NHL Canadian Corner – Wednesday, July 24, 2013.

Updates on Roberto Luongo, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Dustin Byfuglien and more.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports Canucks GM Mike Gillis claims his talks this summer with Roberto Luongo are going well. The club will also raise Pavel Bure’s Number 10 to the rafters at a future date when Bure can be present for the honour.  Jim Jamieson reports contract talks between the Canucks and defenseman Chris Tanev are dragging on with no end in sight. Tanev is a restricted free agent lacking arbitration rights.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Luongo has no choice. He must either suit up with the Canucks next season, face suspension for not reporting, or retire. As for Bure, this is an honour long overdue.  Tanev, meanwhile, doesn’t have much leverage and ultimately must accept the Canucks offer.

Should the Oilers re-sign Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to a long-term extension?

Should the Oilers re-sign Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to a long-term extension?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples believes the Oilers should re-sign Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to a long-term contract extension. Bruce McCurdy, meanwhile, reports there’s no indication the Oilers will bring back Linus Omark, who spent last season in Switzerland. Omark is apparently willing to return to the NHL but the Oilers claim there’s little interest around the league in him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: New Oilers GM Craig MacTavish might prefer signing Nugent-Hopkins to a “bridge contract”, though he could have a tough time selling that to the center’s agent after MacT’s predecessor locked up Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall to lucrative long-term deals. As for Omark, perhaps if he’s packaged with Ales Hemsky, the Oilers could move him.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless wonders if Dustin Byfuglien’s invitation to Team USA’s Olympic orientation camp might result in better fitness levels this season for the hulking blueliner.

CALGARY HERALD: Flames goalie Karri Ramo has been invited to Finland’s Men’s Olympic Hockey orientation camp.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: New Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment President and CEO Tim Leiweke is engaging in a “major housecleaning” of the senior ranks of the organization.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I hear he’s looking for parade planners…kidding! 😉


  1. After the year nugent-Hopkins had he shouldn’t get signed to a huge contract but well see how he plays this year.

  2. I don’t think MacT is obligated to offer the same contract that was dished-out to Hall and Eberle. Though I would caution against a bridge contract if RNH is a long-term Oiler. Look at what Bergevin is faced with in MTL in Subban. Subban wanted $5M per, long-term. He’ll now command over $7M.

    • The cap will be going up by 3-5 million next year so the extra 1.5-2 million that Subban will get (he reportedly wanted 5.5 on a 6 year deal) in his new deal will have a minor effect on the cap. If he shows a similar season in Montreal he will get 8 years at 7-7.25 million. If he’s on fire in the first half that contract will be done before the Olympics. Not a big issue, the bridge deal may have been a motivator for Subban to perform at the level he did last year.

      RNH definitely should be given a bridge deal based on how often he is injured and how thin he is. Kid has to train harder to get his body ready for the wear and tear of playing with the men of the NHL, not the boys of junior. He can still take a 4 mill 2 year deal, perform well then get his long term stability and the cap will be higher so he can make a little extra then.

  3. Bundling an unwanted asset with another unwanted asset does not make a deal any more appealing. Hemsky has no role on the Oilers and has to go, but the market for him (his salary) is non-existant.

  4. Luongo will get the last laugh when his actual dollar salary drops to nothing in a few years time and he retires…saddling the Canucks with a big cap hit/clawback penalty.