NHL Canadian Corner – Thursday, August 15, 2013.

Daniel Alfredsson to address the Ottawa media today, Roberto Luongo’s SUV vandalized, Canadiens coach expects bounce-back seasons from Carey Price and David Desharnais, the Flames seek a post-Iginla captain, and a former Oiler signs in Switzerland.

Daniel Alfredsson to hold a press conference with Ottawa media today.

Daniel Alfredsson to hold a press conference with Ottawa media today.

OTTAWA SUN: Former Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson will speak with the Ottawa media today to discuss his departure from the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be surprised if Alfredsson has any harsh words for Senators management and ownership regarding his decision to sign with the Detroit Red Wings. I’m expecting a low-key response from him.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo had the tires stolen off his SUV from the driveway of his Florida home.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In typical fashion, Luongo was able to see the positive side, taking to Twitter to comment that at least the robbers left the car.

TSN.CA: Montreal Canadiens coach Michel Therrien anticipates bounce-back performances from goaltender Carey Price and center David Desharnais, whose struggles last season led to the Habs early playoff elimination by the Ottawa Senators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Both players enter this season with a lot to prove. Of the pair, Price is the one who absolutely must improve for the Canadiens to not only make the playoffs, but build upon their surprisingly high placement in the standings last season.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: James O’Brien considers several potential candidates for captaincy of the Calgary Flames, including Mark Giordano, Curtis Glencross, Mike Cammalleri and Dennis Wideman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’d say it’s between Giordano and Glencross. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Former Oilers winger Lennart Petrell has signed with Geneve-Servette of Switzerland’s National League A.


  1. To be fair to Price, he was not the only reason the Habs were knocked out in the first round. But he was a bit part of the issue.

  2. I listened to Alfie’s press conference. I think part of the under current was that Ottawa needs someone else to lead them in this next stage where Detroit has an established leadership and he can compliment that leadership rather than be looked at to be THE leader. Classy comment all the way around (as expected). It was interesting to hear him talk about that period of a few days where other teams could talk to him before signing as being key to his descision . I think we will see teams make a more concerted effort to get their UFAs signed before that period.

  3. It all came down to Money.

    Bryan Murray seems quite upset with how Alfie said the contract talks went. In late June… Alfie/JPBarry gave the Sens their offer 2 yrs @ 6M each or 1 yr @ 7M. Sens countered with 4.5M… And then silence from JP Barry, who told Murray he could not reach Alfie??? That wasn’t Alfie’s story…

    Who is to blame? Both sides? Is Alfie worth 6 or 7M a season?

  4. Montreal finished the regular season as an average team defensively. It caught up with them when they slumped and had too many injuries at the wrong time; whereas Ottawa had people coming back from injuries at just the right time. Goalies get too much credit when their defense shelters them from prime scoring opportunities; and too much blame when the whole team collapses.

  5. Alfredsson is no different than any other non-northamerican playing the game. Get what I can and do as little as possible to get it. All SOFT !!!!

    • There are lots of non-North American, and North American, players that your criticism applies to. Alfredsson is not one of them!