NHL Canadian Corner – Wednesday, March 20, 2013.

Recaps of NHL games featuring Canadian teams, plus the latest on the Maple Leafs, Oilers and Flames.

Blake Wheeler (R) celebrates one of his two goals as the Jets down the Bruins 3-1.

Blake Wheeler (R) celebrates one of his two goals as the Jets down the Bruins 3-1.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS/BOSTON GLOBE: Blake Wheeler scored twice and Ondrej Pavelec made 27 saves as the Winnipeg Jets overcame a 1-0 deficit with three unanswered third period goals to down the Boston Bruins 3-1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The win vaulted the Jets into first in the Southeast Division and third overall, two points up on the slumping Carolina Hurricanes, who lost to the  Florida Panthers last night. 

VANCOUVER PROVINCE/STLTODAY.COM: The Vancouver Canucks held off a third period rally by the St. Louis Blues to emerge with a 3-2. Cory Schneider made 32 saves for the win.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The win moves the Canucks into a tie with the Blues for fifth overall in the Conference.

OTTAWA CITIZEN/NEWSDAY: Four unanswered third period goals lifted the Ottawa Senators to a 5-3 victory over the New York Islanders. The win proved costly, as Senators defenseman Marc Methot was sidelined with a lower body injury. The Senators also learned yesterday winger Milan Michalek will be out a month recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Give it up to the Senators, they’ve been bitten hard by the injury bug, but are still finding ways to win games, thanks largely to their goaltending depth and their young players.

BUFFALO NEWS/LA PRESSE: The Montreal Canadiens overcame a 2-0 deficit, but a high-sticking penalty to P.K. Subban resulted in Steve Ott’s overtime goal as the Buffalo Sabres nipped the Habs 3-2.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The overtime point, combined with the Bruins loss to Winnipeg, ensured the Canadiens remain atop the Northeast Division and second overall, but they’ve now fallen three points behind the surging Pittsburgh Penguins for first overall in the Conference.

TORONTO STAR: The Maple Leafs have recalled Jake Gardiner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like his agent’s “#FreeJakeGardiner” hashtag campaign on Twitter finally worked. OK, that’s not the reason why Gardiner was recalled, but I couldn’t resist a bit of a dig.

EDMONTON SUN: Ryan Jones is battling his way back into the Oilers lineup.

CALGARY SUN: The Flames are trying to overcome a horrible road record. Their last road win came on February 17.


  1. Interesting, call or missed call last night on PK, sometimes these things happen and I ofter wonder why so many people get freaked out over an agressive play, He tried to make the big hit he missed if it was not for OT then it does not even matter. I think the Habs are looking around the league to shore up their Defense shutdown guy with toughness/size and Maybe a Winger/centre with high % faceoff wins. I personally want a tough guy (parros) I know he only has one use but Against Boston he would deal with Cromag clown Chara!

    Hey Lyle are you hearing anything re: habs and who they may target or the than Clowe? Someone has posted a rumour that Hawks/habs were talking aminly due to Gauthier and Bowman (Scotty) being at the game last night? Who would you like to see them acquire?

    Thank Lyle as always enjoy readign your stuff daily.

    Cheers B-)


    • I’ve heard they might have interest in Clowe, but I’m not sure how serious it could be. Bergevin will keep an eye on things, but given how well his team is playing, if he makes any moves at all, they’ll be depth ones and not significant deals.

  2. The Ottawa Senators deserve so much respect and so does Paul McLean – just amazing.


    I was really hoping that Nonis would take the last few days as the Leafs had a 3 day break to make a bold move aka ( TRADE) as they would have had 3 days to let it setlle in and have a few practices …..this would have allowed them to go into a strecth of the next few crucial games with a little new outlook …I feel a real good opportunity was missed here for the timing of this difficult season.

    I think that the Leafs should see if they can do a Phanuef for Boyle Or Campbell swap with San Jose or Florida the money is the same but Boyle & Campbell are better on special teams and would be a better as well as having a stanley cup rings in the room they would be needed for a good playoff push and can bring some stability to the back end and the contracts are near the same so it wouldnt matter about money for either club !!!

