NHL Canadian Corner – Thursday, March 28, 2013.

Recaps of the Canadiens-Bruins and Flames-Avalanche games, plus the latest on Joffrey Lupul, Nikolai Khabibulin,  Zach Kassian, and more.

Brendan Gallagher scores in a shootout as the Canadiens edge the Bruins 6-5.

Brendan Gallagher scores in a shootout as the Canadiens edge the Bruins 6-5.

LA PRESSE/BOSTON GLOBE: It was a tough night for the Boston Bruins, blowing two 2-goal leads to fall 6-5 to the Montreal Canadiens in a shootout,then learning their efforts to land Jarome Iginla came to nothing. Habs rookie Brenden Gallagher scored twice, one of which was the game-winner.

CALGARY SUN/DENVER POST: With Jarome Iginla a healthy scratch and on the verge of being dealt to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Calgary Flames hung on for a 4-3 victory over the Colorado Avalanche.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve already offered up my take elsewhere on the Iginla trade. Kudos to the Flames for getting the win in the midst of an era ending for their franchise.

TORONTO STAR: Maple Leafs winger Joffrey Lupul is making up for the time lost to a broken forearm earlier this season, with six goals in five games since his return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lupul’s return means the Leafs can put more focus upon bolstering their goaltending and defensive depth.

EDMONTON SUN: Forty-year-old Nikolai Khabibulin has been shining in relief of starter Devan Dubnyk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Khabibulin is also enhancing his trade value.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Zach Kassian is trying to adjust to life in hockey-mad Vancouver.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless examines numerous Jets issues.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is working with forensic doctors in hopes of proving his belief Penguins forward Matt Cooke deliberately injured Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As more than one person noted on Twitter last night: “It’s CSI Ottawa, starring Eugene Melnyk”. Tonight’s episode: “The First Cut is the Deepest”, or “The Cutting Edge” or ” OK, who cut out the common sense part of Melnyk’s brain?”  

Look, I’m not making light of Karlsson’s injury, and I understand why some folks believe Cooke, with his reputation for deliberately hurting opponents, intentionally injured the Senators blueliner. But Melnyk is taking this to a ridiculous extreme, and it’s not going to change the minds of league disciplinarians who ruled Karlsson’s injury was an accident, which I believe it was. All it does is make the Senators owner look silly, detracting from the club’s amazing performance with several of their best players sidelined by injuries.


  1. Leafs need some strong depth at this point if they are going to make the playoffs and not get blown out !!!

    They need a real strong power play specialist on the back end …..this can account for possibly 1 – 2 extra goals per game that they are lacking on specialty teams thats …..HUGE!!!! Brian Campbell or Dan Boyle would be great !!

    They also need some size and agressiveness upfront ….Raffi Torres would be a great fit here for a minimal fee he could be a siginificant impact for them ……a great veteran pick up woule be Marleau great hands leadership and quality in the dressing room …….they have to trade Kessel his on ice attitude just sucks and can be detrimental to the overall team ……HE HAS TO GO …..even at lesser trade pieces coming back.

    Leafs should make a last minute pitch to Vancouver for Luongo if they can bolster the power play and get an extra goal there and get Luongo in net thats a two to three goal spread most nights that they haven’t had in a long time …..overall this will cut down on the games wheer as they get a lead and loose in the shoot out or deter comeback scenarios …this will be hugs and mix well with what is working on the Leafs !!!

    All in all ……Leafs have to trade Kessel not sure whats in the works ….BUT ALL IKNOW THIS HAS TO HAPPEN he will be useless in the playoffs with an agressive game that he will find at evcery inch of the ice in a series …he will be USELESS !!!!!!!!

  2. @Backchecking

    Seriously you are posting about trading Kessel here today after getting called a “brain-dead Kessel hater” by “Lile” the owner of this site yesterday here on Canadian corner and you didn’t even defend yourself or your position… Personally I think Lile over stepped his boundaries as an impartial ref when he launched a personal attack and basically called some of his customers “brain-dead” but as the owner of the site he can do what he wants, I just found it to be unprofessional. If he doesn’t want the five or six “Kessel haters” that post on his site to be here then a simple get lost from him would probably be sufficient for most of us.

