NHL Canadian Corner – Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

Recap of the Canucks-Oilers and Hurricanes-Maple Leafs games, plus the latest on P.K. Subban, Dustin Byfuglien, Jiri Hudler and more.

Chris Tanev scores in OT as Canucks down Oilers.

Chris Tanev scores in OT as Canucks down Oilers.

VANCOUVER SUN/EDMONTON SUN: Chris Tanev’s first career NHL goal was a big one, scoring in overtime as the Canucks rallied from a 2-0 deficit to nip the Edmonton Oilers 3-2. Goals by Jannik Hansen and Kevin Bieksa spurred the comeback and set the stage for Tanev’s OT winner. Ales Hemsky and Ryan Smyth scored for the Oilers, while Edmonton goalie Devan Dubnyk made 37 saves in the loss.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM/TORONTO STAR: Second period goals by Jordan and Eric Staal spurred the Carolina Hurricanes down the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-1. Hurricanes netminder Cam Ward made 41 saves for the win. Matt Frattin scored his fifth of the season for the Leafs, who were victim of three questionable officiating calls in the second period which helped shift the game’s momentum.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The officiating has been inconsistent so far this season. Looks like the players aren’t the only ones shaking off the rust from a long lockout.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Dave Stubbs tears into Hockey Night in Canada’s PJ Stock for claiming there’s tension between P.K. Subban and his Canadiens teammates.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  As Stubbs noted, Subban’s hung out with teammates Josh Gorges and Brandon Prust since returning to the lineup, and chirped others on Twitter. His arriving alone to a recent home game also isn’t unusual. Some tension probably exists between Subban and some of his teammates, but I doubt it’s a serious issue.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien will miss his third straight game when they take on the Florida Panthers tonight. Byfuglien is currently listed as day-to-day with a lower-body injury.

CALGARY HERALD: Flames forward Jiri Hudler is using hockey to deal with the grief over his father’s death. Hudler faces off tonight for the first time against his former team, the Detroit Red Wings.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators have called up center Stephane Da Costa.


  1. Toronto’s lack of a decent power play shifted the games outcome once again. The Leafs had all kind of momentum in the first period but their lack luster power play deflated any chance of winning.

    Bozak and Phaneuf on the number one power play unit is a joke. If Carlyle keeps them on the number one unit any longer I have to question his coaching. Phaneuf almost broke JVR’s arm last night with another high shot like he did to Lupul. He either misses the net or hits guys above the waist. Bozak is a joke on the power play, he has no creativity and just stands around in the same spot waiting for something to happen but nothing ever does. GET HIM OFF THE POWER PLAY…

    • @Beergoggles….I already do question Carlyle’s coaching ability. Foolish is the man who continually recreates the same circumstance for failure and actually expects different results will occur.

      As you said Phaneuf can’t hit the net but he’s got a knack for injuring his own players; and people wonder why the Leafs won’t go to the front of the net. Bozak, Phaneuf and Kessel on the power play are non factors these days so sit them out.

      Better odds with Frattin, Liles, JVR, Kadri and Koskta, Fraser, Ryan Hamilton Gunnerson; some combo of these players. I don’t know…. anything but Bozak Kessel and Phaneuf. I just wish this team would either upgrade or tank but just being a .500 team where one night they play ok and the next night appear to have never played together before is just too frustrating. Then you have officiating that appears to be constantly making bad calls night after night in all cities across the league.

      Its a rant I know but still;… this version of useless is just about as bad as last years version of useless coached by ” Gee WTF am I doing Wilson”..

      So for the aforementioned 3 Players who are killing this team

      Dion: take extra practice and learn how to hit the net and not your team mates.

      Kessel: You’re a floater..Lupul is gone. No big dog coming to Toronto to pave the way to net for you so get over yourself and lets get dirty.

      Bozak: You do realize that on any other team you would qualify as a 3rd line centre don’t you? We all do; so why don’t you, Kessel and Dion have a chat and discuss how useless you’ve played and then go become better teammates.