    Macarthur and a 3rd rounder ……for Marleau

    Grabo and Gardiner….. for Luongo and Tanev

    Kessel staright up for Stastny

    • I can’t tell you how thrilled I am you re not the Leafs GM. Terrible trade proposals, just terrible.

      • Hey Ron …thats your opinion!!

        Thank you!!

        The reality Ron is that Macrthur is a UFA next year and will command $4- 5 million
        Marleau is a veteran that the leafs need whom is having a banner year and is a previous Captain who brings leadership into the room for a Playoff push and can settle down the offence when things go south !!!!

        Rielly is another Gardiner so is Finn and so is Blacker Gyesberg and the list goes on …Grabo is the leafs highest paid offensive player who is the best trade chip we have in aqcuiring an Elite Goalie in Luongo …SIMPLE !!!!

        Tanev is superb and can play now and replace a position that we are lacking at in the top 4 with ease !!!!

        Jamie Campbell and Dan Boyle have a term similatr to Dion and run a power play ten times better than Dion does thats for damn sure both of which have stanley cup rings so am not sure what your problem is there the money is almost the same and both have a btter shot and are more agile than Phanuef has been for years ….
        What has Dion done other than eat minutes …NOTHING !!!!!!

        Are you prepared to go into next year and extend Kessel with a $7 mill contract extension for 5 – 8 years per year …really are you??????????? NUTS hes the softest player in the league and IMO is worthless on the Leafs moving forward !!!

        Stastny is the possibly ONLY true # 1 Center that is available to fill the second most Important position on the team in the NHL and makes more sense than you think !!!!

        Obviously you like more of the same ….and what like the Oilers RIGHT want to go through a draft ….give me a break …go back to every team over the past decade who has won the CUP and look at the MIX of veteran presence power play specialist and Cup rings they had in the room to make it happen …….

        PLEASE GIVE YOUR HEAD A SHAKE …….These are the GLARING HOLES in the Leafs line up …….the only reasoin they are even close to a playoff position this year is because ……THEY HAVENT PLAYED ANY WESTERN TEAMS !!!!

        They are way to young as a group and way to inexpereinced to compete at a high level and need to address that ……thats why the Jets are doing well right now

        Byflugen …CUP
        Ladd 3 Cups
        Wheeler …veteran who plays 200 feet
        Pavelec legit # 1
        Bogosian and Enstrom ….Byflugen…… powerplay !!!!

        Veteran leadership….. specialists at there position !!!

        Its the mix that makes winners !!!!!

        Go back to sleep !!

        • Ha ha ha nice rant, still wrong but nice try.

        • @Backchecking

          First off you need to ignore Ron Moore he never comes in with any trade proposals he just trashes other peoples posts with one liners. I just pretend he doesn’t exist and don’t read any of his posts.

          Secondly I heard some talk today about Kiprusoff to the Leafs for a first and a prospect, plus Scrivens. I’d like to see Gunnar and Scrivens instead considering Kipr’s stats this year. I think he would be a good mentor to Riemer but I’d rather pay more and go after Miller.
          I agree with going after Marleau provided it can be done with draft picks and Bozak. I doubt Nonis does anything. I have lost confidence in much happening except for maybe Kiprusoff

  4. I really doubt you will see a move where a phaneuf, kessel get moved mid season, leafs are trying to get an identity and moving them would be more confusing then anything. I’d stay away from luongo until off season from all the goalies people are listing could be moved this offseason prices should drop for a starting goalie if Reimer and scrivens don’t pan out which I think they should get the rest of the year to just put to rest what they are. Also if kessel is moved he’d be moved for someone more proven or better upside then statsny.

  5. @ JRD18

    I respectfuly disagree……Leafs can not bail out on this years playoffs ….they need a # 1 Goalie and really need to make a serious push the offseason is to late this time around the time is NOW ….MUST HAPPEN!!