    Anyways buddy Nonis probaly won’t do any of the things you would like to see so you are pretty much wasting your fingers typing. He is in 6th place and will make playoffs this year. The part I won’t enjoy watching is if the Leaf’s draw a tough team in round one who body check Kessel and Bozak once each causing them to run for the hills which will shut down Lupul and force Kadri to be the saviour every game. It will be easy for a team to knock the Leafs out in 4 games if they play them this way. If they draw Boston this is exactly what will happen unless Carlyle combats it with one of his tough guys on a line with Boz and Kessel for protection and open up space which gets Lupul back with Kadri.
    Leafs are going to be slightly handcuffed next year regarding salary cap after signing all their RFA’s and if Kadri gets $5MM so I wouldn’t look for a Lu contract coming back this way unless they can send Grabo packing the other way and that’s even considering buying out Komi.

    • @ Beergoggles

      ….its being brain dead to talk about Nash …Luongo …and Iginla just as much as it is to talk about Kessel on a daily basis …….whos next to talk about ….as far as I see it we ALL talk about what the HOT BUTTON issues are :

      Just curious anyone wish to discuss about that awesome player that was just granted Special status ” Sean Day” ??????………anyone here about him??? ………come on anyone ??????

      Hey lets talk about Connor Mc david ………anyone ?????

      HERES AN IDEA ?????? ……..Lets talk about prospects not playing in the NHL ???

      Theres a GREAT Midget player 13 years old who is unreal right now looking like hes going to take the hockey world by storm!!!

      Hey hoiw about Zach Fucale ….WOW! this kid is going to be a steal at the draft could he go in the top 5 in this years draft !!!

      Ya know its all relative !!!

  3. he’s allowed to post about Kessel as the article opens up the possibility when it mentions leaf trades.

    You are nothing but a cyber bully who needs to go away. I think we all should petition ” Lile ”
    You’ve driven away myself and others in the past and are doing so again. I’m sure ” Lile ” likes seeing his traffic go elsewhere.

  4. Lyle

    as was mentioned in another post by jrd18 please ban this guy. His abuse has been going on for years. Isn’t it time ?

  5. Who ever said Lyle was supposed to be an impartial ref? It’s his site, he can say what he wants. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to come to this site. It’s pretty simple, really.

    • Didn’t I just say he can say what he wants its his site? Omg.

      • I reread your post and actually you said you thought he should remain impartial and that you thought he overstepped his bounds. OMGto you too…

  6. Yep so you and Beer can have your own personal site with Lyle. Lots of info out there.


  7. Iam not so much concerned with what Lyle says he has his view just like everyone else thats why he has created this site …….if everyone floowed what Lyle says then why do we get to blog here that means Lyle would be GOD and ecvverything he said was th unequivical END ALL BE ALL …….I see it different as I dont se this situation like a social media / news reporter ……I see the Kessel situation like a GM and business man should ….and thats the difference from my posts in compared to other posters …..if everything just made sense becuase it was written by someone who owns a website we would be rioting in the streets killing each other thats for usre .

    I love that Lyle has his view of what he believse and we all get to comment on it as an open forum and thats what makes this site so special …..its the fact we can interact not the rumours posted or just the opinion of the owner of the site ……should i wash his feet in holy water and clean it with my hair too !!!

    Please If I think Kessel will or SHOULD get traded id say that the person saying he shouldnt is brain dead watching his sorry ass of a hockey player playing every night and stiill having the nerve to say hes an eleit player becuase hes not and he washed up in Trornto and he will always be the American Kovolev to me…howmany teams wish the could have taken back that transaction …..MANY so what does that say about the state of Kessel ….he gets assists as a third party to touch the puck BIG DEAL he does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in every other facet of the game at this point and so much so that hes taken down J V R with him ……thats called a disease …….and if Kessel was not 5 years in on the league and had not scored 30 goals in the past on multiple ocassions and this was his SAY 2nd year like in Boston Id be hard pressed to find a way to sign him again and rather capatalise on the asset to move my team forward like the Bruins did and succeded in doing …….Kessel is an incomplete hockey play who can only socre or play one on one …….I am sick and tired of watching an NHL hockey player shy away from a mere touch of the body to loose a battle for the puck ….if he was not on the Leafs Id really have nothing to say about him because he wouldnt be effecting the team I cheer for……Id rather him score 20 goals somehere else and the Leafs get a true hardnosed 20- goal scorer like Clarkson who adds a dynamic to the game that you cant teach ….its called HEARET and a WILL TO WIN at ALL COSTS !!!!!!

    Id take a guy like Ian Lapperier ANY DAY over a slug like Phil Kessel .

    As Forrest Gump would say ………Thats all I gotta say about that !!!!!!!

