NHL Canadian Corner – Thursday, April 4, 2013.

Recaps of the Oilers-Flames and Flyers-Canadiens games, plus the latest on Roberto Luongo, James Reimer, former Sens goalie Ben Bishop and the Jets stand pat at the deadline.

Taylor Hall had a five-point night as the Oilers crushed the Flames 8-2.

Taylor Hall had a five-point night as the Oilers crushed the Flames 8-2.

EDMONTON JOURNAL/CALGARY HERALD: Taylor Hall had a five-point night (1 goal, four assists) as the Edmonton Oilers overcame a 2-0 deficit with eight unanswered goals to thump the lifeless Flames 8-2.

PHILLY.COM/MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Philadelphia Flyers scored three unanswered goals in the third period to overcome a 3-2 deficit and defeat the Montreal Canadiens 5-3.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Tony Gallagher explains why Roberto Luongo and the Canucks won’t scrap that sucky contract which keeps Luongo uncomfortably tethered to the Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks could go the compliance buyout route with Luongo this summer to shed his salary and remove him from their roster, but while it would come off their cap, they would still be paying him two-thirds of his remaining salary. The Canucks prefer to trade Luongo, as they’ll fully shed his salary and get something decent in return. The Canucks could, however,  find themselves pickig up part of Luongo’s salary to facilitate a trade this summer. This is one of those rare instances where a player’s hefty contract becomes as much a burden for the player as for his team. Damien Cox put it best: “Luongo… remains high and dry in Vancouver, stranded by riches he once thought were a reward.”

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes young Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer must feel “like chopped liver” after management tried to bring in Miikka Kiprusoff and Roberto Luongo at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Simmons is concerned this could be a blow to Reimer’s confidence. Perhaps it is, but this is the nature of the business. Reimer has to prove himself to Leafs management, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. If Reimer plays well down the stretch and into the playoffs (yes, the Leafs are making the playoffs), it’ll go a long way toward boosting Dave Nonis’ confidence in him, and convincing Leafs management they don’t need an experienced netminder.

OTTAWA SUN: Former Senator-turned-Lightning goalie Ben Bishop will face the Senators next week when they visit the Lightning in Tampa Bay next week.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff refused to mortgage his club’s future at the trade deadline for a quick fix.


  1. Well it was a non eventful day in Leafland. They got a dman who played alongside Liles in Colorado for a 4th round pick next year. Not sure if it will help or not but don’t think it will hurt. Kipper wouldn’t show up even if traded for and Bobby Lu and his ugly contract was a non starter anyways. No way would Bobby Lu accept being a backup to Reimer and acquiring him would have sent entirely the wrong message to the team anyways so kudos to Nonis for leaving that mess just where it is.

    So on a positive note: Lets hope and pray that this “team chemistry” Nonis keeps believing in does indeed make the playoffs and maybe wins a round or two. Nobody knows just whether or not anybody on this Maple Leaf team will elevate their game and emerge as a playoff performer and until these guys are put to the test, who can say for sure.

    Nonis doesn’t know for sure either and I believe the # 1 reason he has stuck with this bunch is because if he has to consider resigning any of his UFA’s, this is their best chance to show all of the NHL just what they are made of. In short, for Nonis, this lack of activity at the deadline is a short term win from a chemistry point of view but whether or not some of this current roster can and will elevate their play to help compensate for some of the shortfalls of this team remains to be seen.

    • Not a Leafs fan at all but……I think Reimer will be fine….he is a good kid with a good head…wish him well. I wish there we more smart kids like this playing!

      Ryan O…my god he makes some bad plays…good luck with him!


  2. The only one who should feel like chopped liver is Steve Simmons second rate paper seller who can’t be taken seriously….one of the main media guys who gives Toronto sports media a bad name with his content glass is almost empty attitude…

    • He can’t complain about the moves the Leafs made so has to make something up to be skeptical about…

      • Oh I so wanted to post a picture of Steve Simmons next to Groucho Marx. Simmons is a spitting image without the stash

  3. James Reimer needs to stay healthy – end of story. Ditto for Ben Scrivens.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if BIshop beat the Sens next week. I wish him nothing but the best. As Bryan Murray said he saved us last season when Anderson was out for a month. He certainly was an upgrade over Alex Auld. He will be a good goalie for Tampa for a long time.

  5. Just looking for any angle to slam the Leafs!!Steve Simmons is a terrible reporter who knows nothing about hockey.If Reimer can’t handle the situation, he is not the Man.Let’s find out.I love this team, just keeps getting better over time.The future is bright.But as we all know the media will look for anything they can to keep the Leafs in a negative light.

  6. If Reimer blows it in the stretch, Nonis will not be able to hit speedial fast enough to get Luongo.

    Sadly though at that point Gillis may have another interested party, and will no doubt screw the Leafs because they did not take Luongo yesterday.

    I know there are supposed to be more free agent goalies available, but lets face it, the Leafs have had a hell of a time getting good players to come here. Some supposedly good players that have, with a big ticket, have been a disaster (ie. Komisarek, Connolly).

    Somebody else might be ready by the draft to take Luongo, and his desire to get out of Vancouver might have him agree to go to there first, not the best suitor to accomodate his personal and family preferences. That could be Colorado, Calgary, Buffalo, none of which are known for their sunshine and beaches.

  7. BTW I like reimer and Scrivens and hope they do well, but what a ton of pressure to have on them ( and the fans!!!)