    Not sure where your going to find a bonifide #1 Center around the league that is avaialable ??????
    ( There NOT ) …there is one in Colorado ….Avs can not have 3 centerman at the average of $5.75 million now that Oreilly can not be traded until Feb of next year!
    Stastny is not my first choice either but it is what is most realistic and much needed for this years playoff drive if they get there !!!! Leafs only on hook for one more year like Kessels deal anyways and puts in place a quality player in the second most needed position on the team!!

    IMO its a glaring fact that both Phaneuf and Kessel need to move on !! I think it will spark the team if they acquire the right pieces with veteran leadership to fill those positions and be a beter move all around they need the change both club and players !

    • Don’t be surprized if the Rangers buy out Richards this summer and he’s available much cheaper. You never know when it comes to the Rangers. lol

  6. I do agree that of the #1 centers in the nhl or potential #1 statsny is about it. If your going to move phaneuf I’d rather try for couturier out of Philly but that probably won’t happen. I’m not disagreeing with you on the needs of the team or that it does t seem to be working with phaneuf and kessel as the leaders just don’t see these type of big team changing moves happening mid season, more of an offseason move.

    • I agree Nonis won’t move Phaneuf or Kessel

  7. The Sens injuries are piling up.

    And they are long term injuries to their best players.

    As Sens fans.. that is getting hard to live with.

    The latest one to Methot could prove to be the final straw that the Sens will not recover from.

  8. @ JRD18

    I think with the return of Lupul in the room and by bringing in a quality veteran such as Boyle or Campbell missing Phanuef would not be such a big impact on the club especially in the room as Lupul would be a greater choice IMO for Captain …he leads on and off the Ice Phanuef is just eating minutes!

    They need a Boyle or Campbell to help drive the power play Phanuef sucks bad and this is where average teams win the tight games in special teams …hes actually hurting the team IMO


    The Rumours of the Leafs adding Ribiero …..PLEASE NONIS……………… NO!!!!!!!
    Thats another Tim Connolly …please NO!!!!!….. …please!!!!!

  10. how about Phaneuf to Flyers as they are looking for offensive def and he gets over 40 points regularly.

    Ask for 1 or both Schenns

  11. Well Leaf fans understand that to move Dion and his contract for better player(s) might have to wait for the off season. I personally think he is over rated at -11 that just won’t cut it. he is not the same guy when Calgary drafted him. As for McArthur making 4-5 million per season doubt it very much maybe 2-3.5 at the most. The leafs need to expand their scouting staff and maybe look to the UFA Market (those on one yr deals) and if need be trade these players for Daft picks and begin the 5 year build via the draft. I would move Grabs out west and look to character guys like Bouchard from MIN and try to get better players than Orr, sorry but not a good bottom guy regardless of his season so far. There are options other than landing Bobby Ryan and there is no chance without Kessel and Gardiner going the other way or Kessel + Look at the Bruins and the Habs, Ottawa and St Louis they all have serveral good prospects coming and you cannot just base it on what is ongoing on with the Marlies. Yes there are doing well and the Bulldogs are not so, but there is not a lot of options in Marlie land sorry, guys a few but not much. I think Burke should have drafted Mikhail Grigorenko and not Moran Riley, large centre and with more upside.
    Depending on where the sit before the deallne they should be sellers if they are out and bring up guys from the Marlies and see what they actually have, Montreal is doing it and so is Ottawa. What we know for certain now is the Habs will make the Playoffs and likely the Sens will also, but the Leafs are in Danger again and if they do miss, try to get as many draft pciks as possible and worry about filling the roster in July. This Plan is not working and Burke is to blame. There are too many over hyped players not valued enough around the league JML has value but not playing him hurts him as does Mike K. Regardeless of what people think, they cannot have a s bad a +/- as Dion (-11) seriously so some value is there add a player and you get a roster player 3rd line and a 3-4 pick which and be added to another pick to get 2nd rounder and so forth.
    I hope the leafs make the playoffs for their fans but because of depth and talent (goal tending) like a first round exit. But it’s something to build on! They must try something different because the plan for so long is not working and players do not want to sign there because they do not have a winning team yet!