      • OMG you read my mind on ever subject of your rant. lol

        I called it after 3 games that the Leafs will pick between 8th and 12th over all in the draft and miss the playoffs. Useless all around…

        • Phaneuf has been in this league long enough that if he wanted to hit the net he would find a way to do it. Imagine what could happen if he wanted to shoot low and hit the net…that would lead to some great scoring chances. Maybe he is one of those guys who like to hear the sound of the puck booming off the boards and it gives his already overinflated ego a pump-up. Bottom line: either get someone who can hit the net with regularity or watch the power play fail time after time.

          Burke knew what he was getting with Kessel. He was a floater with the Bruins and even though he could put the puck in the net he wasn’t “Bruin” material. You can’t change him so if Toronto is going to keep him they need to find people who can not only feed him the puck, score themselves as well as look after the defensive side of the game. (yea, those guys are easy to find.)

          I thought that when Carlyle put JvR on the power play he was going in the right direction. In fact if they put the entire “2nd” line out on the PP they would probably do better than what they have now.

      • Why pick on Bozak? He is not the GM or coach. The shows up and does the best he can with the tools he has. Celebrate him rather that using negative energy to crush him.

  2. I actually used to like PJ Stock, but to make these comments to feed the media bs about PK not being liked is annoying. Like you said Spector, I’m sure there’s people on the team that don’t like him. That being said I’m sure there’s people he doesn’t like. I’m sure there are people on other teams that don’t like players on their own team as well. People are from all over the world on these teams and you can bet they’ll be different. But as along as they are professional about it and do their jobs (which PK looks to have done so far and then some), its a non issue.

    People need to drop it and enjoy the fact Montreal is playing some of their best hockey I’ve seen them play in a long long while.

  3. For whatever reason, Ron MacLean has decided to promote PJ Stock to a position within Hockey Night in Canada that he has not earned nor deserves. He is like MacLeans kid brother who during the segment sits beside him and gets all excited waiting to speak and then what comes out of his mouth causes the other members of the HNIC panel to roll their eyes. You can see that both Kevin Weekes and Glen Healy have a hard time controlling their disdain for someone who clearly does not belong in that group.
    For him to spew his National Enquirer style reporting regarding P. K. Subban on HNIC degrades the entire broadcast. What he has against Subban is unknown at this time but he clearly had an axe to grind and sadly he chose a national stage like HNIC to smear a young man’s reputation.
    A classless act by a classless man.

    • They won’t get rid of PJ when they still have a horrible and always wrong hater Glen Healy still with a working mike. Most of HNIC staff blows.

      • I don’t know if most of “HNIC” blows but I thought after getting rid of Bumbling Mike Milbury they could at least replace him with someone who had a bit of talent.
        Sadly, and again for some unknown reason, MacLean has taken a liking to Stock and whatever Ronnie Mac wants Ronnie Mac gets, even to the exclusion of better qualified individuals.

  4. @ Joey …

    @ Beer goggles

    WOW!! Good call buddy …you ve pretty much summed up my posts here for the last year!!

    It is bad coaching at this point to keep a power play that is 2 for 28 + ……I mean what the heck is that …in another term that is called insanity …
    becuase only the insane do what they know is wrong after doing it so many times with the same results !!!!

    If you do not score a man down …you will never win a Hockey game …it’s almost like a free goal and can change the momentum buy seperating the teams in the crunch on the scoreboard ……Leafs need to really look at the long term future here and look at what is really going on !!!!

    I thought they brought John Michael Liles in to be a puck mover and power play specialist !! What a joke !!!
    Is he even playiong rigt now ….LOL ….yeah 3 years at $4.5 million W T F

    Dion cant hit the net which causes the puck to go into the corners and the d man to clear the zone with NO SECONDARY scoring chances what so ever !!!!

    They are too small on the top two lines and have a hard time in the corners and cycling the puck and moving it into the front of the net …..watch how Marleau has scored all his goals this year !!!
    Carlyle should take notes and work on that !!

    They should move Dion, Kessel, Macrthur and two of there defensman …..get the absolute best you can in return with youth size and skill being the pirority up front with players that can play on the top two lines with 2 of those trades you can get at least 2 to 3 …. # 1 draft picks this year along with propects.
    The best trading partners for the Leafs are the…… Wild , Oilers , Stars , Avalanche and Jets !