    F Y I most of my posts are to invigorate converstaion and talk hockey not get blasted ….Iam pretty detailed in my posts……and if you have read my posts in the past youd see that a lot of what I say aboyut the hockey aspect is pretty bang on ….I have also shared a number of stats and a lot of propetcs to watch out for in my posts while learning to only talk LEAFS here in the Canadian corner …..Iam not that braind dead YET ……only being a retired 40 year old !!!

    thank you come again !

    • Here here brother. I love it.

  8. With apologies to other leaf and, I hope the leafs get rid of kessel for those “lesser parts” just so backchecking and beergoggles get their wish and watch their team supersuck for years to come.

    • Just out of curiousity ????????
      What is the difference if I talk about Kessel or everyday all I have to read is about Jerome Iginla or Luongo ….I mean really doesnt stuff get bled to death on this site anyways and you blame me for briniging up Kessel all the time ……WOW !!!!
      This site was the UNOFFICIAL …..RICK NASH site…… for a whole year ….day in day ou!
      So I talk about everything else on the rumours and what I feel about the Leafs and other Canadian teams here!!!!

      Not sure what is different from what is written at the top of this page and the other stuff that gets discussed isnt it just the real Hockey news of the day ?????

      I mean really isnt it????

      I mean doesnt Lile just reprt or blog about what ever the other writers are writing about ….JUST THE SAME AS WE DO TO HIM ?????

      • Did I say anything about you not beingallowed to talk about what you want? You voiced your thoughts and I voiced mine.you think kessel should be traded for whatever and I think he has morevaluethan that. Did you not say openforum? Can I not respectfully have my say or disagree with you or others opinion? Readyour own words on respecting others before goingoff yourself if you truly meanit.

        • Your right but that wasnt my point !!!!
          And Ive never EVER put down another poster !!

          So I wasnt saying that your wrong at all …but the leafs will not super suck if Kessel is not there !
          Not sure of why he is the saviour when he is not a quality player

          • My opinion is they will supersuck if you give kessel away for spare parts. He has more value then you give him credit for. I think you used to use the handle firewilson or something before beergoggles. If so you need to take off the beergoggles, so to speak, and maybe change it to tradekessel. It’s fine you don’t like his style and think the team should be built different and petition for change to that effect. We are all homers for our teams but it just amazes me that some leafs are so overvalued but kessel is undervalued. If he is traded at least nonis will procure a far greater return for him than you would.

          • Beergoggles/backchecking sorry if I’m mixing you guys up and for the wordmashing and spelling. I’m on my phone and everything reads like a friggin’ crossword puzzle on here!

  9. I respect the ability for someone to hate or disrespect a player for what they are or how they play. What cannot be argued though, is results. As of today, Kessel has 10 Goals and 24 Assists for a total of 34 points, averaging at least one a game. His last 12 games have averaged more than that per game. He ranks 66th in goals overall. Not so great for a guy who only scores goals one on one as you say.. He ranks 10th overall in Assists. What a selfish sniper he is. He ranks 13th overall in the league for total points. By the way, that ranks him ahead of all these deadbeats in total points: Vanek, Semin, Toews, Duchene, Ladd, Giroux,Ovechkin, Zetterberg, Neal,Bergeron, Kopitar, Hall, Koivu, Tavares, Backstrom, Thornton, Nash, Perry, Kovalchuk, both Sedins and Tyler Seguin. There are more but that should give you a good idea. All incomplete, lousy, one way shit players, just like Kessel, I am sure you would agree. Sure, lets trade Kessel and his 34 points for David Clarkson and his 20 points. Then we go look for another guy who can maybe put up 80 points a year. Or maybe Clarkson will put up 82 points a year for the next 5 years starting anytime soon.Or lets trade for some other guy like Clarkson on another team who potentially scores 80 points, and wants to trade for our guy who scores 80 points? No, i don’t think so. These pure skill guys do not grow on trees. Here’s an idea. Why not keep Kessel and his 80 points and trade a truckload of some other lesser thans on the Leafs for David Clarkson? Or someone like him. Some patience may be required here though, these guys are almost as tough to get as 80 point guys.While I would agree that Kessel should have been added as a finishing piece to a well developed Leafs team, he was not. But he is only 25 and he has many good years left in him to still be a complimentary player to a hopefully better Leafs team that is currently being assembled. He is what he is and he has gotten better, but what you want to make him into is akin to asking Marty Brodeur or Tim Thomas to play a structured, mechanical robotic style as a goalie. It just aint happening man. As for me, I will take all the upside he brings, and hope Nonis can find enough of what Kessel is lacking in the other 13 forwards on the roster.

    • Here here.

    • Damn good post sir. Cheers!