Hamilton, Liles?

      • Not correct – leafs wouldn’t have Kadri and Seguin together if Burke made the deal Boston wanted in draft floor for Kessel.

        Leafs would have traded Kaberle as well so wouldn’t have been able to deal for Colborne and first rounder.

        So what the person was saying having Kessel Kadri Colborne and 1 st rounder > Seguin. Hamilton, Kessel

  2. At this trade deadline , iI think the biggest thing about the leafs situation isnt so much about what they do its more about what they dont do !!!

    The Bruins & Penguines will raise the bar and have crazy firepower, good size and depth on D and very good goaltending ….Ottawa has deep Goaltending as well and are in the mix to bring in some depth in other areas as well ……the Rangers are a sleeping giant if they sneak in …..as are the Devils as they tinker with there roster ….Montreal is beatable in a long series …

    The Leafs havent played any western teams obviuosly and may not have faired all that well in points this year if it was a regular season as they would have much deeper competition in the West to fight for points!

    Saying this the West is BIGGER , FASTER and more talented ….

    In order for the Leafs to have any impact in there own confrence this year ( YES PLAYOFFS ) they can not stand still this week or on deadline day ……they need a solid Goaltender who has playoff expereince first and foremost esecpially if they play PITT or Boston …( no offence to REIMER or Scrivens They have been great ! ) ……Its just the way it is !!

    They need SIZE & GRIT on the wing especially on the # 2 line ( Clarkson or Torres )
    They also need a compliment to the power play this will average an extra goal per game and can be the difference in tight matches through a series ….( Campbell – Boyle )

    With all the crazy names being up for grabs and teams clearing cap space …Nonis has to pull a sleeper of a trade as there is a chance that with 2 or 3 significant pieces that the Leafs can move they can honestly make an IMPACT TRADE and move 2 blue chippers in a deal that can give them a better return long term and with veretan leadership qualities and put them in support roles allowing the players with skill to do what they do best !!!

    Some trade scenarios as the days get closer.

    Kessel & Bozak ……for …..Louie Erickson, Derek Roy and Stephane Robidas
    Jake Gardiner ….for ….Sam Gagne …..OR ….Charlie Coyle
    Grabo and Scrivens….. for …..Luongo
    2rd rounder….. for ….Torres …….FLIP TORRES & D man prospect …….. for David Clarkson
    J – M – Liles & Clark Macarthur ….for ….Brian Campbell & Quinton Howden

    • You must have let your bro-in-law write a post under your name because you usually make more sense than this. Disagree with a lot of what your typing lol.

      • Completely open to any discussion but what part do you feel is so off that its ridiculous!

        I thought a good portion of this post was actually and really the nuts and bolts about the current situation …..I even tried to bring out the fact that the leafs are playing bottom tiered teams the rest of the way and need big improvements to compete well into the playoffs which they will be doing this year!

        Are you saying that the Leafs are good to go and can compete against the Habs , Bruins….. Penguines and deep into the playoffs with this roster as is currently sits ….you do know that a Playoff series is much more greuling and demanding than a night here and a night there against playoff and NON playoff teams …..if everyuone else is bolstering the line up than you need to address your holes just like everyone else ….and thats pretty much what I addressed in my post here …..please feel free to elborate or what am I missing ….????