    • How about we just make Phaneuf stand in front of the net on the power play and let all the unacurate shooters unload from the point.

      • LOL @ BeerGoggles…now wouldn’t that be karma

  5. @ Joey I am hoping you mean Franson not Fraser but I get your point. When you are getting most of your goals from Frattin and Kadri, they should clearly be on the first power play unit. If Phaneuf is not playing the right side, he should not be on the power play. Try Franson on the right and Liles or Kostka on the left and see what happens. My 14 year old has better accuracy than Phaneuf.

    For the most part I like the JVR, Bozak ( no other choice) Kessel line, till Lupul is back.

    I like the Grabo, Kulemin line with McClement. Trade McArthur while you can still get something for him.

    I love Kadri, Frattin and Komorov.

    Keep McClement / Brown, Steckel and Orr.

    Gunnarsson when healthy should pair back up with Phaneuf.

    Gardiner when healthy should pair up with Kostka

    Fraser and Franson are working well

    Trade Liles. Reilly is on the way.

    Holzer or Komisarek is your 7th. But trade Komisarek if you can.

    As for PJ Stock, he is jealous he never had as much attention as PK as a player. When he first came on HNIC I had to google him as I had never heard of him before.His first gaffe was to rip D’Arcy Tucker on HNIC. He never stood a chance with me after that. But he is a nice figure skater I suppose.

    • I still say Bozak isn’t the right guy for the top line and especially for the top power play unit. He just stands in the middle of the ice waiting for a pass to come from Kessel but it rarely does because Bozak is completely covered by the opposition due to him just standing in the same spot. Kessel skates in circles taking shots at the side of the net from a bad angle, JVR is stuck in front and either gets pounded by a defensman or by a Phaneuf shot, and Lyles usually hits a leg and can’t get the shot through.

  6. I have to wonder, if the new management in Montreal and the new coach arent trying to curb PK Subbans outgoing personality because of the new TV reality series 24CH. Having cameras in the dressing room and everywhere else might have the team concerned about PK being overbearing compared to other teammates. Otherwise I have to shake my head at the “low five” rule.

  7. @ Old Soldier ….interesting insight!!

    You would figure that if you were doing a TV series you would want something to film ….as opposed to a morgue ??? LOL ….Do you watch OIL CHANGE by chance ???
    …Ive been watching that for that the last few years …really cool insite ….but you do crave a little more don’t you ???
    Whats wierd is that the Candiens go through all the trouble to carry a torch ….but want the guy carrying it to be the strong silent type !! ….maybe they should have made an announcement on the intercom at the BEL center when they wer chanting PKs name to please be quiet !! …NICELY!!!….in french …lol

    • I think that ceremony was incredible. The players presented themselves with class and respect for that for h that was being passed from past Stanley Cup champions and incredible team leaders. What do you want the players to do with it? Dance? Juggle it? Hulk Hogan style “I can’t hear you?” With it in their hand?

  8. The leafs PP is horrible totally agree. I have liked most of the things carlyle has done except for his unwillingness to take bozak off the top line. When your #1 scorer isn’t scoring at all you switch things up. The best thing would be to move kadri up but if that is to early then at least put kadri on the PP and remove bozak. Kadri is just so smooth and creative with the puck he deserves a chance and it can’t hurt cuz look at the results so far. I have no idea how someone hasn’t grabbed all dions sticks and broke them. He needs a stiff straight stick. Even if he misses the net at least keep it down so your guys can make a play with it. I saw him hit jvr and couldn’t believe it I thought same thing there goes another broken arm. As for moves, I’d wait another month and see where the team stands but my guess is somewhere around the bottom, and if so I’d move grabo, bozak, and maccarthur. Bring connolly back up and let his contract run out and hope he sucks while he’s up and take a huge run at all the top ufas this summer, getzlaf, perry, horton, backstrom. Time for the leafs to act like they are a big market team.

    • I also wouldn’t mind seeing lyles moved when Gardiner comes back. I don’t know if its the long offseason but he seems out of place. Perfect example was against Carolina just getting beat to pucks and out of position, not generating much offense either.