NHL Canadian Corner – Tuesday, March 26, 2013.

Recaps of Monday’s games featuring Canadian NHL teams, plus the latest on Bryan Little, Jeff Halpern, Flames coach Bob Hartley and the challenges facing Canucks management as the trade deadline nears.

Mika Zibanejad's shootout goal lifts the Senators to victory over the Devils.

Mika Zibanejad’s shootout goal lifts the Senators to victory over the Devils.

OTTAWA CITIZEN/NORTHJERSEY.COM: Mika Zibanejad scored the winner in a shootout as the plucky Ottawa Senators edged the New Jersey Devils 3-2. The Devils also lost Bryce Salvador and Stephen Gionta to injuries in this game.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The win also moved the Senators four points over the Toronto Maple Leafs for fifth overall in the Eastern Conference standings. Speaking of the Leafs…

BOSTON GLOBE/TORONTO STAR: The Boston Bruins overcame a 2-0 deficit to nip the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-2 in a shootout. Patrice Bergeron had both the game-tying and game-winning goals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The win moves the Bruins into a tie with the idle Montreal Canadiens for first in the Northeast Division, while the Leafs gained a point to remain sixth overall, one point up on the New Jersey Devils.

THE TENNESSEAN/EDMONTON JOURNAL: Sergei Kostitsyn atoned for his costly line change last week against the Edmonton Oilers by netting a goal and an assist in the Nashville Predators 3-2 victory last night over the Oilers.

WINNIPEG SUN: Bryan Little is coming up big of late for the Jets.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Jeff Halpern is happy to return to the Canadiens, for whom he last played in 2010-11. The Habs claimed him off waivers from the NY Rangers.

CALGARY HERALD: Bob Hartley considers coaching the Flames back to respectability the toughest job of his career.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll get even tougher if management fails to provide him with a decent roster for next season.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Patient Canucks GM Mike Gillis has little margin for error heading toward the NHL trade deadline.



  1. I like Joey’s rant after the Leaf game yesterday. You have to go to yesterdays canadian corner to see it.

    Once again the so called top line played like a 4th line but Carlyle does nothing to rectify the problem. For some reason shitting on Grabo is fine but not on Kessel and Bozak. Kessel was especially brutel last night but for some reason TSN decided to show one play where he actually back checked a guy and used this to show fans how good he was playing. They failed to point out on that actual play that he eventually let the guy go even though he was still around the net and the puck was loose and also failed to mention how soft he played in his own end for the rest of the game. Kessel must be sending these announcers doughnuts before the game to talk him up. WTF was that in the shoot out? Kulimen taking the shootout after the TSN panel did an entire segment on how he has only one move and already used it on his goal. Did Carlyle not think someone mentioned the move to Rask before the actual shoot out attempt.

    I now think it’s official JVR has caught that nasty “Bozssel” disease. The symptoms include feeling like you are floating, low to zero energy, a feeling of being constantly afraid, pretending you are somewhere else, along with many other serious side effects.

    • JVR has been invisible for a number of games.

    • I didn’t really pay attention to these things before but last night noticed Kessel coming into Boston end down the wing and puck was pushed away from him and into the corner. Kessel was skating fast and was actually flying towards the corner the puck was pushed to…..then guess what happened? He harshly turned and changed difection and went behind the net where no body was and watched as a trailer went after the puck in the corner. Kessel was first responder but totally pussed out. Unbelievable!!! He must have saw his own shadow.

      • Hes worse than Kovalev
        Its been going on for years but people turn a blind eye when he scores but its not tolerable anymore ….he has to go …….TODAY!!!!!!

        Anyone is better ….problem now is trade value is shit !!!

        • The abb’s of Bruins management are like a 6 pack. Why you ask? Because of the 3 years of constant laughing over the 2, 1st round picks they got for scaredy cat Kessel. Leafs management has good abb’s too from the vomiting.

    • Iam not sure how Iam going to beat this post …..could not have said it better myself except for one thing !!!!! The fire Wilson chant is now …….

      Trrraaaaaade …….Kessel
      Trrraaaaaddee ……Kessel
      Trraaaade…………. Kessel
      Trraaaaade ……….Kessel



      Ryan Hamilton would have been good on the shoot out hes unknown to Rask !!


      Leafs need a BIG BODY winger that goes in the corners to cough up pucks to feed JVR infront ( aka ) Clarkson

      A power play specialist …..( aka ) NOT DION

      A veteran solid back up / number 1 goalie ….( aka ) Kipper

      A veteran forward or D man that has a cup ring that is respected in the League and can add depth and leadership.

      • Can we include Bozak as a throw in on that kessel trade. McClement will be just fine taking Bozaks place on what ever line. Leafs don’t need either of these guys. To bad they dumped Steckle he was a better face off guy and better pk guy then bozak and would lay the body, go to the corners and the front of the net from time to time unlike the pussy Bozak. I can’t stand watching these two pussys anymore.

  2. Anyone notice Dion played 28 min and the Leafs lost. I’m telling you
    Dion 22min leafs win
    Dion 25min its a fifty fifty chance
    Dion 28min leafs always lose.

  3. Does anyone else think there is way too much leafs talk from some disgruntled fan who thinks he has all the solutions to the teams woes? Fuck I know I am.

    • Does anyone care what you think…

      • Yes we do care…BeerGoggles…your drunk again…stop posting every 6 seconds….get a job….maybe your 6…. I don’t know…if so OK then but damn we are sick of listening to you and the rest of dumbass Leaf Nation…what a joke.

        • @stupida
          I’m retired at 35 so I have nothing else to do but rant about mediocrity which seems to be something you and Ron are accustom too probably in your daily lives. Enjoy your 9 to 5 grid buddy boy. I’m all good…

          • No idea ……hammered again…ha ha….makes my day to read all your dumb posts…keep it up…make my 9-5 bearable!

            Stupida…did you think of that yourself….ha ha ha ha…I like it!

  4. Can a Ben Bishop get a JBow and maybe a pick and prospect for a Drew Stafford and or Derek Roy? I’d like to see Sen’s do something at least. And they had a billion $$$’s in available capspace next year.

  5. Jussi baby…….on waivers and someone who can score in the shootout !!!

    As for BG well I left this site for a year due to him..ignore him.